A popular version of the hit film musical about New York's High School of the Performing Arts ran for two seasons on NBC before flying high in first-run syndication for four more years.


Guest Stars

Kate, Kate Riley
Mrs. Schwartz
Danny's Mother, Gina, Mrs. Amatullo
Mrs. Chapman, Nicole's Mother
Joe, Joe Douglas
Mrs. Persky, Peggy Persky
Leroy's Niece
Alisha, New Student
Chapman, Nicole's Father
Patrick, Patrick Beckett
Shakespearean actor
Frances Bay
Grandma George
John Carradine
Danny Amatullo
Mrs. Amatullo
Mr. Amatullo
Coach Jordan
Exalted Muskrat
Miss Maguire
Brian McKay
Christopher's Cousin
Dr. Lindstrom
Mr. Amatullo
Audrey Fleming
Michael Green
Teacher's ex-wife


Writer (3 Credits)
Producer (3 Credits)
Executive Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (3 Credits)
Composer (2 Credits)