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FlashForward Episode: "Course Correction"

Season 1, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Demetri and Agent Banks hunt a killer whose targets are people who seemed to have escaped their fates; Mark agrees to help Simon find his sister; the FBI discovers the identity of Suspect Zero; Nicole learns the whereabouts of Keiko, but isn't sure whether to share the information with Bryce.
Original Air Date: May 6, 2010
Guest Cast Lena Georgas: Celia Barry Shabaka Henley: Agent Vreede Kate Fuglei: Laurie Michelle Hurd: Liz Kayson Cynthia Addai-Robinson: Debbie Callum Keith Rennie: Slingerland James Callis: Gabriel McDow Alex Kingston: Fiona Banks Ryan Wynott: Dylan Nadine Ellis: Agent Tremont Hannah Marks: Anabelle Campos Glenn Herman: SWAT Officer James Frain: Gordon Myhill Malcolm Foster Smith: Maintenance Worker
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Season 1, Episode 19
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Length: 41:48
Aired: 5/6/2010
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "The Negotiation" Season 1, Episode 19

The episode opens at FBI headquarters. Wedick is giving the "the whole world blacked out" speech to a team of agents seen in the beginning of all episodes about how the whole world blacked out. He says tomorrow is April 29. D-Day: The day they catch up to the flash forwards. Wedick says they will not back down no matter what since they are the FBI and they are always open for business. He also says Demetri and Mark are coordinating S.W.A.T. and sniper teams as additional security.  

Wedick approaches Mark about Simon Campos. He wants him back immediately. Vogel brings the team to the meeting room to show them news footage of Simon as Suspect Zero. Mark notices that the video is from a different angle. It is not the video they had at the FBI. They wonder who leaked it.

At a restaurant, Simon looks over a passport with the name David Walker. It has his photo. He memorizes the name. A woman, Lita (Annabeth Gish), who approached Janis about being a double agent, approaches him saying she has an offer.

At the FBI, Demetri makes calls to get his hands on the Suspect Zero footage. He sees Zoey at the court. She wants him to take the next day off and fly to Hawaii. She says she wants the day to be about them, and it doesn't matter who Demetri is connected to. While Demetri listens to her, he takes a call from a press director regarding the footage.

Wedick tells Mark that he has Gabriel McDow in Mark's office with Olivia, and that Mark needs to get any information from Gabriel regarding the impeding attack on the FBI.

Mark meets Gabriel, who is criticizing the Mosaic board, saying it is not right. He refers to Olivia as Olivia Simcoe, and he already knows who Mark is. Gabriel refers to Mark's hand-drawn map of Mosaic to point out inaccuracies. Mark takes a look at Gabriel's drawings. Olivia tells Mark that Gabriel was given multiple flash forwards, and may have been in the FBI before. Gabriel says he has been there before, with Dr. Dyson Frost. Mark wants to formally debrief Gabriel.

Janis meets Vogel at a bar, telling him that she is done being a double agent. She does not want to kill Mark. Vogel tells her that she has to. There is no "coming in from the cold." If she doesn't kill Mark, they will find someone else to, then kill her. Janis says the FBI wants something big from her, and Vogel instructs her to give it to them.

At the FBI, Demetri comes to talk to Janis about the baby. He wants to be involved. Janis says the baby is her responsibility, and refers to the baby as a "she." She tells Demetri that he has a second chance at life, and should make the best of it with Zoey.

Mark talks to Olivia about the security detail at her house. She is still freaked out about everything that is happening. Gabriel shows Mark his drawings, and tells him to make the Mosaic board "look right."

In Afghanistan, Aaron and Khamir survey a base, where Khamir says Tracy is being held hostage by Jericho. Jericho uses the base to do things that the American government legally can't. Aaron takes photos to send back to Wedick.    

At a hotel bedroom, Simon has just slept with Lita. As she gets dressed, he sees his face on the news. She tells him that Hellinger (last seen accompanying Alda to meet Dyson Frost) is her boss, and wants to help him. Lita tells Simon that they are his only friends, and that Hellinger has been looking out for him his entire life. She says that Hellinger is anxious to speak with him. She then goes to the door and lets Hellinger in. He offers to buy Simon a drink.

At the FBI, Gabriel is shown photos of victims of Raven River. He identifies Mantra and the homeless man Frost that Mark shot. Mark concludes that Somalia was to test the global blackouts, and these victims were research and development. Vogel says that October 6 may have just been the beta test, and this is just the beginning. Everyone asks Gabriel if he knows when the next blackout will be. Gabriel tells him there was another man at the tests, a "big guy." Gabriel draws a photo of a man that appears to be Hellinger. Mark wants to know everything about him. When Gabriel sees Demetri, he freaks out, saying Demetri should be dead.

Hellinger and Demetri drink together.  He tells Simon that it's "time to come home."  Simon says he is way past angry, but Hellinger tells him he has nowhere to go and he can give it all back to him. He offers Simon a deal where he can work for them and still see his family. Simon takes it lightly, saying that he is the only one who can calibrate the accelerator, and that their threats are meaningless. 

