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Friday Night Lights Episode: "It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy"

Season 3, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Riggins tries to get the team to accept J.D., but J.D.'s dad stands in his way; Julie and Matt spend the day together at the lake; a woman from Cash's past makes a surprising claim; and Landry holds auditions for his band.
Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2008
Guest Cast Zach Roerig: Cash
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Season 3, Episode 6
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Aired: 11/5/2008
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "It Isn't Easy Being J.D. McCoy" Season 3, Episode 6

This week on Friday Night Lights, J.D. finally has a chance to loosen up, Julie and Matt take a big step in their relationship, Tyra and Cash has a big misunderstanding, and Jason & Co. start making progress on Buddy's house.

We start off with the Panthers enjoying some off-the-clock bonding, aka hazing the freshman players — specifically J.D. McCoy. They make him and the other newbies run something called "the naked mile." J.D. runs into the locker room and grabs a team photo to cover his not-quite-man parts. Coach catches him and tells him to scram and get his clothes.

Jason and Erin say a tearful goodbye, and she finally admits she's scared. He assures Erin that he will make a profit on the house and finally have some money for their family.

The Taylors chat about the upcoming autumn dance; Tami has to chaperone and coach doesn't want to attend. Tami says he does, since she needs a date and he's the principal's husband. Ha. We all know who will win this fight.

At J.D.'s house, Papa McCoy toasts to his boy, the new quarterback. Mom asks him if he likes any cheerleaders. Of course, Papa says he has no time for girls. Ugh, this guy needs a smack upside the head. Poor J.D. looks crestfallen.

Grandma Saracen is pissed off at Coach for replacing Matt with J.D. and is raring to give him a piece of her mind. Oh, I will pay money for that.

Jason and his motley crew continue to bicker about the house repairs, and Billy walks away from the conversation. What a drama queen. Later, Jason freaks out when the boys buy a fancy $1,700 toilet and decide to bust out a wall. Oh, dude, heads are gonna roll. Billy gets so fired up he puts a nail through his hand. Idiot.

Landry and his band practice in his garage, but the song really sucks. The band totally mutinies; half of 'em quit because Landry is being such a douche. So, looks like Landry will be trolling for some new talent. A few days later, he holds auditions, and the only one who catches his eye is a cute little chick named Devon, who happens to play a mean bass. Methinks Landry may get over Tyra quicker than he thought. Devon is hired!

Tyra talks about the high cost of college applications and Cash hands her a wad of cash. She takes it reluctantly, but we can tell she thinks he's the bees' knees.

Coach busts Riggins on the "naked mile" incident and tells him that he needs to get his ish together as team captain. Coach tells him to make sure the team stands behind their QB. Later, Riggins picks up J.D. and takes him on the unofficial tour of Dillon — you know, where to find a strip club, a good bar, great burgers, an easy lay, etc. J.D. is totally thrilled. It's super cute.

Mindy, Tyra and their mom are at a bridal salon while Mindy tries on the holy grail of hideous dresses. It has it all — iridescent fabric, a huge bow across the ass, and (no joke) angel wings! Tyra fills out applications for college as Mindy parades around looking like Tinkerbell on steroids. Tyra's mom tells her that not only does she not have a chance in hell of going to a good school, she'll lose her cowboy if she leaves. What parenting. Mother of the Year, here!

At the grocery store, Grandma gets her chance to chew out the Coach. It's priceless. Matt and Julie step to the side to avoid the carnage and flirt hardcore. Then we see Grandma hug Coach because "it's hard to be mad at you Coach Taylor." Hee!

Tyra puts some decorations together for the dance, and gets the surprise of her life at the front door when a blonde chick and her baby show up asking for Cash — and the $1,600 in child support he owes them. Oh #*$&. Later, Tyra tells Julie about the girl while they're at work and admits she was stupid. Julie tries to comfort her, but then Cash shows up. Tyra flips out and tells him to keep his damn money and never speak to her again.

Game time! J.D. plays an excellent first game as first QB. As the team celebrates in the locker room, Riggins tells J.D. that they are going to celebrate. But, J.D.'s dad bursts in and takes his son away to celebrate — much to his humiliation. Awkward! Coach looks worried, as I would be too. This guy is worse than Buddy!

Lyla waits for Riggins after practice the next day to make sure he's taking her to the dance. She wants to go to one before it's all over (meaning school). He says yes, as long as she wears something cute. Heh.

Down at the hardware store, Jason runs into Coach and tells him about the house flip. Coach is dumbfounded, and Jason puts on the charm and says everything is going just fine. He tells Coach to stop by later. When Coach arrives, he sees that things are not going well at all. Jason opens up and tells Coach that he made a huge mistake. Coach gives Jason one hell of a pep talk — the kind only Coach can give — and makes Jason feel a lot better. I heart Coach!

Matt surprises Julie and asks her to go to the lake. They go swimming and Matt opens up to Julie about not being QB anymore. They play around a little in the water, and their chemistry is back in spades! After they've dried off and had a little campfire dinner, they practically attack each other and start making out. Wait a minute ... I think this is more than making out! When Julie returns home, she gives herself a long look in the mirror. The "I just became a woman, and do I look any different?" kind of look. Wow! Way to go (all the way), Jules and Matt.

At the dance, Tyra sets out food and Tami talks about how Coach is gonna blow her off. Tyra admits that she broke up with Cash, and Tami tells her she's sorry she got hurt. On the bleachers, Landry shows Devon his songs in progress and she tells him to get over the girl who he's writing about. Ha! Riggins and Lyla run into J.D. who is having a miserable time. They decide to rescue J.D. and take him to a party. We know where this is headed.

Tyra leaves the dance in favor of some cereal and bad TV. Cash shows up and tries to explain. He weasels his way back into Tyra's heart by telling her this is some crazy chick from years ago, and there's no way logistically that the kid is his. Whatevs, Cash, you are bad news!

The party is raging and they get J.D. to loosen by getting him completely wasted. But back at the dance, Coach shows up to be Tami's date, with paint in his hair. Aw! He was helping Jason out! Of course he was.

In church the next morning, Julie and Matt exchange goofy post-nookie glances. After the services, Papa drags J.D.'s hung-over ass to the Coach to apologize for letting the team down three weeks before the playoffs. Coach looks really concerned at this point — this guy has crossed way over the line.

Back at the house, Jason gets a call from Erin. She's just taking a break from driving and wanted to check in. Jason asks if he can talk to Noah, and he sings to him. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen — even though the house crew looks like they want to gag. Adorable.

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This week on Friday Night Lights, J.D. finally has a chance to loosen up, Julie and Matt take a big step in their relationship, Tyra and Cash has a big misunderstanding, and Jason & Co. start making progress on Buddy's house. read more

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