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Sep 24, 2010 Season 7 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

In Atlanta, the Black Mafia Family, or BMF, controls the street flow of cocaine. The gang throws its cash around the hottest nightclubs in the city. The gang's charismatic leader, Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, plays the dual role of a tough, street-minded gangster as well as a music promoter. The Feds have been after BMF for years, but the gang has always managed to stay one step ahead.

Deadly Blast

Aug 13, 2009 Season 5 Episode 13

Houston, Texas is a cultural melting pot, home to many immigrants in search of the American dream. But the city's streets are cloaked in bloodshed by a violent, hardcore gang: Tango Blast. The gang's motto, "If you ain't blasting, you ain't lasting" explains their view on life. Formed in the early 1990s by a small group of Hispanic inmates, it has spread like wildfire to include an estimated 14,000 members in the prison system and on the streets. Tango Blast doesn't play by the usual gang rules, leaving authorities worried it could soon flourish beyond any one's imagination.
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Hunt and Kill

Aug 06, 2009 Season 5 Episode 12

Brown Pride is the newest and most dangerous Hispanic street gang in Nashville, Tennessee. Their love of guns and chaos has struck fear into the hearts of the residents of the Music City and started a brutal turf war with their rivals. The gang freely admits to being "trigger-happy." In less than a decade Brown Pride has grown to become one of Nashville's most lethal criminal organizations.
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Evil Breed

Jul 30, 2009 Season 5 Episode 11

Evil Breed chronicles the rise of the outlaw motorcycle gang The Breed, who earned their violent reputation through beatings and threats of murder. Under the leadership of John "Junior" Napoli, The Breed set their sights on the Philadelphia drug trade, taking over and using violence and intimidation to build a multi-million dollar methamphetamine empire.
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Dog Fights

Jul 23, 2009 Season 5 Episode 10

The Fresno Bulldogs have been running in the streets of Fresno, California for three decades. The Bulldogs are the largest, toughest and most violent gang in the central valley. This is the riveting story of how the Bulldogs rose to the top of the heap by shooting and stabbing anyone who stood in their way, from rivals to law enforcement.
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Circle of Death

Jul 16, 2009 Season 5 Episode 9

The Aryan Circle is a violent white separatist gang terrorizing the state of Texas. Its members are spilling blood, drugs and mayhem onto the streets. The A.C. was originally formed to survive in hostile state prisons, but the gang quickly rose to power as one of the most ruthless cliques in the system. Inked in swastikas and bound to promote a pure white race at any cost, membership has exploded to more than 25-hundred. But as its membership grows, leaders fear the family will spin out of control. New, more radical recruits are breaking away from old school Aryan Circle values, unleashing methamphetamine and murder in the free world.
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The Death Head

Jul 09, 2009 Season 5 Episode 8

For over 50 years the Hells Angels have reigned as America's largest and most deadly motorcycle gang. When the Angels sought to expand their empire across the border, they looked north for a booming hub of drugs and prostitution. The Hells Angels didn't just want in on the game, they wanted to own it. The result was the bloodiest biker war in North America, which exploded on the streets and claimed the lives of police, bystanders and an 11-year old boy. When the dust settled, 160 people were dead and more than 200 were wounded.
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Blood River

Jul 02, 2009 Season 5 Episode 7

The U.S.- Mexican border is fast becoming a war zone, and Barrio Azteca wants to rule all action along the Rio Grande. Born in the notorious Texas prison system, Barrio Azteca has evolved into one of the largest and most violent gangs in the state. They partner with drug cartels just across the border in Mexico to distribute marijuana, cocaine and heroin in the U.S. For Mexican drug lords, it is a multi-billion dollar business, with profits funneled up the chain of the gang hierarchy. For a price, Barrio Azteca gang members will also carry out assassinations. But in recent years, the gang has turned on itself, allowing federal authorities a way to attack the secretive organization.
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Gangsta Killers

Jul 02, 2009 Season 5 Episode 6

Their rap music is encrypted with messages of murder. They are Top 6, South Florida's most bloodthirsty gang, who began as a rap group and transformed into a savage crew. Founded by six teenagers with roots in Haiti, the clique quickly evolved into an army of 600 strong. Wielding an arsenal of automatic weapons and a strict code of silence, this homegrown crime syndicate left local police outmanned and out-gunned as their shooting sprees grew wilder and more violent. With 150 shootings and 14 homicides to their name, Top 6 has turned the once tropical paradise of Palm Beach County, Florida, into a dangerous killing zone.
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Hustle or Die

Jun 25, 2009 Season 5 Episode 5

The Windy City blows coldest when murder ravages its poorest streets: mess with the Four Corner Hustlers from Chicago and you may die. The West side of America's 3rd largest city is home turf of one of the most infamous black street gangs in the U.S. Founded in the crime-ridden Garfield Park neighborhood in 1968, the 4CHs have never ceased their ruthless pursuit of the almighty dollar. Guns, drugs, prostitution - all are fair game when it comes to getting their hustle on. Surviving gang members tell riveting stories of their blood-stained exploits, from small time theft to murder, offset by the tales of the law enforcement officers who spent years hunting them down.
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Machete Slaughter

Jun 11, 2009 Season 5 Episode 3

"Trinitarios" is one of New York City's most violent and fastest rising street gangs. With their reach spreading into neighboring New Jersey and beyond, these machete-welding Latino gangsters are now battling older, more established gangs, like the Latin Kings and Bloods, for control of the streets and the lucrative east coast drug market. What started as a prison gang has now become a dominant presence in the boroughs and the suburbs; as they prey on communities in the Tri-State area, Trinitarios are quickly rising on the radar of law enforcement agencies.
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Klan of Killers

Jun 04, 2009 Season 5 Episode 2

The Imperial Klans of America are the new sons of the KKK. Their feet are planted firmly in the hate-filled history of the Klan, and their eyes are fixed on the 21st century. Embracing an attitude of white power and white unity, they welcome all white separatists under their banner. Their evolution is taking a chilling turn, to propagate increased violence against blacks, Jews and Latinos. IKA numbers are growing as hate crimes in the U.S. continue to dramatically increase. IKA is young, enraged and committed to white supremacy at all costs.
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Ice Cold Killers

May 28, 2009 Season 5 Episode 1

On the edge of America's last frontier, Alaska's Crips battle for domination in a city packed with drugs, money, and guns. Anchorage is the largest city in the largest state in America-- and a haven for rebels and outsiders. The state's massive oil pipeline, built in the 1970s, gave residents the means to live the good life, and provided miscreants with the cash to pay for illicit drugs. During its construction, the pipeline drew outside gang members to provide drugs for the Alaskan market. By the 1990s, street gangs organized, and the people of Anchorage found their city under siege from explosions of gang violence that still flare up today.
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