2008, TV Show

Fringe Episode: "Safe"

Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: A series of bank robberies is investigated by Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop, whose discovery of a personal link to the tech-savvy thieves' ambition ultimately puts one of the trio in grave danger.
Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2008
Guest Cast Chance Kelly: Mitchell Loeb Angel David: Raul Lugo Paul Fitzgerald: Ryan Eastwick
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Season 1, Episode 10
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Length: 49:43
Aired: 12/2/2008
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Fringe Episode Recap: "Copy Panel" Season 1, Episode 10

Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate a string of bank robberies where the baddies walked through vault walls to get to specific safe deposit boxes. We also found out that Walter may be connected to these robbers, as is the infamous Mr. Jones from a few episodes back. In other news, Olivia got drunk in order to score some intel and Peter likes card tricks.

Philadelphia: We open with a mess of a security room including a dead guard and his blood splattered all over the closed circuit TV monitors. Then, inside a large bank, we see quite a few men in what looks like riot gear, but it's just high tech "robbing a bank" outerwear. Our friend Mitchell Loeb is back — he along with his cohorts set up their computer outside the safe deposit vault and run the equation/frequency from "The Equation." It disrupts the matter in the vault door and a guy wearing a wet suit walks right through the freakin' wall and into the safe. Cool.

The men are looking for safe deposit box 610 (hmm, a new number to dissect?), and finds it quickly. Another dude in enters the vault and helps the first dude set a charge to blow the box open — but they only have 57 seconds to do so. The box is super heavy, but they manage to get it through the "matter don't matter here" door. They all get out on time except for one — he's trapped; half inside the vault and half outside. Ouchie City. Loeb doesn't want to clean this mess up, so he shoots the poor guy dead. Remind me never to rob a bank with that guy!

Olivia, Walter and Peter join the investigation at the bank while discussing the fact that Olivia doesn't have a best friend (but she does have a sister! Foreshadowing!). Peter finds this odd because he thinks everyone has a best friend. Aw, how naïve, Peter. The gang meets up with Broyles and sees the poor dead guy stuck in the wall. Walter is fascinated, and although he doesn't say it, I'm sure he gets another erection. Broyles says this is the third such robbery lately only the others were in Cleveland and Baltimore. In each instance only an oversized safe deposit box was taken.

Olivia says she knows the dead guy from her unit in the Marines. Whaaa??? Liv was a Marine? Did we know this? His name is Raul Lugo, he lives in Jersey and is married with kids.

The robbers are fighting having left Raul to die. They are also injecting some clear substance into their bodies — I'm guessing it's some serum that helps them continue their trips through solid objects.

Back in the prison in Germany that houses Mr. Jones, a man walks into a holding room. Mr. Jones is in the room and simply says, "Mr. Cole, we've been expecting you." Later, as Jones sketches what looks like a portrait of Olivia, we realize Mr. Cole is Jones' lawyer. He's working on plea deal for Jones' arraignment which is scheduled for the following week. But, the lawyer is also acting as a messenger between the robbers and Jones (whether he knows it or not). Cole tells Jones that the "job" in Philly has been completed. Jones tells him to relay this message back: Wire Loeb $100k and (Jones' people) are to inform him of the location of the next "item." He also gives the lawyer a laundry list of weird stuff to bring next time. Methinks he's gonna bust outta prison!

Walter and Peter shop in a hardware store fight over Peter's "nomadic" existence. Actually, I think that Peter picks this fight for no reason, except for giving the old man another "eff off" speech. Hilariously, a sales girl approaches and asks to help them, to which Walter asks her where they can find a saw that cuts through human flesh and bone. Ha! Subtle as always, Walter.

In New Jersey, Liv informs Raul's ex-wife about his death. As she cries, she says he's been dark and depressed since returning from the war. Liv reminds her that they've met, but she has no memory of the meeting. Oh, I get it. Yep, Liv thinks she and Raul were friends, but it was really John's memories. The look on her face — when she gets that she's confusing John's memories with her own — says it all.

Whoa! Did you see the new symbol? It looks like smeared smoke and kinda forms a screaming face. Creepy! Thoughts?

Walter and Peter work on sawing poor Raul out of the door, and lop off an arm. Ew. Walter says that what we perceive as matter is just empty space, but that in order to pull off what the robbers did, they'd need access to technology and a lot of money. Liv decides to share that Raul was depressed, and by the way, my memories were really John's memories (good times!).

