FlashForward on ABC

2009, TV Show

FlashForward Episode: "Countdown"

Season 1, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Mark continues interrogating Hellinger about the next blackout; Demetri chooses between helping Janis and Simon break into NLAP or turning Simon over to the FBI; Lloyd realizes what he needs to solve the equation from his flash-forward; Aaron learns why Jericho was after Tracy; a conflicted Nicole ponders what would happen if she informed Bryce of Keiko's whereabouts.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
Guest Cast Neil Jackson: Lucas Hellinger Carlease Burke: Francine Scott Allen Rinker: Cleancut Man Jake Johnson: Powell Michael Ealy: Marshall Vogel Lennon Wynn: Charlie Genevieve Cortese: Tracy Dominic Rains: Kahmir Ryan Wynott: Dylan Hira Ambrosino: Yuuka Arahida Yuko Takeuchi: Keiko
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Season 1, Episode 21
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Aired: 5/20/2010
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "Future Shock" Season 1, Episode 21

We pick up right where we left off last week.  It's April 29, 2010 at 8:42 p.m.  Mark Benford sits in jail.  There are 78 minutes left until 10:00 p.m.

Olivia and Charlie walk on the beach as fireworks go off in the distance by the Santa Monica pier. Nicole sits in her apartment and stares at Bryce's sketch of Keiko. She leaves. Keiko is in the airport with her mother, preparing to leave, even though she wants to stay. Bryce arrives at the detention facility to see Keiko and finds out she was released. He explains to the guard that he saw Keiko in his flash-forward, and begs her for information. The guard says that in her flash-forward, she had $100 in her pocket and couldn't figure out where it came from. Bryce reaches for his wallet.

In Afghanistan, Aaron cries over Tracy, and tells Khamir that they both saw her alive in their flash-forwards. Khamir checks Tracy and finds a very faint pulse. Aaron begs Tracy to stay strong and stay with him. He tells her they will wind up where they are supposed to be.

Simon, Demetri, and Janis arrive at t the National Linear Accelerator Project (N.L.A.P.) headquarters, in Palo Alto, Calif. Simon eyes a way inside. He wants to use the software Hellinger's men had him install to destroy them. Janis reminds him that the information will be used to identify the men. Simon shows Demetri a device that will get them past security by transmitting the access code to his cell phone. Demetri is sceptical, but trusts Janis' judgement about Simon. Janis starts breathing heavily. She thinks she hurt herself back at the apartment. Demetri wants her to go to the hospital, but Janis insists he go inside with Simon.

Wedick bails Mark out of jail, presenting him with his badge and gun, and hopes he won't regret it. He then realizes he already does.

At 9:02 p.m., Wedick drives Mark, and takes responsibility for allowing him to snap at Hellinger, by neglecting to check up on him. Wedick gets a call that two bombs have been found in the FBI. 

Janis drives her car up to the N.L.A.P. security checkpoint, and acts sick, so she can get close to the guard. Simon gets the access code to enter the building. Demetri looks back at Janis, realizing she really is sick before entering the building.

Olivia and Charlie sit by the pier. Charlie wonders why they are not home, and if things actually can change. Olivia says things can change, but the two are then surprised by Lloyd and his son Dylan. He says he has to be in Olivia's house so he can solve the puzzle he has been working on.  He must recreate the conditions he saw in his flash-forward, because he feels he was on the verge of solving the problem.  Olivia resists, but Lloyd is insistent of recreating his flash-forward, and reminds Olivia that she is part of the equation, as Gabriel McDow said she was.

Bryce runs into Nicole outside the detention center. He has a contact number for Keiko, for the restaurant where he saw her in his flash-forward. Nicole apologizes for keeping Bryce apart from Keiko. Bryce apologizes to Nicole, and says he loves Keiko, and everything which is happening is meant to be. He said he picked his clothes in the morning without realizing they're the same clothes he's wearing in his flash-forward.  Nicole acknowledges this, and Bryce leaves. At the airport, Keiko is reluctantly about to go through security, but her mother stops her. Her mother tells her to be careful, and then strikes a guard and makes a scene so Keiko can run off and find Bryce. 

A perimeter is set up outside the FBI as Mark tries to figure out what the bombs in the FBI were targeting. Wedick cautions Mark not to leave the car, and gives him a phone to talk to someone for company. Aaron Stark is on the other line. Aaron asks Mark what happened, and Mark tells him he started drinking. Aaron says that what happens in the world sometimes helps them forget, and that they have choices. Aaron is still by his daughter in an empty hut. It is unclear if she is alive or not. He says that they will all wind up where they are supposed to be, and wishes Mark well. 

Mark eyes Hellinger leaving the building and goes towards him. He tells Hellinger that he won't take his eyes off the prize again, and has an errand to run. Hellinger gives a nod to two bomb squad agents. They nod back, say something over their walkies, and head back into the building. 

