2008, TV Show

Fringe Episode: "The Cure"

Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The reappearance of a missing woman with a rare disease puts everyone she meets in jeopardy and coincides with detections of dangerous radiation levels, raising suspicions of a link to illegal drug trials involving humans.
Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2008
Guest Cast Marjan Neshat: Claire Williams Chris Eigeman: David Esterbrook Maria Dizzia: Emily Kramer Alok Tewari: Dr. Sanjay Patel Lisa Emery: Paula Kramer William Hill: Off. Marty
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Season 1, Episode 6
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Length: 50:10
Aired: 10/21/2008
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Fringe Episode Recap: "The Cure" Season 1, Episode 6

This week a new (not dead) character from Olivia's childhood causes her to have major angst (and cranky pants) while she, Walter and Peter investigate the gory death of a woman whose head explodes in a diner (after killing the other patrons with strong levels of radiation). Also, Peter and Nina meet and strike a bargain while Broyles and Olivia butt heads over emotional involvement in cases. In other news, Walter's third favorite flower is Hyacinth and he craves blue cotton candy. On to the show...

A van pulls up outside an apartment building with men in Haz-Mat suits and dumps a disoriented woman out onto the pavement. She ends up in a diner for some veggie soup and the waiter calls a cop to see if she needs some help. She has on her wrist that look like someone's done some testing on her. He asks her some questions but she can't remember, and then she freaks out. As the cop tries to subdue her, everyone's eyes start bleeding red and the girl's head explodes all over the diner front window. I will never look at vegetable soup the same way again.

After the credits, Broyles explains that the people in the diner were exposed to high levels of radiation. The woman whose head exploded, Emily Kramer, was normal and happy until she disappeared two weeks ago. Her levels of radiation were three times higher than the rest. Once inside, Walter believes she may have had a rare disease that destroys muscles and organs. But she seemed to be in remission even though the disease was supposedly incurable. Then Walter, feeling like an early Thanksgiving, thrusts a thermometer into the head of one of the victims revealing his temp to be 120 degrees. Walter asks that the headless body and the (turkey thermometer) body be brought back to the lab for examination. Then, because he's Walter, he asks for some soup to go. EW.

Olivia, searching for answers, heads to Patel Health Group to meet with Emily's physician Dr. Patel. He is shocked by Emily's death and gets Olivia her medical records. Meanwhile, Walter, Peter and Astrid are looking over the bodies ...Emily's now smells like Hyacinth for some reason. Well, I guess there are much worse things you can smell like after your head explodes. Walter also deduces that she was held captive and drugged against her will.

Peter asks Olivia if she's OK, given her edgy demeanor. She snaps at him – watch out Peter! It's gonna be one of those days. Walter tells the gang that the drugs given to her were either lab or field trials ...meaning whoever did this let her go on purpose to see what would happen. Olivia then gets a call that another woman, Claire, with the same illness has been abducted.

Charlie and Olivia head out to investigate, and Charlie reveals it's Olivia's b-day. Now we know why she's so cranky, which makes me cranky. She's one of those people who "hates" their birthday and takes it out on everyone else. What a buzz kill. Come on, Olivia, nut up! You look like you need a cupcake.

The agents knock on Ken William's door to ask some questions – they find out that Claire's disease was destroying their lives until six weeks ago when she started getting better. He says he never knew Emily.

We now see Claire in restrained some sort of facility that is like the CDC but way creepier. They give her something in her IV and the bad guy/gal behind the glass says that the first test didn't count. Oh man, I'm hoping the second one goes a lot better than exploding heads for poor Claire's sake.

Walter explodes a papaya to demonstrate what happened at the diner. The papaya's eyes bleed liquid and then it explodes. Jean, the cow, moos. So do I. Basically, Walter thinks Emily acted as a microwave, cooking the other patrons of the diner. He's found traces of radioactive isotope Strontium 90 in her blood that were designed to go off in a time release fashion (to treat her illness).

Olivia and Peter go to talk to Emily's parents and happen upon her wake. Olivia "I hate birthdays" doesn't give a crap, and barges in anyway. She rifles through Emily's things until Emily's mother busts their little party. She reveals that Claire and Emily new each other through the disease. Uh-oh, Claire's hubby is a big fat liar-liar, pants on fire. They call him on it and his explanation is that Claire, Emily and many others who have come together to find their own cure for the disease (drug companies don't care about something that only 3000 people suffer from) are counting on his help. So, he couldn't risk the FBI finding out about their experimental treatments. He says Patel (more pants on fire!) can help them with more info, and gives them a sample of the drug they used on Emily and Claire.

