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2009, TV Show

FlashForward Episode: "Queen Sacrifice"

Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Mark and Vogel put into motion a plan to ferret out the FBI mole, but the trap could alienate Mark from his co-workers. In other events, Mark moves out of the house in an effort to protect his family, and Keiko job-hunts in L.A.
Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2010
Guest Cast Michael Massee: Dyson Frost Pascal Petardi: Agent Danforth Crowley Lennon Wynn: Charlie Michael Ealy: Marshall Vogel Barry Shabaka Henley: Agent Vreede Terry Woodberry: Agent No. 1 Yuko Takeuchi: Keiko Kerri Higuchi: Hitomi
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Season 1, Episode 15
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Length: 43:30
Aired: 4/8/2010
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "Let No Man Put Asunder" Season 1, Episode 15

After Janis' big reveal at the end of last week's episode (you know, where she, like, told Simon that she is a mole), this episode of FlashForward shows her first day at the bureau two years before the blackout. Considering she's with the late Agent Gough, Marcie and the (maybe) soon-to-be-dead Demetri, this is a very unlucky graduating class, no?

Cut back to present day and the agency's interrogation of Marcie. In the tapes, they clearly mark the date as March 12, which means its only three days before Demetri's supposed death. Marcie and Janis exchange glances, but it's still hard to tell if Marcie knows about Janis' double life. As a mole, Marcie says she would package all the info the Mosaic investigation found every week and leave it at a dead drop. She says she first became a mole after being approached by a man who asked if she wanted to be apart of something big three months before the blackout.

Marcie also explains that she saw she was incarcerated in her flash-forward. Besides the ugly orange jumpsuit, Marcie tells her lawyer (who looks a little like Zoe) that until she tells the agency who recruited her, she's indispensable.

Also at the bureau, Mark and Demetri learn that Mark's gun, which disappeared a few weeks back, was used the night before.

Important note: During the show's opening credits, which reveal very subtle clues during each episode right after the FlashForward title, we see a note saying March 15, 2010: Demetri dies surrounded by photos of Demetri. Obviously, this could be mean Demetri is  going to die or just that it was well-known that he was supposed to  and will play a future role in something. But an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

Now that Mark and Demetri know the death weapon is still in play, Demetri tries to get more answers from Marcie, but all she'll say is that he's supposed to die in LA, which she heard on a phone call. "There's nothing you can do to stop it," she tells him as she's escorted away.

Elsewhere, Olivia and Lloyd run into each other at the local park, after the pressuring and precise planning of Charlie and Dylan. Charlie hurts herself and Lloyd is quick to play adopted daddy.

We also see Stanford board a government airplane, but unfortunately my hopes for a return by Peter Coyote as the President are not answered. Instead, Stanford boards the plane to discuss a military company called Jericho (the same company who kidnapped Tracy) with the vice president. The veep says she saw in her vision that she not only was promoted to commander-in-chief, but that Jericho also had threatened national security and triggered a national crisis.

She tells Stanford something is happening right now and wants this investigated further off the map, in exchange for connections once she moves to the White House.

At the office, Mark and Demetri find out a homeless man was shot with the missing gun, and they go to the shooter's current location to try to get answers. Demetri tries to prevent the shooter from further gunfire, but as Mark points out, who says Demetri doesn't get shot on the 12th and then dies on the 15th? Demetri shoots the guy, only to find out it's not the same gun after all.

The episode flashes back to two years ago, specifically to a courtroom where Zoe is cross-examining Demetri. After ripping him to shreds on the stand, she asks him to dinner. Back to present day, Demetri goes home and immediately asks Zoe to marry him tomorrow and run away with him until at least March 15, if not April 29, to which she agrees.

In another love story (or at least lust), Olivia goes to Lloyd's home to thank him for helping with Charlie earlier in the day. Before you know it, the two have moved on to hard alcohol and sob stories about their failed marriages. Lloyd tells her the fact that they were in the same room on April 29 wasn't an accident. Olivia says she's scared, and the two finally kiss.

In Stanford's search for answers regarding Jericho, he turns to Mark, who searched the company a few months back. However, Mark says he did the search for a friend and that all other info regarding Jericho was told to him in confidence. Further more, this friend is now off the map. However, Stanford soon finds Aaron in a hotel near Echo Park to get answers about Jericho. Aaron is reluctant to spill any information since he plans to leave for Afghanistan to find his daughter, but the two are able to come to an agreement: Stanford provides transportation, documents, a phone and weapons to Aaron for his trip. I think giving a man as angry and determined as Aaron a gun is not the best idea, but that's just me.

The rest of the Mosaic team goes out for drinks for Demetri's last night as a single man. Janis offers to help him get a cab and tells a very drunk Demetri that she's pregnant. This means it's safe to assume (I think) that Demetri did "help out" (aka sleep with) Janis in Somalia. So Janis is now pregnant. With Demetri's baby. And she's the mole. And he may die in the next three days. OK!

When Demetri and Zoe go to look at a church for the quickie ceremony, Dyson Frost is seen lurking in the shadows. The next day, the day of the wedding, when Demetri is heading out to the ceremony, Dyson Frost slams him down to the ground and, suffice it to say, Demetri doesn't make it to the ceremony.

Mark calls Olivia to make sure she and Charlie are okay, but it may be too late. After Dyson Frost gets out of his car, with a passed out (maybe dying/dead?) Demetri in his backseat, he heads to the same carnival Olivia and Charlie are at and sits down next to Charlie in the last moments of the episode.

So what did you think of the episode? Is Janis pregnant with Demetri's baby? Do you think Demetri will die? Maybe the clue in the credits was just to a missing person's ad? What's Jericho's connection to the bigger picture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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After Janis' big reveal at the end of last week's episode (you know, where she, like, told Simon that she is a mole), this episode of FlashForward shows her first day at the bureau two years before the blackout. Considering she's with the late Agent Gough, Marcie and the (maybe) soon-to-be-dead Demetri, this is a very unlucky graduating class, no? read more

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