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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Season 2 episodes

Piestewa Family Season 2, Episode 31

Part 1 of two. Former POW Jessica Lynch and the team work their magic for the parents and orphaned kids of PFC Lori Piestewa, the first American woman killed in the Iraq War. Lynch nominated the family for the good deed, which also includes a memorial for Native American veterans. Ty Pennington leads the project. read more

Piestewa Family Season 2, Episode 32

Conclusion. The parents of a fallen Iraqi war soldier tour their newly expanded house, which was renovated by Ty's team and their daughter's compatriot, former POW Jessica Lynch. read more

Vitale Family Season 2, Episode 29

In the first of a two-part project, Ty and the team give it their all to expand the tiny Long Island home of a widowed cop with three sons under the age of five. Also lending a hand are more than 300 local volunteers and the “singing policeman,” Daniel Rodriguez. read more

Vitale Family Season 2, Episode 30

Conclusion. A widowed cop and his three boys tour their newly expanded Long Island home after Ty reveals the work done by more than 300 volunteers from the neighborhood. read more

Johnson Family Season 2, Episode 28

A Kansas City firefighter and single father gets an expanded abode to make room for his three sons and two foster children. Ty Pennington leads the project with Paul DiMeo and Tracy Hutson. read more

Dolan Family Season 2, Episode 27

Conclusion. A man blinded in a Florida shootout gets a new safety-oriented home. Ty Pennington hosts. read more

Dolan Family Season 2, Episode 26

A Florida man who was blinded in an electronics-store shootout gets a navigation-friendly house courtesy of Ty and the team. The job required the work of more than 1000 volunteers and left the locale complete with rounded counter edges and other safety-oriented design changes. read more

Harvey Family Season 2, Episode 25

The team lends a hand to an epileptic man who has been unable to fix up his family's termite-ridden home in a former Army barracks. read more

Leslie Family Season 2, Episode 24

The crew heads to Louisiana to renovate a 130-year-old former plantation cottage owned by a widow and her three boys. Ty Pennington leads the project, but gets a little help from pro-BMX rider Mat Hoffman. read more

Leomiti-Higgins Family Season 2, Episode 23

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits for the big reveal after the team redoes the tiny home of a California family who took in their former neighbors' five orphaned children. While the whole lot of them headed off on a cruise, Ty's crew doubled the original house's size in a week. read more

Okvath Family and University Medical Center Season 2, Episode 22

Conclusion. The family of an 8-year-old cancer patient sees what the crew has done to the hospital that treats their daughter before finding out that it wasn't the only location getting a touch-up. Ty Pennington leads the project. read more

Okvath Family and University Medical Center Season 2, Episode 21

Part 1 of two. A letter from an 8-year-old cancer patient sends Ty and the crew off to spruce up the University Medical Center in Tucson. Helping out on the project are 50 Disney animators, who turn the facility into a cartoon-infused environment while the “Extreme” team goes undercover to do a number on the little girl's family home. read more

Harris Sextuplets Season 2, Episode 20

An Alabama family of nine---including toddler sextuplets---gets some needed assistance after their house was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004. “Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson lends a hand, as do a bunch of Muppets, including Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie and Animal. read more

Harper Family Season 2, Episode 19

Even a perforated appendix can't stop Ty from helping out with a remodel for an Atlanta couple whose home had been flooded by a backed-up septic tank. Jeff Foxworthy also lends a hand. read more

Family Reunion Season 2, Episode 18

Ty and company catch up with several families featured on the series and discuss the effects of their weekly Samaritan acts. Included: why one widower's good deed landed him a hottie from the design team, and how a past recipient won a new life by losing weight. Constance Ramos, Paul DiMeo and Preston Sharp also appear. read more

Correa/Medeiros Families Season 2, Episode 17

Conclusion. Work on a duplex being built for a pair of homeless families is completed. So cue the tears! read more

Correa/Medeiros Families Season 2, Episode 16

In the first half of a two-parter, the design team heads to Colorado to build a duplex for a pair of homeless families who will share the residence until they can get back on their feet. Ty Pennington leads the charge, along with Constance Ramos and Paul DiMeo. read more

