2008, TV Show

Fringe Episode: "The Arrival"

Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: The only thing found intact after an explosion rocks a New York City construction project is a mysterious cylinder, so Broyles enlists the trio of Olivia, Dr. Bishop and Peter to investigate the significance of the object, which seems to be related to a string of inexplicable behavior and events.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2008
Guest Cast Michael Cerveris: September Michael Kelly: Rouge Nestor Serrano: Col. Jacobson
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Season 1, Episode 4
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Length: 49:13
Aired: 9/30/2008
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"Arrival" Season 1, Episode 4

A mysterious new character, "The Observer" took center stage in tonight's episode of Fringe. He along with Walter, was striving to protect the whereabouts of a strange and powerful metallic cylinder from falling into the wrong hands. Could this Observer prove to be the key to "the pattern?" Also, Olivia gets a shocking visit from someone from her past. Are all of these events connected? What is the newest piece to the pattern? Read now and weigh in! We begin the episode "Arrival" in a diner in Brooklyn, NY (as if there was any other Brooklyn!). A waitress takes the order of a very rigid and creepy bald guy, clad in a black suit. He looks like a g-man out of a comic book. He flips open a stopwatch and binoculars and stares out the window at a large construction site. He writes in journal, but it looks like gibberish... boy is he super creepy. Suddenly, the construction site explodes, a crane collapses and everyone starts running for the hills... except for bald guy. He looks at the wreckage and says into a phone, "It has arrived." Interesting... I like these shadowy figures that look like part robot, part blues brother. In Boston, Walter is mumbling formulas out loud preventing cranky-pants Peter from sleeping. The formula is for root beer. Walter hearts root beer floats... that cooky old bastard. The next morning, Peter has his cranky pants back on while he tells Olivia he's over dealing with Walter. He's tired of being a babysitter, and frankly, I was wondering when this conversation would happen. Couldn't the FBI spring for a suite or a two bedroom so poor Peter can get some rest? Olivia guilts Peter by saying he's Walter's son... that's why he should stick around. That, and the fact that Walter insists that the only way he'll help the government uncover "the pattern" is if Peter is involved. Crap (that's what Peter is thinking). Broyles meets the agents at a warehouse command center and tells them about the explosion. He leads them to what I like to call the Titanium Tampon or maybe I'll stick with the classier version: the Titanium Torpedo. Either way, let's call it TT until we know otherwise. This is very J.J. Abrams to have a mysterious cylindrical glowing torpedo at the root of one of his conspiracies. Remember the giant red hovering ball of doom in Alias? Just sayin'. Apparently, the TT showed up after the explosion like it was born to be there oh yeah, and it vibrates at two different frequencies. Walter totally knows what it is but he's not sharing. Broyles, because he's clearly an attention whore (kidding! No hate mail!), waits a few minutes before telling everyone that this is the second time they've seen the TT: the first time being in 1987, which was investigated by an agent named Jacobson at the FBI (who knows Olivia from way back when). Peter tells Olivia that after this case, he's done with her and Walter. Olivia visits her old friend in Virgina where they discuss 1987. Jacobsen said that 48 hours after the first TT was found, there was a massive explosion; the TT had exploded downward through the basement and disappeared. He then asks her to stay away from this case. Odd considering he basically has no idea what it is or where it went. Besides the explosion, there's no real danger... that they've revealed to us of course. Back at Walter's lab, he tests the TT with a tuning fork, which makes it produce a loud frequency. We cut away to guy in a car who has a crazy powerful stun-gun and uses it against everyone at the warehouse. He walks into the warehouse where the investigation was set up and asks where "it" is... After the break, Olivia is woken up by a funky phone call from someone that sounds like John... she has the call traced and dispatch says there was no call. Creepy! Olivia is awake now and back at the lab with Peter and Walter, who is clearly impressed by whoever created, as Peter calls it, the gigantic metallic suppository. Ha! He's a man after my own heart. Walter finally explains that he worked on an experiment 20 years ago to produce subterranean torpedoes called Project Thor (insert hammer joke here). Meanwhile Olivia finds a picture from Jacobson's file with the bald guy, and matches it to another photo (because, as she just reveals, she awesome at the game Concentration) from the hospital two weeks ago. She shows them to Broyles and he's extremely impressed. He shows her a stalker-like collage of photos from the past year with bald guy in each one. He says it took them a year to make the connection and she only took three weeks. I love how he's just now showing her a person of interest that they've been following for a year. Of course, he has no idea who the man is, except for that he's related to the pattern. He's called "The Observer" because all he seems to do is watch the events unfold. Olivia calls