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Friday Night Lights Episode: "Game of the Week"

Season 3, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Tim returns to Dillon to find a depressed Billy; Eric plans a surprise for Tami's birthday; Tyra begins to regret leaving with Cash; Matt's mom and grandmother clash; and Lyla and Mindy commiserate over dating the Riggins brothers.
Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2008
Guest Cast Kim Dickens: Shelby
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Season 3, Episode 9
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Length: 42:42
Aired: 12/3/2008
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "Game of the Week" Season 3, Episode 9

This week on Friday Night Lights, Tyra gets in way over her head while on the road with Cash the cowboy, Coach tries to take Tami away for a romantic birthday evening, Tim nearly blows an opportunity with the a college recruiter, and the Panthers get to play on national television.

Tim returns to his house after his New York City trip to find his truck totaled and his brother a drunken mess. Apparently, Mindy broke up with Billy and he's hurtin' big-time. Can I just nominate them for "grossest couple ever?" I know they're supposed to be a little cringe-worthy, but I cringe every time that girl opens her mouth. They are so obnoxious together. But, in that sense, I can see why they are perfect for each other. Ha.

Coach plays with Gracie in the morning (which is freakin' adorable) and says that it's Tami's birthday coming up. Tami says she doesn't really want to celebrate it because she feels old. Yeah right... every girl wants to celebrate their birthday! Coach definitely has something up his sleeve.

Coach gives the team a pep talk about the upcoming Friday-night game. He asks the Panthers, "What are you willing to sacrifice" in order to win, to make it all the way to playoffs? As they ponder this, Buddy bursts into practice and says that the Panthers were chosen to play their next game on NBC's "Game of the Week" — national TV!

Camera crews pull up to Dillon High and set up camp for the week. Meanwhile, Tyra has run off to the rodeo with Cash. She follows him around, clearly not fitting in too well with this crowd, and as she tries on a ten-gallon hat (well, it seemed as big as one!), we see Cash having a heated conversation with some burly-looking men. What do you want to bet this turns out very badly?

Back at school, some girls ask Landry where Tyra has been hiding. Apparently, she's been out of school all week, and they need her to make decisions regarding their winter ball. Oh, the problems of teens! Landry has no clue where she is — and he doesn't seem to worried about it, either.

A recruiter from San Antonio State approaches Riggins about a scholarship, and Lyla's eyes light up like Christmas trees. She tells the recruiter she'll make sure Tim gets over to his hotel to talk about SAS. Riggins, meanwhile, looks like he'd rather have a root canal.

Coach pulls Jules out of class (which would have given me a heart attack!) to ask her to watch Gracie on Friday night and to pack Tami a bag so that he can whisk her away for a romantic night at a hotel. Jules reminds her dad that Tami didn't want to celebrate her birthday, and he says hilariously, "Well, that's her problem." Ha!

Matt is hurting from practice and barely able to get off the couch. Grandma is in a grouchy mood and starts in on Shelby — and when she's gonna leave. Oh, Grandma, lighten up! Shelby says that she's not leaving any time soon because Matt is going off to college and shouldn't have to look after her while he's in school. Grandma wants none of this conversation, and calls Shelby the devil. She then yells at Matt to promise that he'll put her in a home before leaving her alone with Shelby. Poor Matt!

Instead of getting ready to meet the recruiter, Tim decides to commiserate with broken-hearted Billy. Meaning, they got stinkin' drunk. Lyla picks him up and tries to prep him with some trivia about SAS, but Tim isn't having it. He says this recruiter is full of empty promises and nothing will ever come of this meeting. Lyla says he's being a scared baby and then throws him out of her car. That should sober him up quickly.

Back at the rodeo tour from hell, Tyra and Cash start fighting. He finally admits that he owes the burly guys a bunch of money (shocker!). He screams at her that it's time for her to understand how the real world works. Yep, Cash, the real world of rodeos, gambling, drinking and getting your ass kicked by burly guys. Happens to me every day.

Tyra takes a walk and calls Landry (she needs to stop running back to Landry! WTF!) to check in — this girl needs to grow a pair and get the hell out of there! Tyra is a strong and sassy girl, so it bugs me to no end (even given her crappy role models) that she falls so hard and fast for this tool. But, he's busy doing an interview with NBC for the big game, so he keeps it short. We can see that Tyra is just starting to realize what an effed-up situation she's in now.

Mindy and Lyla run into each at a convenience store and trade Riggins barbs. Mindy says she broke up with Billy because he wanted her to stop working at the Landing Strip (what an a-hole!). Lyla says both brothers are idiots. Then, surprisingly, Mindy asks her nemesis to hang out. (OK, nemesis is a strong word, but she's never liked Lyla.)

At the game, things are not going well for the Panthers. The new offense isn't coming together, players are colliding .... It's a mess. However, Riggins looks better than ever. At half time, Coach tells his boys to wake up and get in the game, and they respond with fiery intensity. Coach puts Matt in as receiver and he's doing really well. Grandma and Shelby are watching the game half-heartedly and in icy silence until they see Matt make a fantastic catch. They both shriek with delight and scurry to get their coats so they can watch the rest of the game live.

On fourth and seven, Matt narrowly makes a first down and the Panthers win the game!

Back at the rodeo trip from hell, Tyra is stuck in a bar with a bunch of nasty guys staring her down while Cash gambles and drinks. She wants to leave, but Cash shoves her back in her seat. Tyra's finally had it and bolts out of the bar.

After the game, Coach takes Tami to a very nice hotel and has champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting for her in the room. She is very excited and grateful to Coach for such a special treat. So, of course, Tami gets a phone call from Tyra — who's bawling her eyes out — and asks her to come pick her up from the motel because she's in deep trouble. Tami agrees, and she and a very frustrated Coach head out to pick up Tyra.

Back at Mindy's place, she and Lyla talk about Cosmo magazine junk and get wasted. They dance around and Mindy says, "No more Billy in my Chilly." Yeah, I don't even want to go there. But, before this party can get any more ridiculous, Billy pulls up to the house in his beat up car and yells at Mindy to come outside. Of course, after all that tough talk about no more "Billy in her Chilly", she folds instantly when Billy says that he wants her back and doesn't care if she works at the Landing Strip. Ah, true love. Lyla looks quite disappointed.

Coach and Tami arrive at the motel just in the nick of time — Cash is screaming at Tyra not to leave and she genuinely looks terrified. Coach, who shows remarkable restraint with this a-hole, tells him to back off and to let Tyra go. Cash is going completely nuts, screaming and ranting at Tyra. Why would she ever want to stay? Crazy drugged out, jack ass! And how badly did I want to kick him where it counts? Very.

In a super-sweet scene, Shelby encourages Matt to go to college and to do what is best for himself for once. She will make sure that Grandma is taken care of, and she really wants him to go to school — even willing to help him pay for it. Finally, there may be some light at the end of this tunnel for Matt!

Now it's Tim's turn to apologize and grovel to Lyla and he tells Lyla that he spoke to the recruiter after all and that it's a done deal: He's going to college! He apologizes and tries to charm her into forgiving him, and it works. In a funny and sweet moment, Tim catches a whiff of Lyla's breath and asks her if she on a bender. Ha! He also says he almost got a buzz from the smell. Double ha!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Who thinks Tyra needs a "man" intervention?

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This week on Friday Night Lights, Tyra gets in way over her head while on the road with Cash the cowboy, Coach tries to take Tami away for a romantic birthday evening, Tim nearly blows an opportunity with the a college recruiter, and the Panthers get to play on national television. read more

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