Fate/Stay Night

  • 2006
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Young Shirou must confront his own destiny as a Master, and his important place in a world he only a short time ago knew nothing about.

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The Mage-Slayer Season 2, Episode 8 Nov 20, 2011 Subscription

Battle rages throughout Einzbern Castle: Kayneth's magical mercury sphere versus Kiritsugu's formidable gun arsenal Saber and Lancer join forces against Caster in the forest and Irisviel detects a new enemy as she and Maiya make their escape.

Dark Forest Season 2, Episode 7 Nov 13, 2011 Subscription

The rules of the game have changed and the Masters have a chance to earn an extra command spell. All they have to do is find Castor and kill him.