At 9:32 p.m., Olivia brings Lloyd, Dylan, and Charlie back to her house. Olivia and Lloyd ponder what to do, before Lloyd's "epiphany." Olivia doesn't know what they're supposed to do, but Lloyd says he'll keep his shirt on. 

Simon and Demetri approach one of the main computers. Demetri gets locked out of the room.  He thinks Simon is trying to pull something, but Simon gets him into the room.  He tells Simon he does not trust him, and is only helping him because of Janis. To earn his trust, Simon gives Demetri his last piece of leverage — the Q.E.D. ring.  They get to work.

People scramble outside the FBI. Vogel leaves the parking structure. He tells Mark that they have located bombs on five floors. He says things are bigger than Hellinger, and that Hellinger is a link in the change. Mark prepares to enter the building, and tells Vogel he has to go to his house and protect Lloyd Simcoe. Vogel reminds Mark of his chance of survival, and that he saw himself telling an agent of Mark's death. Mark keeps it in mind, and enters the building.

Charlie calls Olivia and Lloyd into the room. Dylan has written Lloyd's formula on the mirror with Olivia's lipstick. Lloyd is amazed, as he always assumed he wrote the formula. Lloyd says that the equation links the Q.E.D., blueprints, and flash-forwards together. He calls it the tachyon constant, and says he has to solve it right now.

Mark walks through the parking garage as bomb squad agents follow him. They order their fellow agents to stand down, but the agents reach for machine guns and kill them all. The assassins don masks and walk past the carnage to Mark.

When Janis arrives at the hospital, she sees the doctor from her flash-forward. The doctor says she has been waiting for her, and they will take care of the baby. Agent Vreede tells Wedick that Mark is in the building.  They have 23 minutes before the building allegedly explodes and they rush to get Mark. 

Olivia is sad, and tells Lloyd that at 10 p.m., the answers will come, no matter what. She says she fought the moment they are in for so long, but it still happened. The future happened. Lloyd kisses her.

Wedick and Vreede run up the stairs, and hear automatic weapon fire. Mark stands in his office staring at the Mosaic board. He says he is exactly where he is supposed to be.

Bryce tries to get into the restaurant where he meets Keiko. He is almost not allowed in, but a waitress recognizes him as Keiko's man and lets him in. Keiko sits in a cab, as people party in the street around her. It's 9:53 p.m. She leaves the cab and heads out on foot.

A teary Nicole drives by herself. She swerves to avoid an oncoming car and crashes off a fence into a lake. Her car sinks and she struggles in the water, her flash-forward coming true. 

Five minutes left to 10:00 p.m. Revealers continue to celebrate in the streets, as they plan to catch up to their future. Demetri questions Simon about the software he installed at N.L.A.P., but Simon can't seem to find the file. He offers Demetri a beer, and reassures him that Janis will be OK. Simon remembers that he is supposed to send Lloyd a text, but does not know what he is supposed to send him. He texts Lloyd his old email signature, a formula for a quantum wave.

At 10:00 p.m., revealers begin to celebrate. Keiko runs towards the restaurant, where Bryce sits waiting. Nicole is drowning. Aaron holds Tracy's hand as she opens her eyes and smiles. Janis gets an ultrasound. Lloyd gets the text from Simon. When he sees the formula for the wave, he has his breakthrough. He kisses Olivia and says he has to make a call. Lloyd calls Mark, and tells him that the constant he was looking for, is not a constant — it's a wave. He tells Mark that plugging this information shows that the next blackout will be in April 2010, sometime in the next two days. 

Keiko arrives at the restaurant to finally meet Bryce. Nicole is pulled out of the water by a man. The doctor tells Janis that her baby is fine, but it's not a girl, it's a boy. Janis is surprised. Olivia looks down at Lloyd from above the stairs. At the FBI, Vreede chases one of the gunmen and there is a full shootout. Wedick fires at the men, but gets cornered in the bathroom. Demetri is thankful that everyone can go back to the way things used to be. Mark stares at the board, and realizes that his strings have moved. He remembers that Gabriel was at the board. He pulls out Gabriel's drawing of the board, and remembers that Gabriel told Mark to make the board look right.  He follows the drawing, and redoes the strings.  Mark has a realization when he looks at his notes — the next blackout does occur within the next two days, except it occurs within the next fourteen minutes!  He hears the sound of an elevator opening, as the masked assassins come for Mark. They point their laser sights around the room.