Peter at the lab to tell him the warehouse team has been killed, and they need to take the TT to a secure location. Walter asks for aluminum foil in his most charming way (screaming at Peter) to shield the frequencies from the TT to protect everyone's lives. Okey doke! Walter's also jonesing for a root beer float just FYI. So Peter begrudgingly takes off to get the foil (not sure about the float). Walter asks Astrid to hand him a syringe and then has the nerve to stick her in the neck with it! Rude! Peter finds Astrid incapacitated and asks where Walter went, while the laser stun gun man shoots Jacobson and then hooks him up to some electrical torture device. He wants the location of the TT, then gets it by reading Jacobson's mind. Since he has no more use for Jacobson, he kills him. Apparently, drugging innocent agents makes Walter work up quite the appetite; he's at a diner downing his "precioussss" (the float) when bald guy appears out of nowhere and sits across from him! He thanks Walter for hiding the "beacon" and promises he'll have answers to his questions soon. Walter is picked up walking the I-95 (obviously working off the float) and gets the third degree from Olivia and Peter. He won't tell them anything he believes he took the cylinder because it was the right thing to do and to keep it safe. His "friend," the bald guy, agreed that it was best. Peter goes off on Walter because he believes that Walter is delusional. Insulting Peter's mother didn't help Walter's case either. Oh Walter, when will you learn! Peter's packing up his stuff in the lab and makes a call to a friend to pick up some work, but I'm too distracted by the freaky stun gun man lurking in the corner to care! After the commercial, Astrid calls Olivia and tells her there's been a struggle at the lab and to look for Peter. Peter has been captured and restrained by stun gun man and gets the same nostril torture that Jacobson got... oh man, I can't watch! He wants the cylinder and Peter has no clue where it is... this will get ugly. Stun gun man "hears" Peter's thoughts through what I'm assuming is the frequency we learned about last episode... which must tie back to the TT somehow. Then he starts asking Peter personal questions (which is just mean) in order to figure out Walter's hiding places. Stun gun man takes a bloody Peter into a cemetery to search for the TT. He makes Peter dig up the TT from his grandfather's grave. Olivia shows up and scares off stun gun guy. She follows and they shoot at each other until she nails him. In the distance, the TT burrows underground... I'd run if I were you, Olivia! The bald guy appears from the shadows and watches. He pulls out his phone and says, "departure on schedule." Peter tackles him and asks him questions until they start playing "copycat"... meaning bald guy gets into Peter's head and copies exactly what he's saying as it comes out of his mouth. Whoa. Then he shoots Peter with a stun gun. Don't fear, Peter is OK, but the bald guy is gone without a trace. After Walter learns that Peter is fine, he has Charlie take him to apologize to Astrid for drugging her, but she's having none of it. Would you? Broyles tells Olivia that they couldn't find the TT but the shooter was from Seattle and was wanted for a double homicide. Broyles leaves and Olivia tells Peter he doesn't have to do this anymore... he can have his life back. But Peter's experience with bald guy in the woods has changed him. He needs to know what this pattern is all about and won't stop until he has answers. And now, ladies and gentleman, the Fringe peeps have given Peter real motivation to be here; a quest, if you will. It's about time (I say that with fondness). Back at the hotel, Walter explains to Peter how he could know where the TT was buried without really knowing... basically through osmosis or proximity to Walter's thoughts. Huh? Well, Walter tells a story about an accident that happened when Peter was young; their car slid off the road onto a frozen lake, which broke, dumping them into the water. Walter says he and Peter were dead until someone pulled them out of the icy water. It was none other than bald guy! He had no tolerance to the cold and could read Walter's thoughts... and knew that Walter would return the favor one day. Olivia returns home to an empty house and fridge, until a figure emerges from shadows... it's John Scott! That would have been a great twist if the coming attractions hadn't proven that he was a figment of Olivia's imagination (at least for now). What was your take on tonight's episode of Fringe? show less
A mysterious new character The Observer took center stage in tonights episode of Fringe He along with Walter was striving to protect the whereabouts of a strange and powerful metallic cylinder from falling into the wrong hands Could this Observer prove to be the key to the pattern Also Olivia gets a shocking visit from someone from her past Are all of these events connected What is the newest piece to the pattern Read now and weigh inWe begin the episode Arrival in a diner in Brooklyn NY as if there was any other Brooklyn A waitress takes the order of a very rigid and creepy bald guy clad in a black suit He looks like a g-man out of a comic book He flips open a stopwatch and binoculars and stares out the window at a large construction site He writes in journal but it looks like gibberish boy is he super creepy Suddenly the construction site explodes a crane collapses and everyone starts running for the hills except for bald guy He looks read more

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