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2009, TV Show

FlashForward Episode: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

Season 1, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: Janis manages to thwart her fellow FBI agents in her role as mole; Olivia receives disturbing news from someone who's had numerous flash-forwards; Aaron tries to blend in with the locals in Afghanistan while searching for his daughter.
Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2010
Guest Cast Dominic Rains: Kahmir Lee Garlington: Carline Pascal Petardi: Agent Danforth Crowley Lennon Wynn: Charlie Michael Massee: Dyson Frost Annabeth Gish: Lita James Callis: Gabriel McDow Barry Shabaka Henley: Agent Vreede Ravi Kapoor: Malik Catherine McGoohan: Dr. Candace Weaver Michael Ealy: Marshall Vogel Ron Orbach: Carl Corey
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Season 1, Episode 18
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Length: 07:06
Aired: 4/29/2010
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "Course Correction" Season 1, Episode 18

Two days before the global blackout, at NLAP headquarters in Palo Alto, Simon comments to Lloyd about the clothes they wore when they broke ground on the accelerator they are about to test. Though Lloyd says his choice of clothes was an accident, Simon says they are no accidents. Lloyd tells Simon what they're doing is a big deal. They've been working on tachyons for 12 years, and this is their moment. They share a drink. Lloyd then hopes the machine works. Simon says they're simulating the big bang, and wonders what could go wrong. Simon then gets a call, and is noticeably disturbed by what he hears. He asks if Annabelle is alright, and says he'll be on the first flight home. Simon tells Lloyd that his dad died.

The day of the blackout, Simon is not there, and Lloyd is running the show. Lloyd is surprised when he is introduced to a journalist, who is there to cover the firing of the accelerator. The order is given to get underway. Lloyd and his team cover their ears, and wait for the accelerator to fire. As it does, a massive energy field erupts from it and encompasses the entire planet. Millions of visions are shown to be occurring within the energy field. Everyone in the lab blacks out. Lloyd soon comes to, shocked and disoriented at what has happened and sees that the journalist has been killed in her fall.

Present day, Lloyd is on the news, and discusses how the flash-forwards were possible futures, and can still be changed. The anchor comments that since April 29 is a week away, everyone is wondering what to expect. Lloyd says that observations shape realities and seeing the future may change them. Olivia is at the hospital watching this on television, tending to Gabriel, who had developed a foot infection. Mark and Demetri watch while at the FBI. Simon watches from a car, as Lloyd says on television that the universe may self correct. The news anchor brings on a guest, Celia Quinonis, the women who was supposed to be killed in a car accident by the late Agent Gough. Celia says that she did not have a vision, and expected she would be killed. She then read she would die in a car accident on the Mosaic website. After Agent Gough sacrificed himself, her future changed. She thanks his family for his sacrifice. 

The anchor takes phone calls and the first caller asks if the blackout could have caused brain damage. Lloyd also says it is impossible. He assures the viewer that there will not be another blackout. Demetri disagrees with this, knowing that there will be, but Mark tells Demetri they have not told the world about another blackout to avoid the ensuing panic. Lloyd says that on the 29th, they will all be where they are supposed to be.

While being driven, Simon sees his sister Annabelle on the side of the road. He orders the driver to stop, and runs towards her. Sniper laser dots are all over her face. Annabelle tells Simon she is being watched by men in a van, and she will be shot if he comes closer.  She tells Simon that the people holding her got his message (killing Flasso). They are now sending one back. They want the Q.E.D. ring in twelve hours or Annabelle is dead. Simon pays attention to the van's license plate and runs back to the car, determined to save Annabelle.

The main title teaser appears to be a map.

At the FBI, Simon approaches an analyst with the plate number from the van, offering to bribe him to run the plate without checking with his boss. Nicole finds Bryce at chemotherapy and offers him a book to read. He does not want her to feel obligated to come, but she says she does not come out of obligation. Demetri is called to the scene of a crime. Agent Fiona Banks of MI6, last seen after Agent Gough's death earlier this season, is waiting for Demetri at the scene. The victim at the scene, Andy Weeks, was supposed to die March 2, and did not. He lived, and bragged to the world how he survived his death. Fiona notes that he has now been poisoned, by drinking coffee laced with Warfarin. Fiona assumes the killer was trying to get as close to the original cause of death shown in the flash-forward as possible. Fiona gives Demetri a flyer for Blue Hand, saying Weeks was a member, and she has recently investigated the deaths of four "blue handers" who lived past when they were supposed to die, only to later be murdered. This is why she's here. Demetri conjectures that someone is killing people who were supposed to have died in their flash-forwards but lived.

