2008, TV Show

Fringe Episode: "The Dreamscape"

Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The investigation of a bizarre tragedy at Massive Dynamic spawns Olivia's desire to erase her memories of John Scott, while Peter's whereabouts are revealed to some unsavory players from his murky past.
Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2008
Guest Cast David Vadim: Michael Kelly Ptolemy Slocum: Mark Tom Riis Farrell: Gregory Worth Yul Vazquez: George Susie Misner: Tess Amaral
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Season 1, Episode 9
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Length: 49:53
Aired: 11/25/2008
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Fringe Episode Recap: "Dreamscapes" Season 1, Episode 9

A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia returns to and becomes addicted to the dunk tank; there, she can access John's memories to help solve the man's death. Peter's former girlfriend returns to warn him about people who want to "hurt him." Nina continues to be shady, and Broyles protects her. And this week, Walter is obsessed with coffee yogurt, and gets an erection. What a ride!

We begin with a man running late to a meeting in a very modern and fancy building. Once inside, he gives a presentation to some cranky investors. But, he hits it out of the park (phew!) with his presentation and packs up to leave. Then, a beautiful, seemingly harmless, butterfly appears out of nowhere and gingerly lands on his finger. (Wait a minute, the butterfly! It's just like the opening credits! And last week we had an apple!) He's fascinated by the little guy until it decides to slash the guy's face with his wing. After a few more slashes the guy finally kills the nasty bugger. A few more appear, and instead of getting the hell out of there, he looks down a vent where they disappeared into. Oh no he didn't! You know what's going to happen now! Hundreds of the vicious insects swarm the guy, slashing him left and right until he hurls himself out the window. In one of the more ridiculous shots I've seen, we follow the man, still swarmed by the butterflies, as he hurls down to his death in slow motion, to classical music. He crashes into a car, and as the camera pans out, we see the building is none other Massive Dynamic!

Aw, poor Olivia! We see her in her brownstone looking feminine for a change — downright pretty even — on her way to a party. Until, she gets a call from Broyles telling her to get the gang and head to the airport. Once at the crime scene, Walter determines the slashing wounds on the victim could not have been caused by the window glass or the fall. And just when Olivia thought it was safe to go back in the water, so to speak, John freakin' Scott shows up behind the crime tape. And then, in an instant, he's gone.

Outside the conference room where the attack occurred, Olivia questions Nina about the man who died, Mark Young. Nina gives some lame vague answer about how the stress and nature of the job may be too much for some of her employees to handle. She also tries to re-offer Olivia a job again, but she turns her down flat, and then tells her to cut the crap. Ha! I'm glad to see Olivia is getting more ballsy with pushy-pants Nina. She tells Nina that she expects more from her than "polite" cooperation; that she knew this man and should have more to offer the FBI about his death. Nina, stone-faced, tells Olivia that some of her higher-up employees may be exposed to some of the technology and science that Massive Dynamic is involved in — and the nature of those advancements may be too much for them o take. Are you freaking kidding me? If I was Olivia, I'd want to smack her. Enough with the enigmatic double talk. I want answers!

Charlie and Olivia search Mark's apartment, and find a ticket (on Oceanic air no less!) to Omaha in December. So, unless he was an impulsive suicidal guy, there's no way he was planning on killing himself. Olivia looks up at his wall and sees two plaques filled with butterflies, and suddenly, they start to vibrate! How talented of them. When she looks back, they are just dead butterflies on a wall again. Is Liv losing it?

Back at the Harvard lab, between telling Peter about memories he's recovered from his son's childhood (like Peter would only eat coffee yogurt ...except Peter says that was Walter's habit), Walter discovers Mark's lacerations go all the way to the bone. Ow. They also analyze his blood work to find nothing abnormal — until Walter slips in that he found an unknown compound in Mark's brain.

Peter gets a call from a mystery woman who "knows Peter is back and town," and wants to see him asap. Ooooh, does Peter have a girlfriend?

In Olivia's place, which by the way is way too nice for someone on an FBI salary, she researches Massive Dynamic's website and tries to figure out why Mark put "Monarch" in his day planner. She searches the word monarch, and queens and butterflies pop up. As she readies for bed, her computer starts going a little wiggy. She checks it out, only to see that she's gotten an email from ...John "I'm supposed to be dead" Scott! WTF? It simply has a location and a time to meet. It's an extremely creepy storage unit — and the plastic bins inside are moving. Olivia, braver than I would be in that situation, opens the bin to find some toad's trying to escape. Huh.

Charlie asks Olivia what she knows about frogs the next day. Funny you should ask, Charlie! Olivia says she had some frogs transferred to Walter's lab to see if there's any connection between them and Mark. Charlie gives her the "OK, crazy lady" look, which prompts Olivia to invite him into her office. She tells Charlie that she feels like she's going nuts and wants to take a personal leave to shake this off. But, before Charlie can put his two cents in, Astrid/Asterisk/Lady calls and says Walter thinks Mark jumped out of the window because of the frogs. There's another one of those crazy opening symbols!

