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Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009


8/7c CBS
The death of a marine on foreign soil has the team in the middle of an investigation that also forces Ziva to confront her past. The tenuous connection between who Ziva was and who Ziva is now — and where her loyalties lie — has been simmering below the surface since the season started. It not only affects cases, but her relationships with both Gibbs (a relative father figure) and Tony (a potential romantic partner).

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, June 16, 2009


9 pm/ET TNT
Hello, nurse. This new character-fueled, med-centric drama should be good medicine for fans of both hospital dramas and Jada Pinkett Smith. A solid Pinkett Smith essays the titular character, Christina Hawthorne, a headstrong yet empathetic chief nursing officer at a Richmond-based hospital. The series opens with our widowed heroine coping with the first anniversary of her husband's death, but that doesn't stop her from racing to prevent a cancer patient's suicide attempt. Meanwhile, she also deals with her rebellious daughter (Hannah Hodson) and her former mother-in-law (Joanna Cassidy).

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Biggest Loser: Couples
8 pm/ET NBC
Season 7 comes to a close in tonight's three-hour live finale. Last week, Tara and Helen secured their spots as finalists, while Mike and Ron's fate in the competition fell into the hands of viewers voting at home. All is revealed tonight as the third contestant is announced, the at-home players return for one last weigh-in and, of course, the Biggest Loser is named. Also, a new element is added to the finale as two potential contestants for next season are presented for viewer voting.

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Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Osbournes: Reloaded

Dancing with the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
It's double trouble as two contestants get booted in tonight's double elimination, based on their performances with last night's Argentine tango or Lindy Hop. Could Holly Madison's number be up? Or has Steve-O's back injury gotten the best of him? Then there's Steve Wozniak, who got a 10 from the judges last week — not a perfect 10, but a combined total of 10. As for music guests, Boyz II Men stop by to perform a medley of Motown tunes, and Kevin Rudolf sings "Let It Rock."

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Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, February 17

Real Housewives: New York

10 pm/ET TNT
The catchy caper show's inaugural season begins winding down with the first of a two-part finale. (Part 2 airs next week.) Tonight's mission impossible turns intensely personal for team leader Nate Ford. Our modern-day Robin Hoods close in on one Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), the big-business miscreant who denied medical treatment for Nate's son, leaving the boy to die. The crack crew schemes to steal the greedy CEO's Michelangelo maquette, but their plan is jeopardized when Nate's ex-coworker (Mark A. Sheppard) makes an unforeseen appearance. The episode was directed by Dean Devlin, producer of the films Independence Day and Godzilla.

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008

Michael Chicklis, THe Shield

The Shield
10 pm/ET FX
Well, Vic is officially an ex-cop now. Let's see whether his badge-free status will help or hinder his hunt for the Vendrells.
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Roush Dispatch: Tuesday TV, From Real to Surreal

Katie Holmes and Jonny Lee Miller

My two recommendations for this Tuesday couldn't be more different: an engrossing biographical portrait of the two presidential candidates on PBS's peerless Frontline newsmagazine; and for those seeking a bit more whimsy in their diet — and these days, who could blame them? — the return of one of TV's most charming sleepers, ABC's fabulously fanciful Eli Stone.

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I just wanted to say thanks ...

Question: I just wanted to say thanks for the flag on Bush's War — if I hadn't seen the piece, I would've missed it. In addition to being a horrifying look at just what led to this morass, it also provided an understandable and compelling explanation of how the administration manipulated the law (because this isn't an excuse to rant about the war, really). Giving information that was new to someone who has been following this as closely as a person without a security clearance can, the program also showed what a powerful medium TV can be — that there is a place for thoughtful, insightful analysis outside the madness that is the 24-hour news business. This was as good as any number of Oscar-nominated documentaries, and given the flexibility of the medium — the ability to show serialized pieces, rather than holding people in a theatre for four hours — it was able to delve more deeply into issues that might otherwise have been glossed over or dropped. While this may not have the same ... read more

Preview: Frontline Takes on Bush's War

Consider this a DVR/TiVo/VCR/whatever alert for those distracted by tonight’s Britney sitcom appearance, the return of CSI: Miami or the latest round of Dancing With the Stars. For the next two nights, PBS’s greatest asset, the trenchant and enterprising news magazine Frontline, devotes 4 ½ hours to telling the stories behind the current Iraq conflict in sobering, gripping detail.Bush’s War is lucid, engrossing, infuriating, timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the conflict and arriving on the heels of another grim day of terrible violence in the region (with sad irony, on Easter Sunday)—also the day when the U.S. death toll reached 4,000. This is the sort of program network-news divisions ought to be devoting their resources to. Which is why we should be so thankful to Frontline for being there all along the way.Building a narrative from an archive of more than 40 Frontline reports (with updated interviews) dating back to the 9/11 attacks through... read more

Breaking Bad Cooks Up Seriously Dark Comedy

Is there a more fearless actor than Bryan Cranston? We know him best as a comedian, going to extremes to appear ridiculous as Malcolm in the Middle's harried Hal. But that nutty dad had it easy compared to Walt White, the milquetoast-turned-maker of crystal meth played by Cranston in AMC's bold, bizarre Breaking Bad. This show is Weeds with a death wish. "I am awake," Walt declares, not long after a diagnosis of inoperable lung cancer turns this sad-sack chemistry teacher into a criminal collaborator. He uses his mad lab skills to cook up meth in an RV, the better to provide for his family (including a pregnant wife and a teenaged son with cerebral palsy) when he's gone. Cranston exposes himself fully, and brilliantly, in this demanding role, and not just because he spends an awful lot of time in his tighty-whities in order to protect his clothes from toxic meth fumes. (Boxers would have been less funny, and also less sad.) He mood-swings from humiliati read more

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