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Friday Night Lights Episode: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

Season 3, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Matt's grandmother has an accident; Tyra goes to Landry for support; the team is endangered by a new development; Tim sees changes in Lyla; and J.D. and Joe continue to clash.
Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2008

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Season 3, Episode 11
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Aired: 12/17/2008
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" Season 3, Episode 11

Hoo-boy! They weren't messing around when they titled this episode, "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." Tyra has to deal with the bridal shower from hell, Matt has to make a decision about taking care of his grandma, but the hardest hit is our poor little doe-eyed QB, J.D. McCoy, who has finally pushed his old man over the edge.

Lost in the Land of Wedding Hell
I feel so sorry for Tyra sometimes with her crazy family. Her mama's always giving her insane advice about boys while her sister is sucking up all the attention by marrying that dingus Billy Riggins. This week, Tyra has to sit through helping Mindy register for sangria sets and other wedding tchotchkes. We feel your pain, Tyra. Mindy decides she wants to class it up for her shower and have a tea party. We all know those tea cups are gonna end up with some form of booze in them anyway, so why the pretense? Tyra wonders the same thing.

Luckily for Tyra, she decides not to blow her brains out while shopping for the shower because she runs into Landry at the grocery store. Of course, he offers to help her with the shower. (Insert whip snapping). Later, as the two cut cucumbers for tea sandwiches (and Landry loses thousands of man points), Tyra reveals she scored 100 points higher on her SATs, and Landry tells her how proud he is of her. Aw.

Tyra and Landry set up the frilly shower on the deck, but a nasty storm blows in, and they have to move everything inside. No good deed...

The shower goes off without a hitch, and Mindy makes a really sweet speech about looking up to her baby sister, Tyra. After the shower, to up the "aw" factor, Tyra's mom gives her an even better speech about how wonderful Tyra is... and that she's full of surprises and has no doubt that she will reach all of her dreams one day. Tears!

Papa McCoy — Unhinged
J.D. wants to have a girlfriend. Can you blame him for wanting a little action after dealing with his crazy-ass dad? He's been under his daddy's thumb for so long, I'm surprised he even knows there's an opposite sex. But when "The Minx" Madison shows up at practice for a little flirty-flirt time and the assistant coach calls Joe to tattle on him. Lame!

Papa McCoy is furious about J.D.'s distracted behavior at practice, not to mention how he snuck out of the house last week to see the little minx. Katie tries to calm him down, and it works -- temporarily. We can see, though, that Papa is a rubber band that is stretching way too thin... we sure as heck don't want to see it snap.

In the car before the game, Papa yells at J.D. to run the ball because it's pouring buckets. J.D. is texting The Minx, and Papa tells him to knock off the attitude and listen to his advice. During the game, J.D. is doing well, but clearly ignores his dad's advice and throws the ball. It's picked off at one point, and I think a vein in Papa's head is gonna burst. Coach sees his dad yelling at him from the stands and tells J.D. to have some fun out there because the game has barely even started. That's why I love Coach. After a great fumble recovery, J.D. throws a pass to Riggins for a two-point conversion and wins the game. The Panthers are going to state!

But, J.D.'s awesome victory high is short-lived when Papa's rubber band finally snaps. He screams at J.D. to get off the phone with The Minx. Later, in the Applebee's parking lot he reams the poor kid for throwing the ball, and J.D. finally stands up for himself. I wish he would have punched him, but I guess his "screw you" will have to do. Until Papa hauls off and starts wailing on his boy, slapping him over and over again until Coach and Tami stop him. What a complete a-hole.

Tami consoles Katie and tells her she shouldn't make any decisions about Joe until she's given it some time. Poor Katie looks awful, and my hat goes off to Janine Turner for bringing out the "ugly cry." Her pain is palpable. On the patio, J.D. vents to Coach, and says he never wants to see his dad again. Coach tells him he's not alone, and that it's not J.D.'s fault.

Lyla's Meltdown
Lyla's having a grand old time staying at Tim's place while she tries to recover from Buddy having lost all of her college money. We can see Tim's worried about her, but Lyla just wants to drink beer and play some video games. Yeah, I'm worried too. She stays home from school the next day to nurse a hangover.

Buddy corners Tim after practice to ask about Lyla. Buddy is desperate to get her back in his life, and says how much he misses her. Tim admits she misses him, but that she needs more time to heal.

Lyla returns to Buddy's place to grab some clothes and finds her acceptance letter to Vanderbilt. Ouch. Buddy walks in and Lyla gives him laser-beam-death-ray eyes. Seeing him reignites her rage about Buddy losing her money, and she takes off.

Later, Tim takes Lyla to the first church she ever when to with her family, and she finally breaks down. She cries to Tim that she feels like she has no family anymore, but he comforts and tells her that she does have family.

Tim forsakes the post-game parties to hang out with Lyla. He tells her that college is still an option for her, and he'd love to go with her. Tim is my next favorite hero after Coach. He's come a long way, right?

Will the Panthers be split up? Tami tells Coach that there may be a move to reshape the school district. There is a proposal to create two districts in the town: Dillon High and East Dillon High. This is not a popular idea, even though it may bring much-needed funds to the school. Coach also reminds Tami that half his team lives in the area that would become East Dillon. Oh man.

A bunch of the fathers/boosters get together and decide to create their own map of the district. This makes Coach very uneasy, so Buddy tells him if he doesn't want to know, don't ask. Oy. When Tami asks Coach about it, he plays dumb. This isn't gonna turn out well, is it?

Grandma's Accident
Shelby tries to take Matt's Grandma, Lorraine, out for some groceries, but Lorraine decides to grab her purse from the house... while the car is moving. Her injuries are minor, but the doctor insists that Matt and Shelby pay attention to her deteriorating mental state and find a facility for her to live in. Matt wigs out and basically tells the doc and Shelby to go to hell, but realizes they may be right after Lorraine has a major freak-out over her slippers.

After the game, Matt finally admits to Shelby that he can't take care of Lorraine anymore, and doesn't know what to do. But, in a huge moment, he says he doesn't want Shelby to leave, and she says she's not going anywhere.

What did y'all think about the episode? Do we all want to see Papa punished for what he did to J.D.?

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Hoo-boy! They weren't messing around when they titled this episode, "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." Tyra has to deal with the bridal shower from hell, Matt has to make a decision about taking care of his grandma, but the hardest hit is our poor little doe-eyed QB, J.D. McCoy, who has finally pushed his old man over the edge. read more

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