Peter meets his mystery lady, Tessa, (Dan and Jenny's mom from Gossip Girl!) at a café. She's definitely a bitter Betty about the way he skipped town on her. She tells Peter, "If I can find you, they can find you ...they'll hurt you." She must be referring to the debts Peter owes, and whomever he owes them to. She tells him he should leave Boston and never come back. But she's moved on, even though she is still into Peter, and the new guy likes to leave marks. Boo. When Peter calls her on it, she bolts.

Walter tries to educate Olivia and Astrid about theories of mind over matter, demonstrating with an super-8 movie. In the film, Walter is quite a bit younger (and clearly wearing a bad wig), and uses some poor guy to show off his hypnosis abilities. Olivia asks what we all want to know: What the hell does this have to do with toads? Walter says some toads secret a psycho-active compound, and that the venom they produce in the skin is the compound found in Mark's brain. It's a powerful hallucinogen and targets the fear center in the brain.

Olivia thinks she's wrapped her head around this: that Mark hallucinated the cuts and then his body made them happen. Walter says that the level found in Mark's blood was over 30 times what a sane person would have in their system. Therefore, he was murdered.

Later, Olivia admits to Walter that John Scott lead her to the toads. He says his memories are still trapped in her mind. She wants to know how long these "visits" will keep happening, because she wants to get rid of him and fast. So, what does Walter suggest? Another trip to the dunk tank! Olivia is desperate or stupid enough to say yes, and Walter agrees.

Peter decides to follow Tessa to her house, but Astrid calls him back to the lab before he can get any dirt on her.

Olivia gets ready for the tank as Walter lectures her on maintaining focus on his voice. He says it will be her tether back to the real world, otherwise she could get lost in the memories. To me, that sounds better than hanging out with these nutjobs right now. Then he gets a strange look on his face and shares that he has an erection because he needs to pee. Thank you for killing my sex drive forever, Walter.

Astrid and Walter read passages from the bible about cleansing and yada yada. I'm sure these verses mean something, but I'm not sure what yet. Walter asks Olivia what she sees and hears. She hears some music, and then walks up some stairs to a restaurant where she sees John and herself on their first date. Then Peter dashes in, and is shocked that Liv is back in the tank.

Liv sees her "date" self get up, and "tank" Liv sits down at the booth and tells him she loved him, but he betrayed her. (Thanks for that update). When she says "Mark Young" John looks directly at her but then Liv is transported to a new location. This one is outside and she sees John talking with three other men. Two walk away, and then she watches John kill the remaining guy. Liv freaks out and wants out of that tank, yesterday.

Astrid and Olivia create a composite to ID the man from John's dream. Liv then tells Peter that John's memories gave them a lead. We can tell he's way more worried about her than the memories. He tells her he's there for her. Aw.

Liv meets with Broyles and tells him that they believe Mark Young was murdered for selling secrets to black markets drug dealers. She thinks the guy in the composite is most likely the man behind the distributing the hallucinogen which was developed by Massive Dynamic's drug division. Of course it was! She tells Broyles they need Massive Dynamic to disclose every case Mark ever worked on. Have fun with that, Broyles. Nina won't give that up (at least all of it... ew that sounded gross) that easily.

Peter, who now seems to be kinda stalkery, goes back to Tessa's house and beats the crap out of her abusive boyfriend. Way to stay under the radar!

Olivia is on the phone asking for John's case files to be cross-referenced with Mark Young's, when Broyles walks up and hands her all of Mark's projects from Nina. I do not want to know what he had to do to get those files. She checks out his business card in one of them and then realizes, Monarch may be a code for a phone number. She dials it and it's composite guy! They trace it and find out he's on his way into NYC.

Charlie and Liv chopper in to the city and changed into their "catching the bad guy" FBI gear. They chase the baddie's phone signal until it stops. They hop out and search cars for the bad guy. The weekly Fringe chase scene is now upon us! A cab hits the guy which makes Liv and Charlie's job a lot easier.

Later, the baddie wants to make a deal with Liv because he feels like he's in danger; that Massive Dynamic is the one who killed Mark. He wants protection and in return he will help prove MD's involvement.

Liv goes to MD to call Nina on her fake cooperation. The two start a massive pissing contest about William Bell and Massive Dynamic's involvement in all sorts of naughty shenanigans. Nina says there's no way the baddie will have actionable info on any wrongdoing by MD. You are correct Nina, because as you speak, the hallucination of John Scott is killing the baddie!

Broyles calls Liv and tells him the witness is dead. Liv is convinced Nina is behind it, but Broyles tells her to back off.

Liv goes to Walter's hotel room and insists on going back in the tank to uncover more memories. Walter, in his own perfect way ("nothing makes me happier than taking drugs"), tells her no because she will most surely suffer consequences this time around. He tells her he'll try to find a safer way to recover John's memories. Later, Liv's computer comes alive again; John's sent her another e-mail. All it says: "I saw you in the restaurant." Creepy!

What did you think of this week's episode? And where the heck did you see The Observer? Was it the bald guy in the hallway with Mark and his secretary? Help!

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A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia returns to and becomes addicted to the dunk tank; there, she can access John's memories to help solve the man's death. Peter's former girlfriend returns to warn him about people who want to "hurt him." Nina continues to be shady, and Broyles protects her. And this week, Walter is obsessed with coffee yogurt, and gets an erection. What a ride! read more

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