Fish Hooks Episodes

2010, TV Show

Fish Hooks Season 1 episodes

Fish Talent Show Season 1, Episode 43

A school talent show is held. read more

Halloween Haul Season 1, Episode 42

The gang trick-or-treat on Halloween in the pet store to keep Jocktopus from stealing their candy. read more

Employee Discount Season 1, Episode 41

Milo takes care of a dress for Bea while her tank is cleaned, but things don't go quite as planned. read more

Fish School Musical, Part II Season 1, Episode 40

Conclusion. Bea prepares to perform in the school's play, but Jocktopus threatens to ruin everything. read more

Fish School Musical, Part I Season 1, Episode 39

Part 1 of 2. Bea prepares to perform in the school's play, but Jocktopus threatens to ruin everything. read more

Oscar Makes an Impression Season 1, Episode 38

Oscar is mistaken for the queen of Fish England. read more

Good Times at PuPu Goodtimes Season 1, Episode 37

Bea, Milo and Oscar go on a field trip to an amusement park. read more

Run, Oscar, Run Season 1, Episode 36

Oscar is honored with an award for perfect attendance at school. read more

We've Got Fish Spirit, Part II Season 1, Episode 35

Conclusion. Oscar reluctantly joins the school's cheer squad to add an extracurricular activity to his transcript so he will have a better chance of getting into college. read more

We've Got Fish Spirit, Part I Season 1, Episode 34

Part 1 of 2. Oscar reluctantly joins the school's cheer squad to add an extracurricular activity to his transcript so he will have a better chance of getting into college. read more

Diary of a Lost Fish Season 1, Episode 33

Bea's diary is stolen by a bully, who claims he is going to read it to the whole school. read more

Good Morning, Freshwater Season 1, Episode 32

Bea and Oscar transform the school's morning announcements into a lively news show, complete with a band and entertaining segments. read more

Mascotastrophe Season 1, Episode 31

Milo and Oscar become the school's mascot, but students from a rival school kidnap Oscar. read more

Milo's Big Idea Season 1, Episode 30

Milo invents a fridge hat, but another student steals his idea and sells more hats than Milo. read more

Riding in Cars With Fish Season 1, Episode 29

Oscar takes his driving test and gets lost along the way. read more

Pamela Hamster Returns Season 1, Episode 28

Milo pretends to be a hamster when pretty Pamela Hamster visits. read more

Parasite Fright Season 1, Episode 27

After watching a scary movie, Milo becomes convinced that everyone at school is infected with fish-brain parasites. read more

Legend of the Earth Troll Season 1, Episode 26

Oscar disguises himself as a "magical dude" named Earth Troll (voice of Ozzy Osbourne) to persuade Milo to recycle. read more

Peopleing Season 1, Episode 25

Milo escapes from the tank to fish for pet-store customers. read more

Two Clams in Love Season 1, Episode 24

Clamantha develops a crush on Oscar, but he doesn't like the attention. read more

Flying Fish Season 1, Episode 23

Milo dreams of flying across the pet store and captures a bird to fly on. read more

Fish Floaters Season 1, Episode 22

A disagreement erupts between the guys and girls at school over the theme for the homecoming float. read more

Dollars and Fish Season 1, Episode 21

Milo borrows money to attend a concert but soon learns he must repay the loan before the night is over at a hefty interest rate. read more

The Dark Side of the Fish Season 1, Episode 20

Oscar becomes a Goth fish after a poetry reading in class goes awry. read more

Big Fish Season 1, Episode 19

Milo joins an exercise class and soon realizes he is the weakest fish, so he gets Jumbo Shrimp to help him get in shape. read more

Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story Season 1, Episode 18

Bea tries to figure out why a fellow student doesn't like her. read more

Dropsy! Season 1, Episode 17

Milo fakes being sick in order to get special treatment but then learns he is being sent away so he doesn't infect anyone else. read more

Milo Gets a Ninja Season 1, Episode 16

Milo befriends a ninja to learn fighting skills, but he soon turns into a bully. read more

Hooray for Hamsterwood Season 1, Episode 15

Bea appears on a Hamster TV show on a trip to star-studded Hamsterwood with Milo and Oscar. read more

The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish Season 1, Episode 14

Oscar wakes up in a fantasy medieval world where he battles a dragon. read more

Dances With Wolf Fish Season 1, Episode 13

Milo and Oscar search for new roommates after they fight over Milo's messy habits. read more

Baldwin the Super Fish Season 1, Episode 12

Milo and Oscar believe one of their teachers is actually a superhero so they set out to prove it. Meanwhile, Bea tries to find a great scoop for a journalism assignment. read more

Funny Fish Season 1, Episode 11

Oscar tries to develop a better sense of humor by laughing at everything, but this tactic gets him into trouble. read more

Fail Fish Season 1, Episode 10

Bea and Oscar help Milo study for a final exam so he won't be held back a grade. read more

Queen Bea Season 1, Episode 9

Bea fears she won't be crowned homecoming queen because her parents are chaperones at the dance, so she creates a fake dance for her mom and dad to chaperone instead. read more

Doggonit Season 1, Episode 8

Milo gets a dog as a pet, but it goes missing under Oscar's watch. read more

Bea Becomes an Adult Fish Season 1, Episode 7

Bea gets a job to feel like an adult, but she soon misses her friends. read more

Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus Season 1, Episode 6

Bea and Milo attempt to befriend a bully before they become his next victims. read more

Underwater Boy Season 1, Episode 5

Milo becomes a water boy for the school's football team. read more

Doris Flores Gorgeous Season 1, Episode 4

Oscar pretends to have a girlfriend. read more

Fish Out of Water Season 1, Episode 3

Milo ventures outside the fish tank wearing a special land suit, but he soon gets into trouble when a cat in the pet store chases him. read more

Fish Sleepover Party Season 1, Episode 2

Bea hosts a girls-only party, but Milo and Oscar sneak in dressed as girls. read more

Bea Stays in the Picture Season 1, Episode 1

A preview of the animated series about three teen fish in high school begins with the trio seeking to retrieve an embarrassing photo before it's published in the yearbook. read more

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Premiered: September 03, 2010, on Disney Channel
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Premise: The adventures of three teen fish living in a giant fish tank in a pet store.


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