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Friday Night Lights Episode: "Keeping Up Appearances"

Season 3, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Eric and Tami try to persuade a player's parents to let him play football; Billy helps Tim pursue a scholarship; Jason, Herc and the Riggins brothers prepare to sell the house; and Buddy's visit with his kids doesn't go as planned.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2008
Guest Cast Kevin Rankin: Herc
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Season 3, Episode 7
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Aired: 11/12/2008
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "Keeping Up Appearances" Season 3, Episode 7

This episode is all about the façades, and as the title puts it, "keeping up appearances." One of Coach's best players finds himself in a world of trouble after his parents find out he's playing football, Papa McCoy lets more of his crazy shine to J.D.'s detriment, Buddy gets shafted by his bratty kids who are in town for a visit, and Landry pretends to be over Tyra.

The episode starts with Buddy and Lyla picking up Buddy Jr. and Tabitha for a visit. It's been a while since we've seen them, and boy have they grown! Into snotty brats! Their stepfather Kevin and their Napa lifestyle have turned them into angry, moody (and vegan!) jerks who are totally embarrassed by sweaty Buddy.

Coach and Tami arrive at the McMansion (the McCoy's ridiculous house) for dinner and seem to have a good time. J.D. comes in to say hi, and he and his father interact like they actually genuinely love each other. That won't last for long. After Katie steals Tami away to look at her closets (it's a girl thing), Papa McCoy pours Coach some scotch and toasts to the season. But Coach tells him that what went down at church (remember the painful apology J.D. gave to Coach about getting wasted?) was not cool. Papa apologizes and blows it off all at the same time, which is quite a talent of his.

Billy and Jason drive up to the flip house, and Billy hands Jason the recruitment letter that OU sent Tim. Jason takes all the wind out of Billy's sails when he said he got hundreds when he played. Billy, in the sweetest scene I've witnessed with him, begs Jason to help Tim get into school. Jason suggests they shoot a highlight reel of him and send it to a bunch of schools, and Billy perks up immediately. When they enter the house, they find Herc and Tim drinking beers and not doing any work. Why? Because they are done! Now, Jason's plan is to sell the house themselves to save on closing costs, etc.

Later at school, Tami and Mac discuss the fact that Panther fullback JeMarcus Hall is in trouble again — this time for lighting a girl's hair on fire in chemistry class. Tami is going to call his parents, and Mac bullies Tami about bringing Coach in on disciplining JeMarcus, but she won't hear it.

In the band room, Landry continues to pout about Tyra, when Devon comes in and tries to cheer him up with a very off-key version of "She Don't Use Jelly." He continues his Eeyore routine until she kisses him on the forehead. Oh no, Landry is gonna get the wrong idea here, I can feel it.

While trying to film a piece of Tim's video, where he talks moronically about not liking practice, Jason enters with some set-up sheets for the house. The boys think they look very professional until they see the $295K price tag. They get into a big fight, but Jason won't change his mind. He's determined to make money on this place.

JeMarcus' parents come in to talk to Tami, and they seem completely used to his shenanigans. They say they will punish him, but Tami pushes the fact that he'll be suspended next time, which will impact his schooling and playing football. His parents look confused. Holy crap, they didn't know he played football. Oh man, this isn't gonna be pretty.

Buddy, driving a carful of surly kids (save for lovely Lyla), tries to recreate some family fun times with them. Buddy Jr. and Tabby are having none of it. He asks them to do a sing-a-long, and when they refuse, he says something to the effect of "you didn't use to hate sing-a-longs," to which Tabby replies, "I didn't used to have pubic hair either." Ew, Tabby — seriously that's the wrong way to be bitchy.

Later, Tami tells Coach about JeMarcus, and he is furious he wasn't in loop on that meeting. Now, JeMarcus' parents have pulled him from the team right before the playoffs! She says there wasn't a damn thing he could have done even if he was there, but he's pissed and storms off.

Landry drives Devon home after band practice and they have a nice chat. (Is it me or is this actress a little too "natural?" Sometimes I wonder if she has a personality at all.) Landry reaches over and smooches her — and she does smooch back — but then retreats to her house. Landry looks like a new man.

At practice, Jason films Riggins in action while Papa McCoy screams at J.D. from the sidelines to keep his elbow down. OMG, could someone please put a muzzle on this a-hole? Then in one of his more humiliating moves, he screams at J.D. to "get over here right now!" He rips on him in front of his teammates and luckily Coach rescues J.D. Once in the locker room, Coach tells JeMarcus that there is nothing he can do about his situation; his hands are tied.

