Season 3, Episode 3 Self-Inflicted Wounds: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

First Aired: March 30, 2001

Part 1 of two. Crichton's efforts to speed Zhaan to a recovery planet are thwarted when an alien research vessel inadvertently fuses with Moya inside a wormhole, forcing the two crews into an uneasy alliance made all the more tenuous by the collision's life-threatening damages to Moya. Jool: Tammy MacIntosh. Neeyala: Victoria Longley. Kreetago: Nicholas Hope. Cresto: Dwayne Fernandez. Shreena: Kerith Atkinson. Lastren: Brian Carbee. Stark: Paul Goddard. Zhaan: Virginia Hey. Crichton: Ben Browder. D'Argo: Anthony Simcoe.

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