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Latest Episode: Friends: The One With Princess Consuela

Feb 26, 2004 Season 10 Episode 14 watch on VUDU (Paid)

Rachel nearly gags on her meal when she secretly meets at a restaurant for a job interview and sits right next to the table where her current boss is dining.

The One With the Boob Job

May 15, 2003 Season 9 Episode 24

Phoebe asks her boyfriend, Mike (recurring guest star Paul Rudd), to move in with her, but coming so close to married life might cause trouble in their relationship. Meanwhile, since Monica and Chandler are financially unstable, she secretly asks Joey for a large loan. But when the unsuspecting Chandler also approaches his pal for some cash, Joey accidentally betrays Monica's confidence and tries to recover with an outrageous story. Also, Rachel's efforts to make the apartment safe for her baby make Joey crazy.
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Friends: The One With the Fertility Test

May 01, 2003 Season 9 Episode 21

Ross is in agony because brilliant, beautiful professor Charlie (recurring guest star Aisha Tyler)--who usually prefers paleontologists--is instead dating shallow Joey. Nevertheless, Ross helps the desperate Joey pretend to be intelligent to impress Charlie--with mixed results.
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The One with the Soap Opera Party

Apr 24, 2003 Season 9 Episode 20

Ross is excited when he meets fellow paleontology professor Charlie Wheeler, a stunning beauty.
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The One with the Memorial Service

Mar 13, 2003 Season 9 Episode 17

When Chandler jokingly posts an outrageous biography about Ross on Ross' college alumni Web site, Ross retaliates by finding Chandler's alumni site and doing the same about Chandler.
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Friends: The One Where Monica Sings

Jan 30, 2003 Season 9 Episode 13

While Rachel sorts out her conflicted feelings for her handsome co-worker Gavin (recurring guest star Dermot Mulroney), Ross recruits Chandler to help him meet attractive women in order to make Rachel jealous. Meanwhile, Phoebe regrets bringing Monica to karaoke night when Monica takes the microphone and delights in the applause--unaware that the guys in the audience are cheering because they can see through her dress.
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The One where Rachel Goes Back To Work [HD]

Jan 09, 2003 Season 9 Episode 11

When Rachel visits her workplace to show off baby Emma, she is surprised to find a handsome temporary worker, Gavin, who has been doing her job while she was on maternity leave.
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The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Oct 14, 2002 Season 9 Episode 5

While Phoebe and Joey wait at a fancy restaurant for their friends' arrival to celebrate Phoebe's birthday, Rachel is delayed because she is afraid to leave her infant with a baby-sitter.
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The One where Emma Cries [HD]

Oct 03, 2002 Season 9 Episode 2

Joey's futile attempts to gain Ross' forgiveness for mistakenly asking Rachel to marry him only result in emergency hospitalization.
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The One where No One Proposes

Sep 26, 2002 Season 9 Episode 1

Because of a misunderstanding, Rachel finds herself engaged to marry Joey--instead of Ross, who was planning to propose--soon after she gives birth to her and Ross' baby girl.
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