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2009, TV Show

FlashForward Episode: "A561984"

Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Mark and Demetri travel to Hong Kong in an effort to find the woman who may know details of Demetri's fate; Lloyd attempts to come clean about his and Simon's involvement in the blackout; Zoey learns the meaning of her flash-forward.
Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2009
Guest Cast Ivar Brogger: Paul Becker Ken Rudulph: Correspondent No. 3 John O'Brien: Hawaii Priest Mel Rodriguez: Oscar Obregon Leslie Ishii: Mortuary Priest Elizabeth Sung: Saayo Noh Michael Massee: Man Phillip Palmer: Campbell Elise Robertson: Outraged Woman Ryan Wynott: Dylan Anthony Azizi: Samad Shohreh Aghdashloo: Nhadra Udaya John Prosky: Mr. Dunkirk James Frain: Gordon Myhill
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Season 1, Episode 10
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Length: 12:08:19
Aired: 12/3/2009
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FlashForward Episode Recap: "A561984" Season 1, Episode 10

In this week's episode, we first cut to — appropriately enough — an old version of A Christmas Carol at the exact point grouchy Ebenezer discovers he will be wanted by three spirits. Watching Scrooge learn of his nearing visit from a future spirit is none other than Demetri's future spirit so to say, the mystery woman who told him he would die March 15.

Meanwhile, we cut to Mark and Demetri arriving in Hong Kong after receiving strict orders from Stanford not to go. Before leaving the airport, Mark's cell phone is already ringing non-stop with calls from Stanford and an FBI agent who knows everything from their birthdays to badge numbers warns the two to get out of Hong Kong or risk losing their jobs. Mark picks up the phone in the middle of a heated discussion with FBI Agent Marshall Vogel and tells Stanford he tricked Demetri into thinking Stanford had approved the trip. Mark hangs up on Stanford and tells Demetri that this way, even if he is fired, Demetri will keep his job. Mark and Demetri still don't know the name of the mystery woman but linguists have pegged her down as a Persian educated in London so he's confident they'll be able to track her down.

As Mark and Demetri step on FBI territory and ruin Stanford's Christmas, the rest of the world is preparing for a press conference that promises to explain the origin of the blackout. This obviously dates back to two episodes prior when Lloyd beat Simon in that high stakes game of poker.

The press conference is stationed in Palo Alto at the headquarters for the National Linear Accelerator Project. Backstage, Simon urges Lloyd to stick to the talking points and not let his guilt or grief for his dead wife affect his speech. Lloyd introduces himself and Simon's work has focused on "reproduce the kind of energy levels that existed right after the Big Bang" but on a much more controllable scale. Lloyd then explains that he and Simon were conducting a related experiment on the day of the blackout that, in fact, precipitated the blackout. When pressed further, Lloyd says their experiment seems the most likely culprit in what caused the blackout. Simon quickly steals the podium and says there was no way to know the experiment would cause something like the blackout.

Demetri asks if their confession means MOSAIC is over but Mark seems far from convinced that this is as black and white of a case as it seems and says the game is not over.

Lloyd takes the podium at the press conference to apologize one more time about what happened during the blackout. He explains that his own wife died during it and assures the public there will not be another blackout because all of their experiments are being put on hold indefinitely. Moments later, a woman ends the press conference with a bang — literally — by shooting a gun at the podium. Simon berates Lloyd backstage for taking blame for the incident because in his mind, there is not enough empirical evidence definitively linking their experiment to the events of Oct. 6. Simon threatens war with Lloyd before walking away.

Directly after the press conference, Lloyd and Simon shockingly (not) fall off the FBI's radar. Stanford brainstorms with Janis ways to get closer to the two for questioning when Janis realizes where she's heard the name Simcoe before, when she overheard Olivia talking about Lloyd's son in the hospital. Stanford sends Janis to the hospital to stand patrol by the son's bedside and try to question Lloyd.

Unrelated to the press conference, Zoe makes one last-ditch attempt to persuade Demetri's parents to give their approval and say they will come to the wedding. Zoe explains that she sees the Nohs at her wedding in her flashforward and she hopes that this is supposed to be the call to change their minds.