Sears Family Season 2, Episode 15

A look at how a home was built in Martinez, Calif., to enable 17-year-old Jhyrve Sears to return following extensive treatment for Krabbe Disease, an enzyme-deficiency syndrome, after it was learned that the family home was mold-infested and doctors insisted that the teen could not remain living there. read more

Anderson Family Season 2, Episode 14

Conclusion. The clock runs out before Ty and the team can finish repairs on the home of a paralyzed high-school basketball star and his family, who return to find things worse than when they left. read more

Anderson Family Season 2, Episode 13

In the first half of a two-parter, the team begins to fear that they may not be able to finish work on the home of a paralyzed high-school basketball star within their seven-day window. Which means more sparks than usual are about to fly between Ty and the rest of his repair crew. read more

Dore Family Season 2, Episode 12

A widowed mom and her three daughters, who had been living in a shed following a devastating house fire, get a brand-spanking-new place thanks to Ty and his team. read more

Broadbent Family Season 2, Episode 11

An AIDS activist, recently diagnosed with cancer, and her three HIV-positive adopted daughters get a visit from Ty and company. In addition to fully redone digs, the ladies also get a baby grand piano donated by Elton John and some touch-ups for some of their neighbors. Paul DiMeo and Constance Ramos lend a hand, as do Preston Sharp and Michael Moloney. read more

Burns Family Season 2, Episode 10

Ty's team works their magic on a California house owned by the parents of a 6-year-old boy who suffers from rare genetic disorder that has left him with brittle bones and his folks with piles of debt. The redesign includes padded walls, non-slip floors and handrails. read more

Elcano Family Season 2, Episode 9

Randy Travis plays while Ty and the crew work on fixing up the 100-year-old farm owned by a young widow and her two kids. Travis also is on hand for the reveal, which includes a scholarship surprise. read more

Vardon Family Season 2, Episode 8

Part 1 of two. Ty and the crew respond to the call of a 14-year-old who would like to do something great for his deaf parents and autistic younger brother. Which means turning an average house into a high-tech emporium for people living with disabilities, as well as entertaining surprise guest Marlee Matlin. read more

Vardon Family Season 2, Episode 7

Conclusion. An autistic pre-teen, his brother and their deaf parents return from a week-long trip to find that their house has been tricked out with the latest in communication technology and safety devices. On top of that, guest Marlee Matlin has a shocker for both mom and one of her sons. read more

Ali Family Season 2, Episode 6

Ty's crew comes to the rescue of the adoptive mother of two orphaned crack babies who has been without a roof for two years after being left in the lurch by a shady contractor. The team also includes Paul DiMeo and Tracy Hutson. read more

Mackey Family Season 2, Episode 5

The founder of a non-profit organization for people living with disabilities gets an emotional visit from the Extreme Team. Leading the hammer-swinging is Ty Pennington, who is joined by Tracy Hutson and “glamour expert” Michael Moloney. read more

Grinnan Family Season 2, Episode 4

Ty's team pulls a complete health overhaul on the home of a couple with a 6-year-old heart-transplant patient whose many medications make daily living a risk. Also, Lee Ann Womack stops by for the reveal with a few surprises up her sleeve. read more

Pope Family Season 2, Episode 3

The crew does their magic for the family of a teen girl with a rare allergy to the sun. But don't expect just new curtains and light fixtures. This job's high-tech. Ty Pennington leads the crew, which also includes the usually cranky Preston Sharp and Tracy Hutson. read more

Garay Family Season 2, Episode 2

Ty's team storms South Central L.A. to bulk up the tiny home of a young man who took in his five siblings after their mom was killed by a gang-banger's stray bullet. Miss America 2004, Ericka Dunlap, also pops in to lend a hand and teach one of the kids how to perform the perfect pageant wave. read more

Wofford Family Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season opener, more than 150 friends and family join in to renovate the run-down home of a widower raising eight kids. Among the improvements: the addition of more space to the three-bedroom residence; and a special area designed by Ty. Other crew members include Michael Moloney, Paul DiMeo and Tracy Hutson. read more

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Premise: Families get the home-repair treatment from a team of designers in this popular spin-off from the personal-makeover hit. Another offshoot, `How'd They Do That?' takes a closer look at the work done on each house.


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