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May 23, 1995 Season 8 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

Michelle suffers from amnesia after a fall from a horse. D.J. isn't going to her senior prom--unless Kimmy can persuade her to go. Andrew wants to play Romeo with Stephanie.

A House Divided

May 17, 1994 Season 7 Episode 24

Several family members complain that the house is too small, but then the family receives a lucrative offer from a tycoon to buy the house.
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Too Little Richard Too Late

May 10, 1994 Season 7 Episode 23

Joey wants to be elected PTA (Parent-Teachers' Association) president because he worries that the school wants to discontinue teaching art. Denise's uncle, Little Richard, helps Joey's campaign.
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A Date With Fate

May 03, 1994 Season 7 Episode 22

Danny's date and D.J.'s date meet and become attracted to each other. Rebecca's sons, Nicky and Alexander, learn a Mother's Day song.
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Be Your Best Friend

Apr 05, 1994 Season 7 Episode 21

Michelle angers two friends when she can't decide who is her best friend. Jesse is jealous when Joey's girlfriend appears on their radio show and they ignore him.
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Love On The Rocks

Mar 01, 1994 Season 7 Episode 19

Joey plays a prank on his roommates, and they decide to seek revenge. D.J. ends her relationship with Steve. Special appearance by SUZANNE SOMERS.
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Kissing Cousins

Feb 15, 1994 Season 7 Episode 18

Jesse's Greek cousin, Stavros, visits the Tanner household and takes advantage of their generosity and kindness.
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The Last Dance

Feb 08, 1994 Season 7 Episode 17

Grandpa "Papouli" Katsopolis dies in his sleep during his visit to the Tanner household, and Danny, his daughters and Jesse cope with their grief in different ways.
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Joey's Funny Valentine

Jan 25, 1994 Season 7 Episode 16

Joey's new girlfriend, a comedienne, embarrasses the Tanner household by joking about them in her comedy routine.
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The Test

Jan 11, 1994 Season 7 Episode 15

D.J. has a nightmare the night before an important test for college. VANNA WHITE guest stars. (Original Broadcast: Season 7, Episode 15)
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Is It True About Stephanie?

Jan 04, 1994 Season 7 Episode 14

Danny rearranges the furniture in order to cope with his sadness about ending his relationship with Vicky. Stephanie gets revenge on a schoolmate who plays a mean trick on her.
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The Perfect Couple

Dec 14, 1993 Season 7 Episode 13

Joey becomes the host of a game show searching for the perfect couple and invites Jesse and Rebecca, D.J. and Steve and Danny and Vicky as contestants.
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Support Your Local Parents

Nov 30, 1993 Season 7 Episode 12

Michelle and Stephanie "blackmail" D.J. when they learn she got a traffic ticket in Danny's car. Jesse and Rebecca discover that their twin sons won't play with other children.
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The Bicycle Thief

Nov 23, 1993 Season 7 Episode 11

When Michelle's pink bicycle is stolen, Danny, Jesse and Joey search for it. They bring back several pink bicycles--but not Michelle's.
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The Prying Game

Nov 16, 1993 Season 7 Episode 10

Jesse tries his homemade hairspray guard on Michelle, and Jesse, Danny and Joey decide to sell it on television. D.J. gets angry when Stephanie pries into her private life.
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The Day Of The Rhino

Nov 09, 1993 Season 7 Episode 9

Michelle is cheated by a TV advertisement and protests. D.J., Vicky and Rebecca teach Steve, Jesse and Danny a lesson about lying.
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Another Opening, Another No Show

Nov 02, 1993 Season 7 Episode 8

When Jesse opens the Smash Club, everything goes wrong: He misses most of the festivities when he gets locked in a storeroom with Kimmy.
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High Anxiety

Oct 26, 1993 Season 7 Episode 7

Michelle wants Danny to stop treating her like a baby. Jesse can't make decisions about the renovation of his club.
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Smash Club: The Next Generation

Oct 19, 1993 Season 7 Episode 6

Jesse inherits the Smash Club, a bar in which he used to play that has closed. He wants to reopen it but first must be approved for a bank loan.
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Fast Friends

Oct 12, 1993 Season 7 Episode 5

Stephanie's only new friend in school smokes, and Stephanie worries whether she too should smoke. (Original Broadcast: Season 7, Episode 5)
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Tough Love

Oct 05, 1993 Season 7 Episode 4

Jesse has problems disciplining the twins. Danny bribes his children to eat a dinner that his girlfriend, Vicky Larson, cooks.
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Wrong-Way Tanner

Sep 28, 1993 Season 7 Episode 3

When Michelle scores a goal for the wrong team--causing her team to lose a soccer game--Stephanie shows her videotape of everyone in the family doing embarrassing things.
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The Apartment

Sep 21, 1993 Season 7 Episode 2

When D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve, gets his own apartment, her father, Danny, reluctantly allows her to visit Steve. Danny becomes furious when he spies on the couple and seems them asleep together.
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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

Sep 14, 1993 Season 7 Episode 1

D.J., Stephanie and Michelle become frightened at an abandoned summer camp after Steve tells Michelle a scary story about the camp.
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