Fri Aug 7 8:00am
Hideaway, Body House, Pyramid HGTV

Dwellings include a glass box in Switzerland, an outlaw cave in the Arkansas wild and a pyramid in rural Ohio.

Fri Aug 7 9:00am
Yoga, Ocean Liner, Fossils(Season 3, Episode 11) HGTV

A Swiss residence that's straight out of a fairytale; a London houseboat; a Yoga-inspired home in Indonesia; a Belgian abode that pays homage to ocean liners; and a place in England modeled after a fossil.

Fri Aug 7 10:00am
Mushroom, Pie, Foam, Fins(Season 4, Episode 6) HGTV

Included: a California abode wrapped in art; a home in Spain that resembles a slice of pie; a mushroom-shaped residence in Japan; a modern jungle cabana in Mexico; a castle in Belgium; and a 200-year-old observatory in Scotland.

Fri Aug 7 11:00am
Wrapped, Shiny, Rocks(Season 5, Episode 12) HGTV

Featured: a desert house in California; a whimsical concrete cottage in Canada; a Dutch landmark; a Portuguese residence with two addresses; a South Korean abode that's wrapped up to keep out prying eyes; a Russian apartment resembling a ship's cabin; and (more…)