Back with the robbers, Loeb looks in the box and is very happy at what he finds. Quickly, we find ourselves with Nina Sharp at Massive Dynamic with the unconscious (or dead, I'm still not sure) John Scott. She instructs the woman with her that they must work harder to retrieve information from John — he is their only hope, and they are working against "highly motivated" people. Interesting.

Walter retrieves some old toys and demonstrates how a solid could pass through another solid by using high frequency vibrations. He does this by putting an action figure in a beaker full of rice, then turning on vibrations beneath it and watching the little figure sink. And, he tells them that the people who have walked through these walls have also been exposed to high levels of radiation, so they should be easy to spot. Liv enters and tells them that the safe deposit boxes were bought 23 years ago with cash. She also says Raul's record before the heist was clean, and his best friend works at a bar in Cambridge. Peter perks up at the word "bar" and the two head out to do some investigating (while drunk).

Liv, after two double whiskeys (go girl), pretends to know the bartender and gets him to open up about Raul hanging out at a VA hospital. Liv is awesome in this scene. She smiles! She flirts! Her voice changes octaves! Peter even gets cute and dares her to stay and drink some more. Later, Peter and Olivia swap card tricks (and no, that's not a euphemism for something dirty), and bond over loving numbers. She recites the numbers of the safe deposit boxes, and Peter recognizes them as a sequence. Back at the hotel, Peter wakes Walter up to ask him what numbers he repeats before bed. It's the Fibonacci sequence, of course, and wouldn't Peter know something like that if he went to MIT? Just sayin'. They try to explain it away with dialogue, but Walter is right, Peter should have known it. But then, a greater thought occurs to Walter: the safe deposit boxes are his!

The robbers leave for their next gig in Providence, but one of the men isn't feeling so well. He shakes it off. Meanwhile, back at Massive Dynamic, they uncover that Olivia and John shared consciousness, and that Liv probably has the memories they really need from John. I smell an abduction!

Back with Walter, Live and Peter, they try to figure out how Walter forgot about these boxes, and what they really mean. At the FBI, Broyles tells live that Raul was a patient at the VA. She visits the hospital to speak with Raul's doctor about his friends. The doctor doesn't give her squat but an orderly does: He was in a chess club with four other dudes. Clearly, those dudes were recruited into the bank heist.

At the next location, safe deposit box 987 has already been cleaned out, but the agents know the robbers can't be far away. A chase ensues and the robber who wasn't feeling so hot (Mr. Eastwick) gets injured.

Mr. Cole brings the weird items to Mr. Jones, and Jones asks him to tell his people to secure the next item: Olivia Dunham.

Back at the office, Liv questions Eastwick and Peter notices his hands are jittery. He tells the dude he's gonna die of radiation unless he gives up some info about who he's working for. All Eastwick tells him is that they should look in a field in Westford. Liv is smarty-pants enough to realize that he is talking about Little Hill, which is an abandoned air field.

Walter watches Peter do a magic coin trick and then reveals Peter nearly died of a bird-flu-like illness as a child. (And here's where it gets really convoluted.) Walter says he invented a device to go back in time and find the doctor (who died in 1936) who could save Peter and this device may be what was in the safe deposit boxes. Okey-doke.

Live races to Little Hill, where the robbers are already setting up for something with a surveyor thingy. Then a black SUV comes out of nowhere and runs Liv down. She tries to run, but they shoot her with a tranq. Meanwhile, Loeb has some wire thing hooked up into the ground while Mr. Jones readies for a journey through time. Yep, Mr. Jones was transported out of prison using Walter's device! But how did they know it was there? How are they connected to Walter? Massive Dynamic?

Broyles calls Nina to tell her that Olivia has been abducted (nailed that one), and she seems genuinely surprised. She wants to help Broyles figure out who took her and why (yeah, so she can steal her next!).

What did you think about tonight's episode? Did you see the abduction coming a mile away?

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Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate a string of bank robberies where the baddies walked through vault walls to get to specific safe deposit boxes. We also found out that Walter may be connected to these robbers, as is the infamous Mr. Jones from a few episodes back. In other news, Olivia got drunk in order to score some intel and Peter likes card tricks. read more

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