Lloyd walks with Olivia and is angry at himself for lying that there would not be another blackout, when there clearly would. He wishes he could crack the Q.E.D. technology to save people. Olivia reassures him he's doing all he can. They walk arm-in-arm. Simon approaches Mark at FBI, to find that the analyst told Mark about the plates. Simon tells Mark his sister ran away, and shows him the missing poster. Mark says they ran the plate and found the Van stolen two days ago. Mark pulls up traffic cameras, showing Simon with his sister. Mark accuses Simon of lying, saying his sister did not runaway, and was clearly in danger. Mark asks Simon how long he's known about this and is now concerned that Simon could have been compromised as leverage. Mark tells him he has now put the entire Mosaic investigation in jeopardy. Simon goes over the traffic camera footage of him and his sister while Lloyd ponders how the Q.E.D. works. Simon chides Lloyd for feeling guilty over all the deaths from the blackout. As Lloyd locks up the Q.E.D., Simon notes the combo. He then tells Lloyd his sister has been kidnapped. 

Mark wonders why Simon hid the fact his sister had been kidnapped and wonders if he has indeed been compromised. Stanford assures Mark that they will find Simon's sister.

Fiona and Demetri go to South Fairfax high school to find Jeff Slingerland, former Raynaud of the Blue Hand Club in Los Angeles. They tell Slingerland about the victim from Blue Hand, Andy Weeks, who is now dead. Slingerland says he doesn't do Blue Hand gatherings any more, and has not seen Weeks. Slingerland says he supposes the universe has to balance itself out. Fiona tells him to put together a list of blue handers who lived past their death dates. Slingerland is cynical about those who went on the news, announcing to the world that they had still lived.

At the hospital, Bryce goes over Gabriel's blood work with Olivia. Lloyd's son comes to Olivia, looking for Charlie. Gabriel sees Lloyd, saying he said it would happen, and tells Lloyd he is supposed to be with Olivia. Gabriel tells Olivia it is good she is together with Lloyd. Olivia tries to play it off. Agent Vreede comes with lunch for Gabriel. He says the bureau has a lot of questions for Gabriel and they want to bring him in. Olivia does not allow it, so the agent decides to question Gabriel at the hospital. He shows Gabriel the map from the teaser, says they found it in Gabriel's personal effects, and asks what it is. Gabriel says it's a book, and that everything is there. Gabriel says he saw it, and he was there, in a flash-forward. We then see that Gabriel is talking about Mark's Mosaic board. Flashes show Gabriel at the FBI, looking at the mosaic board. His rough drawings correlate to everything Mark has on the board.

Mark, Stanford, and another analyst check video footage for the van with Simon's sister.  Mark finds a lead and goes to follow up. He refuses to let Simon come with him. Mark says he does not trust Simon, and his job I to work on the Q.E.D. Simon goes back to his computer, which is locked out. He thinks of his sister, and stares Q.E.D. locked in a vault.    

Bryce meets with his doctor to discuss the chemo. The doctor tells him the chemo is working and the cancer is in remission. Bryce is shocked. The doctor tells him the future awaits.  Nicole volunteers to help give flu shots to detainees at the hospital. While looking through the files, she sees a photo of Keiko, the lady from Bryce's flash-forward.

At a coffee store, Fiona and Demetri ask an employee about their murder victim, Andy Weeks. The employee says he saw Weeks there yesterday, with a man wearing an ugly horseshoe ring.  This is the same ring Slingerland was wearing.  Back at the high school, Slingerland lectures on free will, then sees the agents coming for him. He runs off.  When Demetri enters the room looking for him, he gets a message left to a student — the universe is always pushes back.  Demetri thinks of the girl, Celia, who went on the news with Lloyd. Demetri realized Slingerland is trying to "Course Correct." 

From his car, Slingerland spies Celia walking and is about to hit her with his car, until Demetri rams it. Slingerland runs after Celia, who is ironically hit by Fiona Banks. She is still alive. Demetri goes back to Slingerland, saying he failed. Slingerland says it's not him — it's the universe, and the universe never fails. Slingerland is amused that while trying to save the doomed Celia, Demetri fulfilled two flash-forwards and killed as well.  He then dies, telling Demetri he'll see him soon. 

