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Fringe Episode Recap: "Dreamscapes"

A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia returns to and becomes addicted to the dunk tank; there, she can access John's memories to help solve the man's death. Peter's former girlfriend returns to warn him about people who want to "hurt him." Nina continues to be shady, and Broyles protects her. And this week, Walter is obsessed with coffee yogurt, and gets an erection. What a ride! read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "The Equation"

Walter goes home again, or at least to St. Claire's asylum, this week to help solve a kidnapping case. The boy who was taken, as well as several others in the Fringe files, was a prodigy, and the people responsible for the kidnapping him used red and green flashing lights to distract and hypnotize their victims. Walter doesn't remember the details, but he's heard of this phenomena before. He, along with Peter and Olivia, must find those behind the kidnapping before the boy is driven mad, or killed. In other news, Olivia eats a doughnut (she is human!), Walter calls Astrid "lady" and drops his food obsession this week... read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, House, Lost, NCIS and More!

Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), Jennifer Morrison (House) and Matthew Fox (Lost)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. As always, you may direct your own spoilery needs to

Having Denny appear on one episode of Grey's Anatomy, because Izzie's memories were triggered by a case, is one thing. But to make him a ghostly fixture in her life and carry on some kind of romance from beyond the grave is beyond ridiculous. — Evie
MATT: I hear you. Getting it on with a ghost is so circa-1981 Barbara Hershey. Now, if s-e-x between living, breathing humans is what floats your boat — and lord knows the pickings are slim if you only watch Grey's, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural these days — Drs. Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang might soon move beyond spontaneous necking and into full-on boinking. As Kevin McKidd himself tells me, "At the end of the day, this is Grey's Anatomy, so you can bet good money on it!" (Read my full Q&A with "McArmy" on Thursday. Great Scot, he gave up crazy Journeyman scoop!) As for Izzie and Denny, that "ghost story" isn't ending any time soon, seeing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a few more appearances left (says EW's Ausiello).

I've missed Chase and Cameron on House, and was thrilled to see them in significant roles again. Are they more involved in future episodes? — Shane
MICKEY: Though the much-touted "hostage" episode airing Nov. 25 is kind of the Thirteen Show (Olivia Wilde is great in it), Chase and Cameron do ... read more

Fringe: Our Burning Questions Answered! (Part 2)


Fringe returned Tuesday with an all-new episode, and guess what? We still have a lot of burning questions about Olivia & Co. So we got on the phone with executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who gave us answers that were at times illuminating, frustrating, humorous and, of course, confusing. In the second of two parts (see the first part here), Pinkner holds forth on Peter Bishop's parentage, Walter's reliability and the real Massive Dynamic.

read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "In Which We Met Mr. Jones"

"The Pattern" conspiracy became more widespread this week as Agent Broyles revealed that it contains numerous funded cells that trade science instead of drugs or money. One of these , ZFT is suspected as the culprit behind infecting an agent with a large parasite that attaches to his heart. Olivia travels to Frankfurt to find answers, and meets up with a"friend" from her past, while Peter and Walter try to study the creature back at the lab. The problem is that the one person who may have answers is unattainable. Does the gang save the infected agent, and who is behind the group ZFT? Read the recap after the jump! read more

Fringe: Our Burning Questions Answered!


Fringe returns Tuesday with an all-new episode (9 pm/ET, Fox), and guess what? We still have a lot of burning questions about Olivia & Co. for executive producer Jeff Pinkner, so many that we had to split them into two stories. In this first part, he answers our questions about The Observer, Astrid Farnsworth and William Bell. The conversation is, of course, illuminating, frustrating, humorous and confusing. Get the scoop after the jump

read more

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008

Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp, Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
Last week proved that as tough as soap diva Erica Kane is, she ultimately met her match on the ballroom floor. Tonight someone else will have to accept defeat (with any luck, as gracefully as Susan Lucci did) when this contest downsizes from five to four contestants.

Read on for previews of Law & Order: SVU, Fringe, 90210 and NCIS. read more

Ask Matt: Defending Fringe's Joshua Jackson, Continuing the Heroes Debate and More!

John Noble and Joshua Jackson

TV Guide's Senior Critic Matt Roush takes your TV questions. Have a rant, rave or burning question about your favorite show you'd like addressed? E-mail him here!

Question: I am confused why some critics have stated that Joshua Jackson was miscast in the role of Peter on Fringe. I couldn't disagree more. Joshua is a good actor and Peter has good chemistry with Olivia. If anything they need to give him more to do than just be a babysitter all the time. They are wasting his fine talents, which is hardly his fault. (However, I must say he would have been miscast in the army doctor role over on Grey's Anatomy! He was too young for that role ...

Matt Roush:
I'm not sure who you're reading, but I've got no beef with Joshua Jackson on Fringe. His snarky take ...

See Matt's full response and questions on Heroes, Reaper, CSI: Miami, Eli Stone and more after the jump. read more

Got Any Burning Questions About Fringe?

John Noble, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, Fringe

I'm going to be speaking with some of the powers that be over at Fringe, so I need your burning questions about J.J. Abrams' Fox spookfest. I have a few swimming around in my noggin, but I'd love to ask them yours as well. Here's what I've got so far:

read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Fringe, CSI: NY and More!

Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions.

What have you got for Grey's Anatomy that isn't about Mer and Der? — BethAnn
Mmmm, this vittle made it to my desk just before deadline, and goodness, it's tasty. What you may know: This week, Sloan counsels the "Mason-Dixon line"-averse Callie on the ways of love. What you don't know: He teaches by doing. What does that mean?!

Fringe is the most addictive new show on television! Give me some scoop on when Olivia and Peter will get all romantic. — Keith
Well, Keith, I hate to disappoint you (perv), but it's going to be a while. This show is so not about sex right now. My Fringe mole tells me ... read more

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