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2004, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth

Aug 28, 2011 Season 2 Episode 60 watch on

The light is gone. Shadows swallow everything. As the planet quakes and the heavens tremble, the souls of heroes and villains alike vanish into darkness. The circle is complete.


Jun 19, 2011 Season 2 Episode 50

Ed returns from beyond the Gate, leaping into battle against Envy. In the Fuhrer's mansion, the very future of the state depends on the outcome of a vicious clash between Pride and Mustang.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: His Name is Unknown

Apr 24, 2011 Season 2 Episode 42

Scar is set to create the Philosopher's Stone using Archer's soldiers as the final ingredients. Underground, Ed desperately fights to the reach the surface in time to stop the massacre.
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The Sinner Within

Mar 13, 2011 Season 2 Episode 36

As Winry and the Elrics continue their journey to Ishbal, the homunculi set out to prevent them from reaching their destination.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Theory of Avarice

Feb 27, 2011 Season 2 Episode 34

Armstrong battles Greed's minions in the sewers in an attempt to save Al, while up above, Ed enters a brutal confrontation with Greed himself.
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Jan 09, 2011 Season 2 Episode 27

Ed and Al's childhood teacher, Izumi, ships the boys back to her hometown for a frightening interrogation.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Her Reason

Aug 08, 2010 Season 2 Episode 26

In Rush Valley, the auto-mail capital of the world, Winry encounters a street-wise girl who asks her a tough question: Why is Winry helping Ed if he doesn't even seem to care?
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