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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Season 2 episodes

Stonehenge Secrets; Iceland Worm Monster Season 2, Episode 24

Josh Gates joins the team in Iceland to examine footage of what may be an aquatic creature. Also: Pro wrestler Kofi Kingston helps with a Stonehenge investigation in the Season 2 finale. read more

Surveillance Specter; Morgue Mystery Season 2, Episode 23

Probes in England and Kentucky unfold. read more

Into the Vortex; Tavern Shapeshifter Season 2, Episode 22

The Oregon Vortex is probed. Also: An English pub is visited after a security camera captures the image of what may be a ghost. read more

Graveyard Lightning; Truck Stop Terror Season 2, Episode 21

Evidence of purported paranormal activity documented at a Mississippi graveyard and an abandoned Missouri truck stop is scrutinized. read more

Florida Woodland UFO; Black Forest Entity Season 2, Episode 20

A purported UFO sighting in Florida is investigated. Also: Evidence of a haunting in Colorado is scrutinized. read more

Glowing Gargoyle; Phantom Feline Season 2, Episode 19

Josh Gates helps the team examine evidence of a gargoyle sighting in the U.K. Also: Claims concerning a spectral cat are investigated in Kentucky. read more

Reptile Rampage; Gasoline Ghoul Season 2, Episode 18

Evidence to support sightings of a reptilian creature in South Carolina is sought. Also: Footage of alleged paranormal activity captured at a gas station in Ohio is scrutinized. read more

Battleship UFO Season 2, Episode 17

Evidence of a ghost lurking on the USS North Carolina is examined. Also: A purported UFO sighting in Michigan is investigated. read more

Pride House Specter; Bluegrass Bigfoot Season 2, Episode 16

Photographic evidence of paranormal activity at the Pride House in Jefferson, Texas, is scrutinized. Also: Tests are conducted in Kentucky concerning the state's purported Bigfoot sightings. read more

Vanishing Victim; Sky Serpent Season 2, Episode 15

The team visits England to examine footage of an alleged alien abduction and a flaming, serpentine object in the sky. read more

Bay Area Hysteria; Jersey Shore Haunting Season 2, Episode 14

A mystery over California's Bodega Bay is probed. Also: a purported ghost encounter captured on a thermal camera at New Jersey's Paramount Theatre is scrutinized. read more

The Grim Sleeper; The Real Mr. Freeze Season 2, Episode 13

Footage of an allegedly levitating Atlanta woman is scrutinized. Also: A bath of ice becomes a test of endurance for a purported "Ice Man" from Los Angeles. read more

Bar Fright/Mexico City Cave Witch Season 2, Episode 12

Purported poltergeist activity in a Texas bar is probed; footage of a flying witch is scrutinized in Mexico. read more

Old West Haunting/Freeway Flyer Season 2, Episode 11

Footage from the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Ariz., is scrutinized; a UFO sighting over a Los Angeles freeway is probed. read more

Asylum Apparition/Mystery Over Mexico Season 2, Episode 10

Visiting Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville to investigate a video of a purported ghost sighting; UFO sightings over Mexico are probed. read more

Sinister Spirals/Flying Saucers Season 2, Episode 9

A flying saucer case from Santa Ana, Cal., is investigated; claims attributed to "flying rods" in Joplin, Mo., are probed. read more

Cajun Apparition/Area 51 Season 2, Episode 8

The allegedly haunted Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is visited; UFO footage linked to Area 51 is scrutinized. read more

UFO Crash Landing; Graveyard Ghost Season 2, Episode 7

A purported UFO crash is investigated in New Mexico; a graveyard ghost sighting in Nevada is probed. read more

Whaley Ghost House/Muck Monster Season 2, Episode 6

Photos of ghostly images taken at San Diego's Whaley House are scrutinized; a family's footage of a creature said to inhabit Florida's Loxahatchee River is examined. read more

Dashcam Chupacabra/Nightly News Alien Season 2, Episode 5

Footage of a chupacabra recorded by a Texas sheriff and DNA samples of a creature obtained by a local rancher are scrutinized; a newsreel of an alien walking behind a reporter in Argentina is examined. read more

Playground Poltergeist; Alien Intruder Season 2, Episode 4

A purportedly haunted swing set is investigated in Argentina; a Florida family claim to have met with aliens over the span of a decade. read more

Raining UFOs/Ectoplasmic Pic Season 2, Episode 3

Examining UFO footage taken by a police helicopter's night-vision camera; photographic evidence of ectoplasm taken by a surgeon in the 1920s is scrutinized. read more

Thermal Theater Ghost/Fire in the Sky Season 2, Episode 2

The team probes sightings of strange lights in the sky that were seen within days of each other over New York and Texas; footage of a ghost in the balcony of a Florida theater begets an investigation. read more

The Real Battle of LA/Queen Mary Menace Season 2, Episode 1

Allegations of a mysterious military battle over Los Angeles that was reported to have happened shortly after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor are investigated, and a purportedly haunted cruise ship is visited in the Season 2 premiere. read more

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Premiered: July 15, 2010
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Premise: A former FBI agent leads a paranormal investigative team to debunk or authenticate Web videos and photos.


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