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2009, TV Show

FlashForward Episode: "Revelation Zero"

Season 1, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Conclusion. In order to return to the FBI, a suspended Mark must meet with a Bureau-appointed therapist. That doesn't stop him from investigating Lloyd's abduction, of course. In other events, a reluctant Demetri teams with CIA agent Vogel; Simon attempts to hack into Lloyd's computer; Janis tries to learn some of Simon's family secrets; Nicole seeks to restore her faith and understand her flash-forward.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2010
Guest Cast Michael Ealy: Marshall Vogel
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Season 1, Episode 12
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 3/18/2010
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "Blowback" Season 1, Episode 12

At the beginning of the episode, it's 15 years earlier, and Aaron is in jail. Tracy visits him (braces and all), and he promises to do everything he can to get out on parole. Unfortunately, the minute she goes to leave, a guard begins to talk about her curves and Aaron quickly loses his cool. Cut to present day, where Tracy is the one in trouble when Aaron finds her drinking away her problems at a local dive bar. (The last time we saw them, he told her not to drink in his house.

Elsewhere, Demetri comes clean with Zoey about his and Mark's trip to Hong Kong and his discovery that Mark will supposedly be the one to shoot him. Zoey reveals her flash-forward is not of their wedding, but of his funeral. Demetri tells her he's already filed the paperwork to get rid of the gun in question, but that is hardly enough to deter Zoey, who soon storms to Mark's house to see what, if anything, she can get out of him. Mark is already having a hard time at work and a random accusation from his partner's fiancée doesn't help matters. We also get a quick glimpse of Janis looking at a calendar and taking prenatal vitamins but not much more is explained.

Another flashback, this time to two years ago, reveals the moment Aaron found out Tracy had died. Back to present day, Aaron begins revealing the information Mark was able to dig up about the Jericho unit that had been chasing Tracy after she was "killed." Tracy is overwhelmed with the information and recalls to her father how she had originally planned to bring him with her back to Afghanistan to find out the truth about Jericho. Clearly, this only pushes Aaron further.

Back at FBI offices, things are pretty tense. After finally seeing more of his flash-forward last time, Mark now knows that he and Lloyd are both in contact with the man known as D. Gibbons on April 29, but Lloyd denies knowing the man. Zoey brings Demetri lunch and also brings Stanford a little something too: a filing under the Freedom of Information Act which will allow to her review everything filed under the Mosaic investigation. Stanford is peeved and Demetri is humiliated, but you have to give Zoey props for her determination to get to the bottom of Demetri's future murder. She says she won't stop until they are on that beach together.

Aaron's co-worker Mike, a former friend of Tracy's abroad, figures out that Tracy is indeed alive. We don't see the connection just yet, but later on, two unidentified men come in the house and tranquilize Tracy and stuff her into a box. Should have kept the good news to yourself, Aaron! In his desperate attempt to stop the next blackout, Mark goes so far as to take Lloyd back to the Benford family home (the same one where Lloyd walks around shirtless the night of April 29). Lloyd remembers talking with Mark about "The Q.E.D.", something he thinks is an equation of some sorts, and getting a text message from Simon.

The series flashes back to Tracy's funeral, and then to present day when Aaron finds the stove on and his daughter nowhere to be found. He immediately goes to find Mike, and the two get in a bloody scuffle when Aaron accuses him of selling out Tracy's info to Jericho.

Mark and Demetri may be hard at work on the investigation, but Janis has some personal business to attend to. She visits a fertility clinic in order to begin the process of getting pregnant. (In order to match her flash-forward, she must get pregnant within the next week.) The clinic is very reluctant to take her on after her gunshot injuries from last year, but Janis is a very determined woman. She talks about the excitement she has about being a mom to Demetri and tells him, "We both have to fight for the futures we want."

Lloyd finally reveals D. Gibbons' real name is Dyson Frost. Lloyd saw Frost give a lecture on the wave structure of matter a few years back, based on research and other information Frost stole from Lloyd. When looking at the information even more closely, Mark realizes Frost's research is tied to Somalia, specifically a "The Mirror Test" he is known for, which tested consciousness on humans, elephants, and yes, crows. Mark and Vogel agree a trip to Somalia is necessary.

As Zoey digs through the files of the Mosaic investigation, the person that catches her eye the most is Alda. Zoey thinks Alda knows a lot that can help Demetri and offers to represent her in exchange for sharing information with her that Zoey will not share with the FBI. When Zoey asks if Alda saw herself in prison on April 29, she's met with silence.

Aaron takes matters into his own hands by turning the power off and threatening the owner of Jericho (played by James Remar!), but the man says he has no idea who Tracy is. His eyes say differently, and when Aaron listens in on his phone conversation later, the head honcho says to make sure "the package" is kept alive and that "it" has been shipped off to Kandahar. Jericho's head tells the man on the other line to order Aaron be killed.

Mark wants to go to Somalia, but Vogel insists he stay behind in L.A. for safety. Vogel says losing any other team member in the war-torn area would be a tragedy, but losing Mark from the investigation would be a catastrophe. Instead, Demetri, Janis, Vogel and, surprisingly Simon plan to head to Somalia after Simon reminds everyone the towers in Somalia were based on his designs from when he was 13.

Aaron leaves a final message for the head of Jericho, when he leaves Mike taped up and hanging in the window. As we see Mike hanging by a thread, Aaron leaves Mark a message saying he's going "off the grid" for awhile.

Demetri also fails to find closure when he goes with Zoey to watch the gun melt and the FBI desk man (what up, Timbaland!) tells him the gun has gone missing!

So what did you think of the episode? What should Aaron do next? Has he gone too far? Who took the gun and why? What do you think about Zoey getting more involved with Mosaic? Share your thoughts below! 

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At the beginning of the episode, it's 15 years earlier, and Aaron is in jail. Tracy visits him (braces and all), and he promises to do everything he can to get out on parole. Unfortunately, the minute she goes to leave, a guard begins to talk about her curves and Aaron quickly loses his cool. Cut to present day, where Tracy is the one in trouble when Aaron finds her drinking away her problems at a local dive bar... read more

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