Season 1, Episode 4 Wake Up America (1788-1848)

First Aired: January 19, 2003

“Wake Up America” (Part 4 of 16) recalls technological progress and social reforms of the 19th century. Voices include Jennifer Aniston (Jesse Benton), Philip Bosco (Peter Cooper), Michael Caine (Edward Everett), Harry Connick Jr. (M. Jeff Thompson), Blythe Danner (Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Ralph Fiennes (DeWitt Clinton), Whoopi Goldberg (Sojourner Truth), Tom Hanks (Reporter), Anthony Hopkins (William Radcliffe), Kevin Kline (Robert Fulton), Matthew McConaughey (Charles Fenno Hoffman), Tim Robbins (Moses Brown), Kevin Spacey (Herman Melville), Stanley Tucci (Sam Slater) and Robin Williams (Josiah Quincy). Katie Couric narrates.

Guest Cast