Cult favorite about an astronaut stranded light years from Earth in an alien war zone and his adventures with a group of extraterrestrial fugitives on the lam from an evil collective. A handsome production design, complex characters and imaginative plot twists characterized this gem throughout its run, which ended with a jaw-dropping finale that brought the tortured romance of Crichton and crewmate Aeryn to a (seemingly) shattering end.

Former Cast

Guest Stars

Kent McCord
Crichton's Father, Jack Crichton, Maj. Jack Crichton
6 Episodes (1999-2003)
Linda Cropper
Xhalax, Xhalax Sun
3 Episodes (2001-2001)
Thomas Holesgrove
Alcar, Moordil, Vek
3 Episodes (2001-2001)
Bruce Spence
Dr. Tumii
1 Episode (2002)
Darlene Vogel
1 Episode (1999)
Jamie Croft
Younger Crichton
1 Episode (2003)
Aaron Cash
Pa'u Bitaal
1 Episode (1999)
Alan Cinis
Officer Tarn
1 Episode (2001)
Dan Spielman
Sub-Officer Dacon
1 Episode (2001)
Lucy Bell
Nurse Kelsa
1 Episode (2001)
Noel Hodda
Charrid Leader 2
1 Episode (2001)
Terry Serio
Colonel Lennok
1 Episode (2001)
Anna Lise Phillips
Young Nilaam
1 Episode (2000)