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Latest Episode: Michelle Rides Again, Part 2

May 23, 1995 Season 8 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

Michelle suffers from amnesia after a fall from a horse. D.J. isn't going to her senior prom--unless Kimmy can persuade her to go. Andrew wants to play Romeo with Stephanie.

Rock the Cradle

May 03, 1991 Season 4 Episode 26

When Jesse announces that his rock 'n' roll band has been signed by a major record company and will be going on tour for the summer, Rebecca surprises him with some good news of her own: She is pregnant!
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The Graduates

Apr 26, 1991 Season 4 Episode 25

Seeing his daughters graduate to the next grade level causes Danny to go through a mid-life crisis at the age of thirty-three, which results in a short-lived romance with a 21-year-old woman.
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Apr 01, 1991 Season 4 Episode 24

When D.J. sneaks out of the house, against Danny's wishes, to meet her boyfriend, Ryan, Rebecca is caught in the dual role of being her trusting friend and a responsible adult.
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Joey Goes Hollywood

Mar 29, 1991 Season 4 Episode 23

Joey is cast in a new "Beach Party" television series with the stars of the original 1960s movies, FRANKIE AVALON and ANNETTE FUNICELLO. The whole family visits Hollywood for the taping of the pilot.
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Stephanie Plays The Field

Mar 08, 1991 Season 4 Episode 22

Brett, Stephanie's new boyfriend, plays on the Little League baseball team opposing her team. She's the star pitcher, and when he asks her to cheat so that his team can win the game, Stephanie makes a tough decision.
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The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang

Mar 01, 1991 Season 4 Episode 21

D.J. and Stephanie accidentally knock a hole in their father's bedroom wall, and they desperately try to fix it before he returns home.
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Fuller House

Feb 22, 1991 Season 4 Episode 20

Jesse is sad when he returns from his honeymoon and realizes that it's time to move out of the Tanner house. But Rebecca has a plan that makes everyone happy.
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The Wedding, Pt. 2

Feb 15, 1991 Season 4 Episode 19

Jesse is late for his wedding--because he's in jail.
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The Wedding, Part 1

Feb 08, 1991 Season 4 Episode 18

Wanting one last adventure before marriage, Jesse goes skydiving on his wedding day. Unfortunately, he lands in a tree and can't get down.
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A Fish Called Martin

Feb 01, 1991 Season 4 Episode 17

Michelle's new fish, Martin, dies tragically when she gives him a bubble bath. In order to attract a boy she knows, D.J. learns all about his favorite topic--cars.
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Stephanie Gets Framed

Jan 25, 1991 Season 4 Episode 16

Stephanie is upset when she finds out she needs to wear glasses and is worried that her classmates will ridicule her. Her neighbor Steve Urkel gives her some tips on how to handle her classmates.
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Ol' Brown Eyes

Jan 11, 1991 Season 4 Episode 15

D.J. is horrified when she learns that her father, Danny, wants to sing at her school dance.
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Working Girl

Jan 04, 1991 Season 4 Episode 14

D.J. takes a job at the mall to earn some money for an expensive pair of shoes, while Jesse and Rebecca set a wedding date--and location.
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Happy New Year

Dec 28, 1990 Season 4 Episode 13

Joey doesn't have a date for New Year's Eve, so Jesse and Danny enroll him in a video dating service. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 13)
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Danny In Charge

Dec 14, 1990 Season 4 Episode 12

hen Joey and Jesse go on a camping trip, Danny discovers that the duties of a single parent can be overwhelming.
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Secret Admirer

Dec 07, 1990 Season 4 Episode 11

An unsigned love note causes nearly everyone in the Tanner family to believe he or she has a secret admirer. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 11)
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Terror In Tanner Town

Nov 23, 1990 Season 4 Episode 10

Danny invites his new girlfriend, Cindy, and her son, Rusty, to dinner. When an emergency happens, Cindy is forced to leave early without Rusty, who stays and annoys everyone in the house with his mischief.
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One Last Kiss

Nov 16, 1990 Season 4 Episode 9

When Jesse attends his high school reunion, he finds that he's still attracted to his high school sweetheart, although he's engaged to Rebecca.
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Shape Up

Nov 09, 1990 Season 4 Episode 8

D.J. goes on a strict diet so she can wear a bikini to Kimmy's birthday party.
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Viva Las Joey

Nov 02, 1990 Season 4 Episode 7

When Joey performs his comedy act in Las Vegas, his estranged father arrives unexpectedly--giving father and son the opportunity to reconcile their differences.
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A Pinch For A Pinch

Oct 26, 1990 Season 4 Episode 6

Without Danny's knowledge, Jesse gives Michelle some very questionable advice on handling a bully and removes her from preschool.
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Good News, Bad News

Oct 19, 1990 Season 4 Episode 5

Jesse and Joey's first job is to produce a commercial for Wake Up San Francisco, but working for Danny is difficult. D.J.'s duties as editor of the school newspaper cause a rift in her friendship with her best friend, Kimmy. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 5)
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Slumber Party

Oct 12, 1990 Season 4 Episode 4

A mother/daughter slumber party leaves Stephanie feeling left out, until Joey and D.J. come to the rescue.
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The I.Q. Man

Oct 05, 1990 Season 4 Episode 3

Jesse becomes a reluctant actor in a commercial he writes with Joey. Danny becomes Jesse and Joey's partner after he gives them money to start their own business.
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Crimes And Michelle's Demeanor

Sep 28, 1990 Season 4 Episode 2

Danny finds it difficult to discipline 3-year-old Michelle, his "baby girl." Jesse sells his most prized possession--a guitar once owned by Elvis Presley--to get money to pay for an engagement ring for Becky.
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Greek Week

Sep 21, 1990 Season 4 Episode 1

Jesse's grandparents from Greece arrive for a visit and bring along some unexpected guests.
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