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Friday Night Lights Episode: "Tomorrow Blues"

Season 3, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Eric's contract is reviewed in the third-season finale. Meanwhile, Billy and Mindy's wedding day arrives; Tyra awaits word on her wait-list status; Matt prepares to leave for college; and Tim and Lyla consider their future.
Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2009

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Season 3, Episode 13
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Aired: 1/14/2009
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "Tomorrow Blues" Season 3, Episode 13

Jumping ahead a few months to the end of the school year, Coach's contract is up and many of our beloved Panthers look forward to a new life away at college. What will happen to Coach and those he leaves behind in Dillon?

We begin the last episode of the season with what I like to call a love montage. Everyone seems content, relaxed, lovey-dovey and most importantly, whole. Tim and Billy pick up their wedding tuxes, Tim hands a bikini-clad Lyla a drink as she suns herself in the backyard, Matt and Julie enjoy a movie, Tyra and Landry take a dip in a local lake, Buddy and Coach play a fun round of golf, and so on. However, montages never tell the entire story, do they?

Last episode, we saw the Panthers lose their coveted state title by one point in a valiantly played game. Now, we've fast-forwarded to the end of the school year and we meet up with Tami and the gang at the Senior Brunch. Tami announces that Matt will be attending the Art Institute of Chicago, Tim Riggins and Lyla (who was No. 2 in her class) will be going to San Antonio State, while Tyra's mom says Tyra's been wait-listed at UT. This whole section makes me have flashbacks to my days in high school and hearing about where each of my classmates was headed to school. One of the many reasons I love this show — it's so visceral!

Coach Taylor's Contract
Coach has his last practice with the Panthers before they return in August, and announces that J.D. McCoy has been named Quarterback of the Year. It's hard to tell, but it seems like J.D. has gotten some of his mojo back — and judging from his obnoxious dad checking out the practice from the sidelines, things between Junior and Papa are A-OK.

Tami's informed that she should probably recuse herself from the upcoming board meeting where Coach's contract will be discussed. Tami says that she can handle it, but then she asks if there is a question about renewing the contract. The board member she's speaking to simply says the discussions can get heated and she needs to be prepared. Uh-oh.

Buddy and Coach head over to the home of a potential recruit named Shane, to woo him to the Panthers, but the boy's dad cuts them off. He's already decided to go to Dillon, but wants to know who the head coach will be? Buddy assures the family that Coach Taylor will be there — but that's not what they heard! It sounds like McCoy is calling the shots. Instantly, my blood boils, and Coach looks like his blood might be boiling too.

Coach and Tami talk about the meeting and Coach admits he thinks Joe McCoy is trying to get him fired. Tami thinks he wouldn't sink that low... really, Tami, you're too nice.

So, Coach heads to the McCoy McMansion to have a chat with Papa. Coach confronts him about visiting Shane with Wade (the assistant coach). Joe thinks Coach isn't acting aggressively enough and tells Coach that because of his monetary support of the team, and his son's talent, that he should represent the team as well as anyone else. Coach is pissed and tells him to back off, that all decisions will go through him. Joe is not backing down and says that he wants Coach to guarantee that J.D. will start every game and that Wade will call every play — then maybe Coach will get to keep his job. Who the hell does this a--hole think he is? Coach tells him what he can do with that offer. (Yes! Suck it, Joe!)

Tami tells Coach he needs to go to the board meeting and fight for his job. But Coach doesn't want to defend himself and feels that his record should speak for itself. It should, Coach, but it won't with Joe McCoy around. Tami says if they don't fight for it, they'll regret it.

In a lighter and much happier moment for the Taylor family, Coach and Tami bring Jules outside with a hat over her eyes. They reveal they've bought her a car, complete with a big red bow. Julie's reaction is a little underwhelming for me. She and Tami hop in for a ride, and we see that Julie is upset because she feels left behind. Matt and Tyra... so many friends are all moving on, and she never thought that day would actually come. She's not ready to say goodbye. Aw.

Coach shows up to the board meeting — after evil Joe has proposed that Wade take over as head coach of the Panthers — and tells them if they side with Joe, they are dead wrong. He loves the school, the kids, the job and he's just getting started. Damn straight!

