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Friday Night Lights Episode: "The Giving Tree"

Season 3, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Joe asks J.D. to postpone dating to concentrate on football; Buddy's financial problems affect Lyla; Eric makes a shocking discovery; and Landry tires of Tyra's selfish behavior.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2008

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Season 3, Episode 10
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Aired: 12/10/2008
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Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "The Giving Tree" Season 3, Episode 10

Coach catches Julie and Matt in an awkward situation, Landry finally lays the smackdown on Tyra, and Papa McCoy has a very bad meltdown.

We begin with Julie and Tyra talking about the SATs (oh, the pain of SATs! I will never forget it as long as I live). Julie tells Tyra she has another shot to take the test and raise her scores and that she should have Landry tutor her. Tyra mulls it over.

At a party, the boys introduce shy little J.D. to a cute little redhead named Madison. She's all up in his grill, well, not really but she definitely has her eyes set on the Q.B. She fixes him a glass of... milk... and flirts with him big time.

Buddy is out for an evening at the Landing Strip and runs into an old business partner — the guy invested Buddy's money in a strip mall deal, and it fell through. Buddy loses his sh*t on the guy and starts a fist fight, beats the crap out of him, and ends up getting arrested. Dude, Buddy is one "incident" away from having a complete nervous breakdown.

Coach visits Buddy in the slammer and asks him what the hell he was thinking? Buddy has no answers for him. Coach doesn't spring him from the joint either, which is interesting. Buddy's not talking about why he blew up, which is completely pointless and annoying.

Coach tells Tami that she needs to inform Lyla about Buddy being in the slammer and he'll pick Jules up from Matt's house. Tami tells Lyla about Buddy and tells her to pack a bag so that she can stay at their house. Meanwhile, Matt and Julie lay in his bed, post horizontal mambo, cuddling and telling each other, "I love you." And cue Coach driving up and entering the house... as we watch a shot of the exterior all we hear is Julie screaming. Ha! Of course, the awkwardness is priceless.

Buddy is arraigned for drunken disorderly conduct... he's such a mess. Back to Tyra. She shows up to Landry's band practice — and speaking of awkwardness —asks to speak to Landry while the entire band gives her the stink-eye. She asks him to tutor her and he agrees, to the chagrin of the band.

Lyla and Julie share a bathroom at the Taylor home and get ready for bed. They talk about Coach finding Jules and Matt in bed. In the next room, Coach tells Tami about the same incident. Tami's eyes bug out of her head as she says she'll speak to Julie about it later. Coach can barely look up from the ground and tells Tami, "You better know what you're going to say to her." (Gulp!)

Matt and Jules talk about the incident and all I can think of is that Matt needs to man up... and that's what Jules says! He basically — and who can blame him — never wants to look at Coach in the eye ever again. You know how Coach can burn a hole through people with his laser beam eyes? Poor Matt!

Landry and Tyra try to study, but she's burned out and Tyra's mom busts in and asks him to help her fix something. Recalling what Devon told him earlier at practice, Landry realizes that Tyra does treat him like a hooker.

Madison has some serious balls, or just a lot of confidence, because she goes over to J.D.'s house and talks her way into hanging out with J.D. in his room. His mom looks tickled, while Papa McCoy looks like he's working on bursting a forehead vein.

Buddy tries to explain himself with Lyla; He beat that guy up because the money he invested in the strip mall was Lyla's college money. The wrath Lyla is feeling is so palpable. I'm with you, sister. Let's beat him up together! She takes off in a huff.

Landry teases Matt about the bedroom incident and tells him to always lock the door and that he's a dead man walking. Ha!

Coach tells the boys that this Friday's game will be tough, but that they need to play a clean and good game — implying the referees may have the fix in for them. I hate that more than anything else in sports. Bad refs are the worst!

Well, it's finally happened. Landry nuts up and tells Tyra how selfish she is, and that she uses him and never gives anything back — just like the story The Giving Tree. Landry tells her that she is the selfish little boy, and he's the stump — he has nothing left to give her. Awwww.

