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Latest Episode: Father Knows Best: A Medal For Margaret

Apr 23, 1958 Season 4 Episode 28 watch on (Paid)

Margaret has no trophies in the family display case, so she tries to win a fly-fishing award.

Grandpa Retires

May 29, 1957 Season 3 Episode 36

Margarets father decides to retire because of health problems. However, when Margaret and Jim figure out what is the real source of his sickness, her father will have to decide if he really wants to stop working.
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Margaret Disowns Her Family

May 22, 1957 Season 3 Episode 35

Margaret helps out a young pregnant woman.
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The Art of Romance

May 15, 1957 Season 3 Episode 34

Bud asks Jim how to get Judys attention while Judy asks Margaret how to get Buds attention.
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Class Prophecy

May 01, 1957 Season 3 Episode 33

Jim and Margaret find out that an unsuccessful classmate, who they thought would become a doctor, is actually a bad salesman now and unhappy with his job.
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Father Knows Best: Season Three: Bud, The Philanthropist

Apr 24, 1957 Season 3 Episode 31

Bud decides to donate to the church, but gets angry when Kippy makes it appear that he gave money instead of Bud.
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The Spelling Bee

Apr 17, 1957 Season 3 Episode 30

Kathy is nervous about the school spelling bee, so Betty give her a penny and convinces her that it has special powers.
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Betty, the Track Star

Apr 03, 1957 Season 3 Episode 29

Betty finishes first in a track race in addition to becoming the flower queen.
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Bud, the Hero

Mar 27, 1957 Season 3 Episode 28

Bud becomes a town hero after preventing a bank robbery.
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Trip to Hillsborough

Feb 20, 1957 Season 3 Episode 24

Margaret and Jim let Bud go to Hillsborough to do research so long as Kippy is with him. Unfortunately, at the last minute, Kippy does not go. Buds parents find out and worry about Bud.
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Father Knows Best: Season Three: Betty And The Jet Pilot

Feb 13, 1957 Season 3 Episode 23

Betty is saddened when her new boyfriend, who is a jet pilot, is transferred to Alaska.
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Brief Holiday

Jan 16, 1957 Season 3 Episode 19

Bored with being a housewife, Margaret goes shopping and has a portrait made of herself. Jim understands that Margaret it is not just boredom that motivates her to take this break.
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Swiss Family Anderson

Jan 09, 1957 Season 3 Episode 18

Margaret, Jim, and the rest of the family are shipwrecked on an island.
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Margaret Hires a Gardener

Jan 02, 1957 Season 3 Episode 17

Margaret hires a Spanish gardener. When the work is done, Jim goes to pay him, but the gardener has increased his price.
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The Angel's Sweater

Dec 19, 1956 Season 3 Episode 15

Everyone is worrying that the visiting Aunt Neva will ruin Christmas.
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Father Knows Best: Season Three: Betty Goes Steady

Dec 05, 1956 Season 3 Episode 13

Betty tries to get in with the upper class kids at school while along the way losing sight of what really matters in life.
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Spaghetti for Margaret

Oct 17, 1956 Season 3 Episode 6

Jim finds himself in a sticky situation after having loaned money to an old high school teacher who dreams of becoming an acclaimed author.
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The Homing Pigeon

Oct 10, 1956 Season 3 Episode 5

Buds homing pigeon and Betty scare the family by not returning home immediately.
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