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Fist of the North Star

Animé tales of a warrior who fights for the oppressed in a nuclear-devastated world. Based on a Japanese comic-book series.

Rating: TV-MA

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Shachi's Battle for Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule With Laughter Season 6, Episode 24 Jan 7, 1988 Free

Hyoh regains his memories upon hearing of Hyoh's reconciliation with Kenshiro.

The Final Episode: Farewell, Kenshiro! Farewell, the Divine Fist of the North Star!! Season 6, Episode 23 Oct 4, 1984 $1.99

After saving Lin and Hyoh, the North Star Army rushes towards the place where the ferocious battle between Kenshiro and Kaioh is unfolding. Kaioh has cast off his armor and fights desperately using his evil fighting spiritual energy, while Kenshiro shows that he has the advantage by far. But Kaioh, who can't even hurt him with his evil fighting spiritual energy now, borrows his mother's strength for one final blow! Kaioh gets sent flying into the sky by a geyser erupting from beneath the grave, and when he swoops down upon Kenshiro, Kenshiro's fist slams into him! Can the history of fate that has laste since the era of the main family of the North Star be put to rest, at long last!?

Prologue to the Final Episode! A Third Man Appears to Determine Lin's Fate!! Season 6, Episode 22 Oct 4, 1984 $1.99

Kaioh's fist no longer has any effect on Kenshiro. In contrast to the North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist, whose style has already been perfected and has no further progress, the Divine Fist of the North Star is a style which continues to constantly evolve on the battlefield. Thus, by using the hidden technique Kenshiro acquired, the art to deflect the North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist, it is rendered completely ineffective. Seeing his chances of winning slipping away, Kaioh casts off the armor he wears to contain his evil fighting spiritual energy, and goes all-out in a last ditch battle! Meanwhile, Black Yaksha meets his end protecting Lin, and Hyoh is in dire peril once more! But then, some unexpected backup arrives...!!