Back in the land of Buddy's brats, he tries to impress them by taking them camping and making them steaks. Tabby says she's a vegan and Kevin says meat is murder. Buddy looks like he's going to explode, and he finally does after Tabby screams, "A real man would never have cheated on mom!" and "I wish you weren't our dad!" And there it is, folks: the real reason behind the brattiness. Buddy tells Tabby the feeling is mutual and takes off on the bunch. Lyla yells at her siblings and then looks for her dad with the car. She finds Buddy on the side of a deserted road, walking toward nothing. She gets him into the car to talk about it. He admits he's been a horrible dad, and that he's lost them forever. Lyla comforts him and says they'll get over it and that Buddy still has her to rely on. He's very grateful for Lyla — and in this emotional moment, we can see how small Buddy's life really is outside of football.

Landry finds Tyra at work and tells her that he's moved on and found someone else (a girlfriend!), and he hopes that they can be friends now. Tyra is very happy for him, if not a tiny bit sad, but Landry is in La La land. The next day after school, Landry tries to ask Devon out and hold her hand, but she blurts out that she's a lesbian. Whaaaa??? Poor Landry looks like he wants to hurl.

Coach and Tami visit JeMarcus' house to try and convince his parents to let him back on the team. They have six kids and no interest in football. Coach tries to give the passionate speech he thinks they need to hear, but in the end, it's Tami who convinces the parents to think about it. She tells JeMarcus' parents that football can turn kids' lives around for the better, and that they should come to a game and check it out for themselves.

At the boys' open house, Herc gives prospective buyers mixed messages about the price. Jason freaks, out saying there is no wiggle room because they have to get $295K for his family. Herc tells him to stop waving the baby around like a weapon. Oh no he didn't! A bitch-slap wheelchair fight breaks out, and Riggins closes the curtains so that the buyers won't see it. Jason says yes, he needs the money, but they all need it: Tim for college, Billy to get married, and Jason for his family. So, the price stays. Go boy!

In a very sweet scene in the school library, Landry asks Tami what is wrong with him — why he repels girls who he cares about. She tells him that although it doesn't seem like it, he has a big life ahead of him outside of tiny Dillon and that girls will flock to him in college. Aw, I heart Tami.

At the Friday night game, Jason runs into an old teammate, Wendell Foley. He's a bigwig in college now and is about to be signed to a sports agent named Grant Howard. Grant slips Jason his card and tells him if he is ever in the Big Apple, to give him a ring. Jason perks up at the thought of being a sports agent. Maybe he can do that for a living!

Later in the game, J.D. is struggling to connect his passes to receivers, and Papa is not happy. He screams in the stands and makes a fool of himself. During halftime, he tries to drag J.D. over for another father-son scream session (OMG I want to punch him!), but Coach intervenes and tells Papa to back off and give him room to coach. Inside the locker room, Coach tells J.D. that his old man was the same way, but J.D. is so brainwashed it doesn't sink in. Before they go back out, Coach tries one more time: He tells J.D. that he will pull him out of the game if he looks up in the stands to see what his father is saying. That's what I'm talking about, Coach! Suddenly, J.D. starts kicking some major ass, and Papa leaves the stands and the game because his boy ignored him. Again, I want to punch him.

JeMarcus' family watches him kick some ass at the game and change their mind about him playing football — clearly they are proud of him. Aw. In other news, Tabby actually looks like she's having fun at the game with her dad! She even asks if they can get sundaes after! Lyla's little chat must have worked.

In the parking lot, J.D. asks for his dad, and his mom says he just needs a few minutes — and that he should be angry with himself. She manages to cheer him up, but I still want to practice my kickboxing on his face. Also in the parking lot, Jason gets an offer on the house!

The next day, Devon and Landry make up and he agrees to keep her secret. He apologizes for coming on so strong and is happy she was honest with him. Landry is growing up!

Back at the Riggins house, the gang watches his highlight reel which is impressive and very sweet — because Coach and Billy say such nice things about him. Outside, Jason and Lyla have a chat about change. She realizes he's moving away, and he asks Lyla if she thinks he'll make a great sports agent. She does, and it's a very moving scene between two characters we've come to love — characters that are most likely thinking about the life they were supposed to live together. Tears!

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This episode is all about the façades, and as the title puts it, "keeping up appearances." One of Coach's best players finds himself in a world of trouble after his parents find out he's playing football, Papa McCoy lets more of his crazy shine to J.D.'s detriment, Buddy gets shafted by his bratty kids who are in town for a visit, and Landry pretends to be over Tyra. read more

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