Lloyd heads to his car and is approached by Simon. Simon thanks Lloyd for everything he has ever done for him, then apologizes for not talking about his sister. He says Lloyd is the only real friend he has. Lloyd offers him a drink but Simon says he has to be somewhere. Bryce finds Nicole at the hospital and hugs her. He kisses her, and says the cancer is in remission. He doesn't want to waste more time, and does not care what anyone has to. Nicole was going to tell him about Keiko, but now does not.

Fiona is distraught over the events of the day. Fiona flashes back to a conversation she had with Agent Gough about the bird crashing through a different window. It's a realization, that maybe the future cannot be changed. The hospital calls and informs her Celia's chances for survival are slim. They assure her this was an accident. Fiona says that she will receive a call on the 29th, informing her Celia is dead.  She says this is not an accident. 

Mark is on patrol looking for Simon's sister. He's patrolled five blocks already. He goes to an industrial warehouse.  A repairman says a van drove through the gates, damaging the cables. Mark calls SWAT, saying he found the van. A SWAT team arrives and busts into the warehouse. The van is there. Annabelle is in the back, tied up, but alive.  Simon gets a phone call from Mark that Annabelle is ok. Simon tells Annabelle he loves her no matter what, and says goodbye, to her and to Mark. Simon is fully packed, and leaves the hotel room. Mark and Stanford run to the vault and discover that Simon has taken the Q.E.D. ring.

Olivia and Lloyd look at MRIs of Gabriel, showing he had no brain damager despite undergoing hundreds of flash-forwards. This puts Lloyd at ease. Lloyd questions why Gabriel feels he should be with Olivia. Olivia says she was happy in her flashes, and Lloyd kisses her. There is a knock on the door. Lloyd opens it to find Mark. Mark is surprised to see Olivia with Lloyd. Mark tells Lloyd Simon has disappeared. Lloyd recounts Simon looked like he was trying to say goodbye. Mark asks Lloyd about Simon the day of blackout. He recounts Simon's behavior two days before the blackout. Though his father had died, Simon refuses to have Lloyd delay the firing of the accelerator. He says it has to be October 6, 2010 at 11 a.m. Lloyd says he always wondered why Simon was fixed on the dates. Mark asks if Simon is capable of engineering a global blackout, to which Lloyd says Simon is capable of anything. 

Back at FBI, an analysis shows that Simon and Suspect Zero are a match for height, weight, and body frame. Despite having eye witness accounts of Simon at his father's funeral, Mark says he found a listing for a private jet, which could have gotten Simon from his father's funeral to the stadium and back, in short enough time that nobody would realize he was gone. Mark concludes that Simon Campos is Suspect Zero. Mark tries to get information from Annabelle about the people who took her. She says she does not know anything. Mark asks her to think hard, if she overheard anything. Annabelle thinks hard, looks Mark square in the eye, and says that the people who took her said Simon is going to cause another blackout.  

So readers, where is Simon going, and how is Mark planning to stop him? Was Dyson Frost really trying to help all along?  Has Olivia accepted that she should be with Lloyd?  What else does Gabriel know? Is this all part of destiny? And since the future appears to self-correct, what does this mean for Demetri, and his new lease on life?


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Two days before the global blackout, at NLAP headquarters in Palo Alto, Simon comments to Lloyd about the clothes they wore when they broke ground on the accelerator they are about to test. Though Lloyd says his choice of clothes was an accident, Simon says they are no accidents. Lloyd tells Simon what they're doing is a big deal. They've been working on tachyons for 12 years, and this is their moment. They share a drink. Lloyd then hopes the machine works. Simon says they're simulating the big bang, and wonders what could go wrong. Simon then gets a call, and is noticeably disturbed by what he hears. He asks if Annabelle is alright, and says he'll be on the first flight home. Simon tells Lloyd that his dad died.

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Premise: The world's population sees into the future when everyone blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds at the same time. The clairvoyant episode staggers the minds of all, as in many instances their futures are not what they expected---and some, it seems, have no future at all. While many recount their experiences on a worldwide Web site, others seek to circumvent their fates; and some, like FBI agent Mark Benford, seek to learn what caused the mass blackout.



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