Demetri and Simon try to figure out the mainframe. Simon deduces that they are looking at a fake copy, designed to prevent him from getting in. He says that people expected him to be there. Simon tries to access his old archive files, and manages to tap into the system.  He loads all the data onto a thumb drive and gives it to Demetri. Outside Olivia's house, Charlie sees Vogel tell another agent that Mark Benford is dead. However, she is rushed off before Vogel finishes his sentence — Mark Benford is dead because he rushed back into the building and does not have a chance.

The masked assassins look for Mark. Mark's phone runs, and they open fire on his office, completely destroying the mosaic board.

Nicole is revived by the side of the lake. The man said he saw her go into the lake, and she was fighting him while he was trying to pull her out. He says that in her flash-forward, he saw himself saving her. He's very happy that he did not fail. Nicole is shocked that someone saw her in his flash-forward. The man introduces himself as Ed.

Simon notices the mainframe is being accessed from offsite. He realizes that he is no longer in control of the main frame. The two are shocked to see the accelerator boot up.  As the assassins enter Mark's office, he has hidden in an air vent, and ambushes the assassins. He kills one and gets his shotgun, then runs through the FBI opening fire on them. Demetri accuses Simon of starting the accelerator and orders him down at gunpoint. Simon insists he is not responsible for what is happening, or anything that has happened.  He doesn't want to let himself be turned into a monster, and that millions of people don't deserve to die. Simon tells Demetri he is trying to stop the blackout, but if Demetri wants to stop him, he'll have to shoot.

Wedick sits cornered in the bathroom as a gunman approaches. He gets the drop on him and kills him. Mark notices another bomb hidden in the air vents. He pushes the call button for an elevator. The elevator comes and the assassins open fire on it, allowing Mark to ambush and kill them both. Mark looks around the carnage in the FBI. He reaches for a phone but everything is dead.  Mark calls Wedick from a cell phone and tells him that they next blackout will be at 10:14 p.m. He tells him to warn everyone. Wedick leaves the building and starts calling government agencies. Mark sits crouched by cubicles as more assassins approach. 

All across the planet in different countries, information systems broadcast that another blackout is imminent. Mark calls Olivia to tell her the next blackout will occur in two minutes. He wants her to get Charlie somewhere safe, and says that he loves them both.  Olivia tells Mark to be safe, and he says goodbye. Demetri gets a flash on his phone that another blackout is about to occur and people are evacuating across the planet. Simon offers him the Q.E.D. to protect himself, but Demetri refuses, saying he wants to see his future this time. Simon says he has already seen his future, and it's right here. 

Mark takes out another assassin, and notices another bomb that has 40 seconds left on it.  He runs out of the building. Demetri and Simon brace themselves as the accelerator prepares to fire. Mark runs for his life, towards his office, but it's too late. 

A white flash engulfs the entire planet, and everyone blacks out. Across the planet, from Los Angeles to India, people lay unconscious. Fortunately, their brief moments of preparation have prevented carnage. Bryce and Keiko are passed out in the restaurant, still holding hands. Memories flash across the screen. 

We see a baby getting baptized, a young boy on a swing, and a Happy New Year 2015 sign. A chid opens a present, a doctor checks an x-ray, mysterious men sign a will, and bullets are loaded into a gun. 

At the hospital, doctors and staff are passed out. Janis is passed out in a wheel chair. A woman wearing a Q.E.D. comes up behind her and wheels her off.  It is revealed to be her handler Lita. Reminiscent of the pilot episode, as people lay passed out in the streets and in their cars, a kangaroo hops down the street. 

More flash-forwards: a man receives a dice keychain, a letter is opened dated March 14, 2011, a couple gets married, a blonde woman stares out a window.  All the memories flash together at once, and then focus on the blond woman staring out the window. A voice calls her Charlie, and asks her what happened.  She turns around, an adult, and exclaims "They found him."  A young Charlie Benford awakens from this flash-forward, safe in her mother's arms. Olivia, Lloyd and Dylan as passed out around her, and begin to awaken. 

The middle floors of FBI building explode. Explosions continue on more floors and the building is engulfed in a glorious, all consuming fireball.  

So what did you think of the final episode? Was this a satisfying season, and series, finale? What do you think really happened to Mark Benford in the FBI building? Share your final thoughts in the comments below.


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We pick up right where we left off last week.  It's April 29, 2010 at 8:42 p.m.  Mark Benford sits in jail.  There are 78 minutes left until 10:00 p.m.

Olivia and Charlie walk on the beach as fireworks go off in the distance by the Santa Monica pier. Nicole sits in her apartment and stares at Bryce's sketch of Keiko. She leaves. Keiko is in the airport with her mother, preparing to leave, even though she wants to stay. Bryce arrives at the detention facility to see Keiko and finds out she was released. He explains to the guard that he saw Keiko in his flash-forward, and begs her for information. The guard says that in her flash-forward, she had $100 in her pocket and couldn't figure out where it came from. Bryce reaches for his wallet.

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