Back at the scary CDC, a Haz-Matter holds a very nauseatingly large needle filled with red liquid and injects it into her IV bag. The lady with the needle says that it will make Claire "special." I just got the creepy shivers.

Olivia confronts Patel and says she knows how the treatments work, and she wants the name of the man responsible for the drug. Patel tells her it was Intrepus, a drug company, and that Olivia should walk away while she can. Then out of nowhere he draws a gun on Olivia and tells her "David Esterbrook" before blowing his brains out. Geez, doc, there is witness protection. Did you really have to do that? And now Olivia's really gonna be a Debbie Downer on her b-day.

Charlie finds info on Esterbrook; he's the head of the pharmaceutical research department that dealt with the sketchiest of the sketchy research and development (like hybridization stuff ...we really don't need minotaurs running around, thanks). Charlie tells Olivia that he's speaking at a conference, but he's sure he won't give up any info. But, Olivia feels like crashing the party anyway to see Esterbrook's eyes while he lies. Oy. She sucks up to him to see if he'll spill any beans, but nothing. Then she reveals herself as an agent and he basically threatens her to back off, or kiss her child-bearing years (or her life) goodbye.

Back at Harvard, Broyles tracks down Olivia and chastises her for being reckless with Esterbrook. She tells him that she could give a crap, and he nails her again for putting Claire's life and the investigation in jeopardy by letting her personal feelings get in the way. Broyles tells her that she has to run everything by him from now on.

Back with Claire, the scientists place a hairless rat in her room. Oh jeez. I know where this is headed, and I really don't need to see any exploding rats. I had a pet rat in fourth grade! Squeaky! But, that's what we get, though it's covered by a sheet.

Peter finally calls Olivia out on her bitchiness. And Olivia barfs out a huge chunk of backstory that never seemed to inform who she was until this episode. Her stepfather was a drunk and beat her mother, until Olivia at age nine, shot the bastard. He lived but disappeared, and now sends her a birthday card every year just to let her know that he's still around. OK that is a bummer of a story, but seriously, she's an FBI agent. Change your address! Just sayin'. Peter realizes it's her birthday and eases up on her (because he's a softy). Peter tells Olivia to hit up Nina Stark at Massive Dynamic for a little corporate espionage (since MD has three pharma companies) to get dirt on Esterbrook.

Peter tracks down Nina at an Equestrian Center (random!). She tells Peter that she and Walter were close once upon a time (ew) and that Nina spent a lot of time with Peter when he was younger. Peter looks as skeeved out as I feel. She strikes a deal with Peter; she'll give him the location he needs if she can come to him for a favor one day. Oh man, she's good. P.S. No one wears riding outfits like that unless they are in a show. Just sayin'.

Walter realizes that a methanol compound was responsible for turning the women into radioactive weapons. He can make a cure now (how convenient!) that he knows. Meanwhile Peter gives Olivia the address of Claire's whereabouts and Walter gives Olivia the antidote he concocted in 2.3 seconds.

The team raids the facility but the evil doctor has raised the radiation levels on Claire. She's about to blow as Olivia gives her the syringe of medicine through the door. Claire stabs herself in the neck with the cure and feels all better.

Esterbrook denies all involvement in the experiments. But, Olivia the little devil, has some tricks up her sleeves ...she's called the media in and will parade him in front of them (looking really bad to his board of directors) unless he cooperates. Broyles ain't happy with her tactics, but Olivia tells him that her emotional involvement is what makes her a good agent, so suck it boss! (That part was mine).

Olivia tells Peter she knows he went to Nina, but he shirks it off. No big whoop, doll face. They have a nice little moment of sexual tension before Olivia heads home …where "the card" is waiting for her under her doorstep.

Sorry Fringe fans, there will be no new episodes for four weeks – stop crying, it will be OK. Just use the time to re-watch the episodes from the beginning of the season, look out for the observer, dissect the images before commercials, think of which crazy food Walter will crave next, or perhaps write a Fringe drinking game. Oh, yeah – get your asses out there and vote!

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This week a new (not dead) character from Olivia's childhood causes her to have major angst (and cranky pants) while she, Walter and Peter investigate the gory death of a woman whose head explodes in a diner (after killing the other patrons with strong levels of radiation). Also, Peter and Nina meet and strike a bargain while Broyles and Olivia butt heads over emotional involvement in cases. In other news, Walter's third favorite flower is Hyacinth and he craves blue cotton candy. On to the show...

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