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Gawayn Season 2 episodes

Fun House Season 2, Episode 52

The Questers get trapped in a fun house, and the only person who can save them is Roddy, who has a fear of clowns. read more

The Curse of Old Age Season 2, Episode 51

Elspeth argues with a witch and is turned into a 103-year-old version of herself, while Xiao Long is turned into a statue. read more

The Duke's Mother Season 2, Episode 50

The Questers contend with a new formidable foe, the Duke's mother. read more

Fantastic Island Season 2, Episode 49

After arriving on a remote island, the Questers get turned into sheep. read more

Fairytale Mania Season 2, Episode 48

A fairy-tale scenario finds Gwen as a wicked witch determined to have William and Xiao as a tasty treat. read more

Sweet Dreams Season 2, Episode 47

The Duke breaks into Gwen's dream and tries to get her to abandon the quest. read more

Rabbitville Season 2, Episode 46

The Great Book of Magic is stolen by Spyder, who hides out in a town where rabbits are sacred. read more

The 6th Quester Season 2, Episode 45

The knight Roddy replaced at beginning of the quest returns and challenges him to determine who should be the true Quester. read more

The Efficiency Expert Season 2, Episode 44

An efficiency expert is hired by Gwen to streamline the team's effectiveness. read more

The Happiest Day of Her Life Season 2, Episode 43

William, Elspeth and Xiao act as wedding planners to stop a forced marriage between Roddy and Lukerina. read more

Sandwich and Salad Season 2, Episode 42

The Duke sends a robot to stop the Questers once and for all. read more

Herbal Cure Season 2, Episode 41

The Great Book of Magic takes ill, and the Questers need to get it to a magic doctor. read more

Slipped My Mind Season 2, Episode 40

Elspeth loses her memory, so the Duke attempts to pit her against her friends. read more

The Copycat Monk Season 2, Episode 39

A fake Great Book of Magic is tracked to a monastery where the real one is held. read more

The Fan Season 2, Episode 38

A big fan of the Questers saves them from the Duke. read more

The Purse Season 2, Episode 37

A magic purse swallows Gwen, Roddy and all the village grown-ups. read more

Back to School Season 2, Episode 36

While her friends are locked in the Duke's snow globe, Elspeth must return to magic school to finish her degree. read more

Time Shifters Season 2, Episode 35

When the Duke travels back in time to prevent Gwen from meeting Roddy, the Questers need to find a way to reintroduce the two. read more

Do the Mashed Potato Season 2, Episode 34

The Great Book of Magic gets ensnared in a vat of mashed potatoes that never empties. read more

The Arm of Steel Season 2, Episode 33

Roddy, William and Xiao Long get trapped in an arm-wrestling machine. read more

Monster's Ball Season 2, Episode 32

The search for the Great Book of Magic leads the Questers to a fancy ball that turns out to be hosted by vampires. read more

New and Improved Questers Season 2, Episode 31

The Duke creates perfect clones of the Questers in order to find the Great Book of Magic. read more

Roddy the Nasty Season 2, Episode 30

Roddy is in danger of going to the dark side after accidentally absorbing all the spells from the Great Book of Magic into his brain. read more

Quack Quack Season 2, Episode 29

The Questers fall under the spell of a rubber duck who directs them toward a cliff. read more

Super Questers Season 2, Episode 28

The Questers must obtain superpowers from a retired superhero if they are to retrieve the Great Book of Magic. read more

Teddy Monster Season 2, Episode 27

The Duke turns Roddy's teddy bear into a giant fighting machine. read more

At Any Price Season 2, Episode 26

A genius telemarketer gets his hands on the Great Book of Magic, so the Questers challenge him to a sales competition. read more

Star System Season 2, Episode 25

The Questers are excited about getting cast in a movie, until they learn it's a trap set by the Duke. read more

Alien Contact Season 2, Episode 24

Aliens sent by the Duke capture the Questers, and only Xiao Long is free to help them. read more

Second Chance Season 2, Episode 23

The Questers think the Duke will be out of their hair when they discover he's become a hairdresser, but his replacement proves to be no better. read more

Night at the Castle Season 2, Episode 22

A crazed Collector tries to capture Questers to add to his collection. read more

The Great Splotchball Game Season 2, Episode 21

The Questers play a soccer-type game, with the Great Book of Magic as the prize. read more

Griselda! Season 2, Episode 20

Griselda accidentally swallows the Great Book of Magic, so the Duke, Roddy and William get miniaturized to retrieve it from her stomach. read more

Captain Roddy, Go! Season 2, Episode 19

The Duke travels into the future to track down one of Roddy's relatives. read more

Trading Places Season 2, Episode 18

Roddy organizes a home exchange and accidentally swaps the Gwenmobile for a Witches' Villa, leaving the townspeople to believe the Questers are witches. read more

Computer Bug Season 2, Episode 17

The Questers hire a techno geek to fix Grandfather's computer, only to discover the repairman works for the Duke. read more

Roddy's Best Friend Season 2, Episode 16

The Questers try to sniff out the enchanted dog who hypnotized Roddy and made him relinquish the Great Book of Magic. read more

Speed Trap Season 2, Episode 14

After getting a speeding ticket in a small town, the Questers are ordered to build a bridge to pay it off. read more

Doctor Roddy Season 2, Episode 6

When illness strikes the villagers, they blame the Great Book of Magic and attempt to burn it. read more

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