Janis makes nice with Bryce while waiting for Lloyd at the hospital. Bryce is still on the search for his flashforward love match Keiko and tells Janis not to give up on her flashforward of having a baby. Janis only has so much time left, as she is four months along by the April 29 flashforward, which means the child would be conceived by the beginning of January. Talk about a ticking clock.

Although there's no sign of Lloyd at the hospital, Simon soon walks right into Stanford's office. He's quick to tell Stanford that his and Lloyd's work was not to blame for the blackout but does ask if he can help Stanford and the MOSAIC task force find who really is to blame. As he should be, Stanford has no interest in bringing Simon onto the investigation when he is already somehow linked to the cause of the blackout and has absolutely no FBI experience. However, Simon finds Stanford's weak spot in the issue of funding. As we saw earlier this season, the MOSAIC funding is already tight and, as Simon points out, now that two people have come forward saying they are to blame for the catastrophe, the money is soon to run dry. Stanford extends Simon an invite to come in the next morning and start helping out and Simon, for yet-to-be-revealed selfish reasons, accepts.

Lloyd soon comes looking for his son Dylan and soundly rebuffs Janis' offer for protection in return for more information about the experiment.

In Hong Kong, Demetri and Mark follow the clues from the FBI linguist, looking for Persian newsstands and restaurants. After some stealth interrogation tactics from Mark, they learn the mystery woman's name is Nhadra Udaya. They also find out what restaurants she frequents in the area in hopes of interrogating the woman face-to-face,

Back at the FBI office in Los Angeles, Simon is brought in to analyze the Somali maps Janis and other team members have been studying for months. He instantly recognizes the region as well as a specific device at the site — a specialized pulsed laser for a plasma afterburner, aka something that increases the rate of acceleration for traditional radio frequency machines. Simon insists the technology is not available yet to actually build these machines and that he came up with the idea in 1992. The only problem? The picture of the standing device was taken in Somali in 1991. Boy, does Simon look pissed.

Stanford and Janis fill Simon in on the man they also believe to be linked to the blackout — D. Gibbons. Gibbons was awake during the blackout, may have been in touch with someone who was awake during the blackout, and has been hacking into a number of high-tech facilities. Simon does not recognize the man's sketch but promises to help the team find their mystery man, if only to get at the man who beat him to the punch.

While Simon hunts for revenge, Lloyd hunts for a more protected facility for his son. However, the man in charge of transfers has no intention of helping Lloyd out after the press conference. Olivia swoops in and offers to pull some strings to have Lloyd's son transferred to a private children's hospital and assures Lloyd she's willing to help him.

Hours after Zoe's phone call to Demetri's parents, she attends the funeral for a co-worker. Unfortunately, Zoe has a rude awakening in the middle of the funeral when she realizes she's holding a white rose in her flashforward — the same white roses common in funerals. Zoe now also sees the sad looks on the guests' faces and realizes her flashforward is a funeral or memorial of some sort for Demetri.

Demetri, still trying to prevent this funeral from ever happening, finally finds Nhadra. She recognizes him immediately but warns that he and Mark coming to Hong Kong has already "set things in motion that will end very badly" for Demetri. Nhadra explains she warned Demetri about his death because his murder sets in forth a long line of events she would rather not see come true. However, she worries now if she reveals more, he will still fall victim to his dark fate.

Pressed further, Nhadra reveals Demetri's killer to be ... Mark. She not only knows Mark's gun make and model, but the serial number on the gun as well. She explains that it will be Mark and Mark's gun that will shot Demetri three times at close range on purpose. When Mark asks the obvious question of why he would kill Demetri, Nhadra only says that "a reason will present itself" in the coming months. Because he's not in enough trouble with Stanford and the bureau, Mark flips out (literally) in the restaurant, flipping a table over Nhadra's many bodyguards and kidnapping her. He eventually gives up the ghost and lets Nhadra free. However, when Agent Vogel personally escorts the two to the airport, Vogel reveals himself to be CIA rather than FBI and Stanford calls to personally fire Mark after seeing the security tape from the meeting with Nhadra. Stanford congratulates Mark on changing the future right before Mark is ordered to hand over his gun and his badge to Demetri.

