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I Know What You Did
01:49 — Claire knows what Ben did to Adam.
Bridey Finds Ben's Mother
01:15 — Bridey discovers a missing piece of the puzzle to guarantee her success.
Willa Comes Out to Danny
02:04 — Danny tells Willa that she can do better than Bridey.
The Truth Comes Out
01:16 — Ben makes a shocking confession.
Hank Solves Nina's Case
01:36 — Hank makes a big move to insure himself a new life.
01:59 — Claire tells Nina to drop her delusional theories.
Hank's Huge Discovery
01:33 — Hank realizes that Doug kidnapped Ben.
Nina Questions Ben
02:00 — Can Ben answer all of the questions Nina has for Adam?
Watch Your Son
01:29 — Hank tells Claire to be a better mother.
Ben Escapes
01:44 — Ben runs the first chance that he gets.
About Your Brother
01:04 — Willa gets news about her brother Adam.
Claire's Shocking Revelation
02:59 — Claire realizes that the boy is not Adam.
Paternity Test
01:58 — Bridey shows Willa the paternity test that proves that John is not Adam's real father. Willa is furious and admits that her mother had an affair long (more…)
Sneak Peek: the Trap
01:18 — Will Adam's kidnapper fall into Nina's trap?
Adam's Postcard
01:18 — The pock-marked man sends a post card to Adam.
Did John Attack Hank?
01:09 — Hank steps over the line and pays the consequences.
Adam Is Alive
01:57 — Ten years after his disappearance, Adam Warren suddenly reappears.