Eddie's Journey to Stardom
Look back at the high (and low) points in Eddie's Season 11 journey.
Food Network Star Season 8
Chefs, food experts and enthusiasts compete to become a Food Network Star!
Star Salvation: Episode 6: One Last Bite
The final three rivals present the dish that they would eat as their last bite to earn a spot back in the Food Network Star competition.
Star Salvation: Ready for Anything: Episode 3
The rivals test their palates in a blind tasting, then choose three ingredients they must feature in a dish.
Star Salvation: Tacos Not Just On Tuesday: Episode 1
Find out which finalist's second chance at stardom comes to an end after Jeff Mauro and Alex Guarnaschelli's taco challenge.
Star Salvation: Culinary Curve Ball: Episode 5
The rivals are presented with bags of mystery ingredients. Using these culinary curve balls, they must prove that they can be a food authority with un (more…)
Star Salvation: Ingredient Innovation: Episode 4
The remaining rivals are challenged to reimagine California avocados by using them in all-new ways.
Star Salvation: For the Love of Food: Episode 2
The rivals create a dish of love and connect it to the moment that started their passion for cooking.
Lenny's Journey
Take a look back at Lenny McNab's journey on Food Network Star.
Lenny's Budget Chicken Feast
Lenny shows how to make a big-family chicken-and veggie feast on a budget.
Cowboy Up
Watch Star finalist Lenny McNab's series pilot, Cowboy Up.
Taste Test Gone Wrong
Watch how Lenny cooled off after sampling peppers for his hot sauce.
A Plot on Lenny's Life?
Lenny jokes that his rivals are out to get him with sabotages.
PayDay-stein: Monster Flavor
Star finalists create a buzzworthy marketing video using PayDay bars.
Star Mentors Share Insights
03:00 — Alton, Bobby and Giada share insights on how to survive Food Network Star.
Aarti's Pilot: Aarti Party
Aarti shows viewers how to inject Indian flavors into everyday dishes.
Aaron's Webisode
Aaron has 60 seconds to demonstrate how to cut a pineapple.
Onset at Big Daddy's House
Aaron gives the inside scoop on his new show, Big Daddy's House.
Aaron McCargo's Show Pilot
Aaron gives his winning performance in the show pilot, Big Daddy's Kitchen.
Exit Interview: Adam
Adam talks of the moment when he hears Aaron's name called as the winner.
Star Season 6: Aarti's Win
Season 6 ends with three finalists, three pilots and a new Star: Aarti.
Star Season 4: Aaron's Win
Aaron celebrates his winning moment and talks of this opportunity.