Demetri's flashforward — or lack thereof — may become less true with this move but Olivia's flashforward with Lloyd inches closer to reality. After successfully getting Lloyd's son transferred to a safer hospital, Olivia and Lloyd share a moment when she reveals she was supposed to go to Harvard the same year Lloyd went and was actually supposed to live next door to him. Lloyd tells her his future wife moved in to that building and that's how they first met. Lloyd also explains that, according to a "many worlds" theories, there are alternative futures moving forward for everyone for every different decision people make. This means, that in an alternate universe, they did meet at Harvard.

In Hong Kong, we see Nhadra in her office with none other than the elusive D. Gibbons. She tells him she can't protect him and he offers to find someone who can.

After figuring out that her flashforward was Demetri's memorial rather than her and Demetri's wedding, Zoe confronts Demetri's mom in person. She tells Zoe that she knows from the flashforward that Zoe loves Demetri very much and that they would now be proud to have her as a daughter-in-law. The only issue is that that is not what the future holds. Zoe is much more confident, telling Demetri's mom that they can change the future.

In the Hong Kong airport, we cut back to A Christmas Carol. Except at this part in the movie, Scrooge has seen the past, present and future and needs to know that he can change what he's seen of the future. Why else, he says, would the ghosts of shown him these visions if he cannot have a chance to change them and make better of himself. Mark turns to Demetri and promises to help him.

At the hospital, Nicole stops by to give Bryce a good luck present, specifically a good luck in love present. After Nicole's visit, Bryce is also visited by Janis in search of help in her new found determination to get pregnant. The exchange between the two, although slightly awkward, is also slightly hilarious as Janis explains her need for sperm since she is, as she calls it, "super gay."

Outside the hospital, Olivia sees off Lloyd and Dylan before they transfer to the new hospital but just as Olivia and Lloyd share a tight hug — the ambulance workers reveal themselves to be anything but. They shoot a hospital security guard and then point the gun at Olivia but Lloyd shields her and offers to go with them. The ambulance soon drives off with Lloyd under hostage and Dylan in Olivia's arms.

Unfortunately, after this fantastic episode, there will be no new episodes of FlashForward until March 2010. To either keep fans hooked or possibly just drive this fan out of her mind with anticipation, the end preview is a stunning and extremely juicy look at what's to come when the show returns. Here's just a couple things seen in the preview:

- Simon narrates the preview. "When it comes to destiny," he says, "nothing is set in stone." Simon also states that everyone's lives are about to change "in ways we've never imagined."

- Janis is seen holding a pregnancy test with a shocked look on her face

- "Someone will die," Simon says as we see Zoe telling Demetri her flashforward was of his funeral. "Or receive a second chance."

- "True love could be found." Cut to Bryce and Nicole in full make-out mode (steamy!)

- "Or perhaps vows will be broken." We see Olivia and Mark making out in their bedroom and then it changes to Olivia and Lloyd making out (even more steamy!)

- The mysterious man we last saw buying the suitcase of rings is injects Mark with some kind of substance and says, "Let the wild rumpus begin."

- "All of us will face the most shocking possibility of all," Simon warns before we see the actor Gil Bellows (or the Ally McBeal actor's exact twin) with a bad receding hairline telling Nicole: "It's not fate vs. free will. It's fate and free will."

- Mark tells Demetri he should have killed him

- Olivia says there's nothing she won't do to save her marriage

- Zoe yelling at Demetri about some deep, dark secret of his

- And finally, Mark talking into a phone saying, "There's going to be another blackout."

O. M. G. I cried! I screamed! I got goosebumps! ... And a hand cramp from rewinding and pausing the episode on my DVR so much. What did you guys think of the episode? And how about the many tidbits revealed in the preview for next year?! Sound off below or forever hold your peace ... well until March, anyways, and that is a very long ways away.

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In this week's episode, we first cut to — appropriately enough — an old version of A Christmas Carol at the exact point grouchy Ebenezer discovers he will be wanted by three spirits. Watching Scrooge learn of his nearing visit from a future spirit is none other than Demetri's future spirit so to say, the mystery woman who told him he would die March 15.
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