At Mindy's wedding, Tami enters the church and takes Coach's hand. She reveals that they gave his job to Wade, but have offered him the head coach position at East Dillon High. The look on his face says it all: shock, anger, betrayal. Later, as he and Tami dance, she tells her hubby that she'll follow him wherever he goes. They are seriously the best couple on TV.

After the wedding, Coach takes Tami to the East Dillon football field. It's old, beat-up and ugly, to say the least. But, if they have Coach Taylor, they've got my vote.

The Next Chapter for Matt Saracen
Matt, Julie, Shelby and Lorraine are packing up Lorraine's house. She's moving to a retirement home that's only 15 minutes away. Julie finds a hilariously cute picture of Matt from junior high, and Lorraine snags it so she can remind herself of who Matt is — just in case she forgets while he's away at school and she has another one of her spells. Aw.

Matt moves his grandma into her new place and is having a really hard time letting go. She could be a real pain in the ass but she clearly means the world to Matt.

At Mindy's wedding, Julie tries to break up with Matt, but he refuses. He also decides that he's going to stay in Dillon and rescue Lorraine from the home and bring her back to her house. Oh jeez, what are you doing Matt? What about school?

San Antonio State or Bust?
Tami calls Lyla in for a meeting with her and Buddy. Buddy isn't happy that she's going to a "party" school that won't challenge her just because Tim Riggins is going there. Lyla is immediately defensive about it, and I would be too if my dad lost all my college money in a stupid investment scheme. Tami says Vanderbilt has allowed her a few more days to make her decision and that they'd still love to have her. Buddy says he'll ask his Uncle Gary for money if it allows Lyla to go to her dream school.

After Tim and Billy buy some equipment (including a Texas Longhorn Bull — random!) for their new garage business, Tim complains that he doesn't even want to go to San Antonio State. The car breaks down and Billy freaks out that he's starting a garage, but can't even fix his own car. Tim tells him he's living the American dream; he's got his own business and will come home to the wife and kids every night. Billy then drops the bomb that Mindy's pregnant! Tim's reaction is priceless and so sweet.

Lyla has a change of heart and wants her dad to get the money for Vanderbilt after all. At the wedding, Lyla finally comes clean with Tim. He tells her that she must go, and that he's never going to be that guy to make her give up her dreams. Tim Riggins has come a long way, and it's been so much fun to watch. What a guy! Except Lyla's news prompts him to tell Billy that he's going to stay home in Dillon and work at the garage. Billy tells him to man up and get his degree. He tells Tim that when it gets too hard, he needs to think about the kids they don't have... that one day those kids will feel like they too can go to college because Tim did it. Aw Billy, you old softy! I love when maturity wins. See what they did there? Tim was Lyla's hero, and then Billy was Tim's. Love the full-circle moments.

Tyra's Pity Party Turns Into a Real Party
Landry picks up Tyra from work and she beats the crap out of his dashboard in frustration. Everyone is getting into their dream schools, and she's still waiting tables. Landry suggests that she head down to UT to talk to the admissions director in person. Maybe that will help her get off the wait list and into the school faster. (Can you do that?)

Landry drops Tyra off at UT and she meets with a man from admissions who tells her that her wait-list letter is one of a thousand sent out. Poor Tyra looks crestfallen. On the way home, Landry pulls over and yells at Tyra for feeling so sorry for herself. She says he has no idea what her life was like or how hard she's worked. He says he could care less about what anyone else thinks about Tyra, because he believes in her. It's time she believes in herself.

Tyra gets another letter from UT the day before Mindy's wedding. She runs out of the house to stop Landry from driving away, and opens the letter to fantastic news. Everyone's reaction is so honest and real — lots of screaming! I'm not afraid to say I got choked up when Landry says, "I'll love you no matter what."

What did you think of the finale? What surprised you? What made you smile? Cry? What do you think will happen with Coach and East Dillon next year?

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Jumping ahead a few months to the end of the school year, Coach's contract is up and many of our beloved Panthers look forward to a new life away at college. What will happen to Coach and those he leaves behind in Dillon? read more

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