Galaxy High School

  • 1986
  • TV Show
  • None

A Saturday-morning cartoon show about a far-out high school that has pupils from various planets, including two exchange students from Earth named Doyle and Aimee.

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It Came From Earth Season 1, Episode 13 Dec 6, 1986 $1.99

It's the last day of school, and Galaxy High is competing in a Zuggleball championship match. Doyle bumps into a SVN TV camera and wakes up 15 years later and 400 feet tall on Earth. Aimee is a doctor, Earl Ecchhh her nurse and Gilda Gossip a news reporter. The monster size Doyle goes looking for Prof Icenstein in New York and soon finds himself being chased by sheriff Roland. President Milo and first secretary Bubblehead send the military after him, led by General Beef Bonk.

Martian Mumps Season 1, Episode 12 Nov 29, 1986 $1.99

Lox, a new student from Mars arrives and infects the entire school with the Martian Mumps. Only Doyle and Aimee appear to be immune. Captain James T. Smirk of the Medifederation Starship Eagle Eyes arrives and places Galaxy High under eternal quarantine and in orbit around Mars.

Founder's Day Season 1, Episode 11 Nov 22, 1986 $1.99

Galaxy High is celebrating Founders Day to commemorate the opening of Galaxy High. Beef chases Doyle, Aimee, Milo and the Creep into Professor Icenstein's experimental time machine and accidentally sends them back to the original founders day.

The Brat Pack Season 1, Episode 10 Nov 15, 1986 $1.99

Beef Bonk is punished for trashing the teachers lunch table by being put in charge of the elementary school class. The alien tots dream of a day out to Nova-land and Beef decides to grant their wish.

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Galaxy High School Season 1
A short-lived cartoon dealing with Doyle and Aimee, two Earthling students, who are chosen to attend a high school in outer space (Aimee for being the (more…)
Welcome to Galaxy High
01:00 — Doyle Cleverlobe and Aimee Brightower arrive at Galaxy High. Because of her exceptional grades, Aimee is rewarded a scholarship and a Turbo Space Coup (more…)