At the FBI, Mark tells Demetri that they will run Demetri's drawing through facial recognition to find who he is. Demetri is concerned about Gabriel's conclusion about his fate. He feels that surviving his March 15 death is screwing things up. He tells Mark that after 10:00 tomorrow, they can go back to living how they were, without looking ahead.  Mark sees Lloyd has come to see Olivia.

Lloyd asks Olivia and Gabriel how the debriefing was going. Gabriel tells him that he and Simon are part of the equation.

Aaron sends Wedick photos of the interrogation compound. Aaron says he is going in to get his daughter, despite Wedick's attempt to stop him. Aaron and Khamir see Tracy being dragged off from a distance, and go to get her. Janis tells her handler Carlene that she cannot kill Mark Benford, but Carlene tells her she has no choice. She Janis tells her that Gabriel is in the FBI giving them information. Carlene wants her to deliver Gabriel, and Janis says she can tell her where Gabriel will be.

Mark tells Wedick that that Suspect Zero footage came from a messenger. Janis tells Mark that Gabriel will be in a safe house in Sylmar. Mark tells Gabriel that they are moving him. Mark asks if Olivia will be safe in the end and Gabriel says yes. 

In Afghanistan, Aaron takes out Tracy's captors with a sniper rifle. Aaron, Khamir, and Khamir's men run to Tracy, and plan to move her somewhere safe.

Wedick looks at Aaron's photos. He makes a call, asking for the President. Wedick tells him the Jericho photos have to do with him. He mentions Joshua base, and says he will turn the photos over. He tells the President to ask his Vice President what she sees tomorrow. The President says he has been expecting the call, and appreciates it.  He then hangs up on Wedick. Wedick calls the Vice President.

Mark, Agent Vreede, and a tactical team bullet proof Gabriel and prepare to move him. Janis calls her handlers and tells them when Gabriel is being moved. She holds her stomach afterwards. 

Vreede and Demetri move Gabriel in a black van. The van is cut off in traffic. Demetri and the team are suspicious, but it is nothing. Vreede stops behind a car, and the driver gets out shooting. Another car stops behind them and the drivers open fire with automatic weapons. They try to get Gabriel, but they are shot. It is then revealed that "Gabriel" is really Mark in disguise. He played them. He tells them to call their boss and say they have their man.

Back in Afghanistan, Khamir's men take a surviving soldier (soon to be revealed as Connor), while Aaron carries Tracy. He tells Khamir that they are going back to Khandahar, where Khamir will save Tracy.

At an undisclosed location, Hellinger welcomes Gabriel. Hellinger's man gives him a signal that something is wrong, and he realizes that it is not Gabriel. Mark Benford drops his cover and opens fire as Hellinger's men run. The FBI storms the building. Computer screens all over the place have Simon's face on them. Hellinger runs to the machines and programs a delete sequence before Mark grabs him. It is too late. All the information is deleted. Mark wants to find Simon. Meanwhile, Simon opens a box and examines the Q.E.D.

Mark approaches Janis and asks her who she works for. Janis says she is CIA.  Mark says that the Hellinger sting confirms it. A flashback to the briefing for the Gabriel sting shows that Janis blew Vogel's cover by giving Mark vague information. She tells Mark she did it because they wanted her to kill him. Janis tells Mark how miserable she is with how her life is, but she was doing her job. Mark says its too bad that anyone will see the deception. He tells her that if she sacrifices everything, she should be prepared to walk alone. Janis tells Mark that he is about to lose his family. Mark says he doesn't think about that. She tells Mark not to tell Demetri, because she should do it.

Janis walks with Demetri and tells him what she did. She says that the pregnancy was supposed to be her way out. Demetri tells her that her decisions have consequences, and that they are all connected. He feels something for the baby. Janis tells him that he should not be part of the mess she is in. Demetri says he already is.

At the safe house, Gabriel watches cartoons. Demetri sits next to him. He asks Gabriel if he was alive in any of the futures he saw. Demetri asks Gabriel what happens if the future he saw changes. Gabriel says it's not possible. Like Lloyd and Olivia, people find a different path, but still wind up where they are supposed to be.

In Afghanistan, Khamir leads Aaron, with Tracy in his arms, into a room full of armed men. Aaron looks at the writing on the wall and realizes that this is his flash forward. He proudly exclaims to Tracy that they made it. He says it will all be ok.

Janis goes home, exhausted. Simon comes up behind her, and points a gun at her. He tells her he needs his help. 

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The episode opens at FBI headquarters. Wedick is giving the "the whole world blacked out" speech to a team of agents seen in the beginning of all episodes about how the whole world blacked out. He says tomorrow is April 29. D-Day: The day they catch up to the flash forwards. Wedick says they will not back down no matter what since they are the FBI and they are always open for business. He also says Demetri and Mark are coordinating S.W.A.T. and sniper teams as additional security.  

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