Coach has breakfast with Buddy and they talk about his predicament. Buddy says that money comes and goes but kids are a one time deal — he needs to make this right between him and Lyla.

In a really sweet and poignant scene, Tami and Julie discuss the impossibly difficult subject of teen sex and birth control. Though Julie still has a big of 'tude with her mom, you can tell that she's also scared. Tami is really emotional and tells her she just wanted Julie to wait a little longer. Man, both of them play this scene so perfectly. Well done!

J.D. and his dad play ball and Papa tells J.D. to knock it off with Madison. J.D. is finally starting to realize what a selfish, arrogant, controlling and abusive douche-bag his father is. But, I'm scared for little J.D., his dad has serious rage swirling around him.

Tyra tells Jules about The Giving Tree thing that Landry said about her, and Jules agrees with Landry. Of course, Tyra is shocked that she's seen that way by her two closest friends. Finally, she has a "light bulb" moment and realizes if she wants to be friends with Landry she's gonna have to start treating him better. She goes to a club and gets Landry and his band a gig. She goes over to Landry's and shoves the flier in his face. Though her tact could be better, Landry softens and thanks Tyra for hooking him up.

Matt picks up Julie for a movie, and Tami makes him go outside to talk to Coach. Matt looks like he's about to puke as he heads outside — watching Coach scrub the hell out of the grill in a very angry fashion. Ha! So awesome. Coach tells Matt that women are to be respected... and not much else. Matt agrees as he fears for his life (ha!).

Lyla has a meltdown with Buddy after he says some unkind things — she finally yells at him about cheating on her mom and breaking up the family. Not to mention, using her money without asking. I literally want to reach into the screen and strangle Buddy like Homer Simpson does to Bart. He's such an idiot.

Riggins takes J.D. aside and tells him that he needs to start acting more like a leader and to be a man. A light comes alive in his eyes... he's not going to just be a man on the field, I think he's gonna start standing up for himself with Papa McCoy as well. I can't watch, it'll be so ugly!

At the Friday night game, J.D. and team are suckin' big time before the half. It doesn't help that Coach was right and the referees are totally fixing the game in favor of the other team. Coach goes absolutely insane over all the flags that aren't called and all the personal fouls that are overlooked. I've never seen him more crazed... is he doing this on purpose? Tami's eyeballs look like they'll pop out of her head; she's so shocked by his behavior. Finally, Coach is ejected from the game and goes across the street to a bar to listen to the rest of it. Wade, the assistant coach takes over and looks terrified. But, because Coach leaves, the Panthers get pissed and fired up. They kick ass in the rest of the game and come away winners. Of course, Wade gets the credit instead of Coach, when clearly, he knew exactly what he was doing by getting thrown out of that game.

Katie tells Papa McCoy to chill the hell out about the girl situation, but he cannot let it go, and cannot let J.D. have a life. She tells him "It's just football!" Wrong thing to say, Katie. But, as she looks out the window, she spies J.D. sneaking out of the house with Madison and gets a huge grin on her face. Papa McCoy does not smile and looks more furious than ever. Oh jeez.

Tyra and Jules head to the club to see Landry's band play. The place is packed and they sound awesome. Landry has forgiven Tyra, it seems, and the band gets a few more dates at the club.

Buddy sucks it up and drives over to Riggins house to apologize — and by apologize, I mean yelling loudly outside Riggins house for Lyla to come out — but, Lyla refuses to come out. Finally, Riggins tells him that he needs to leave and give her space. Later, Buddy calls Lyla's cell to apologize properly, and sounds pathetic, lonely and sad. It really sounds like a suicide call, but Buddy is way to narcissistic to do that.

What did you think of "The Giving Tree?" Favorite parts?

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Coach catches Julie and Matt in an awkward situation, Landry finally lays the smackdown on Tyra, and Papa McCoy has a very bad meltdown. read more

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