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Sat Jul 9 9:00am
Rudy & Gia(Season 4, Episode 1) TLC

In the fourth-season premiere, a Georgia woman hopes to spend as little as $20 on a reception for her vow-renewal ceremony with her husband. Meanwhile, a New York woman tries to make dinner for 16 people in her family for less than $100.

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Sat Jul 9 9:30am
April & Chasity(Season 4, Episode 3) TLC

Georgia couponers who are best friends are making plans for space to store their stockpiles, but their husbands think they can save just as much in half the time.

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Sat Jul 9 10:00am
Susan & Cole(Season 4, Episode 5) TLC

A New York woman marks 40 years of couponing by trying to beat her savings record; an Ohio State University student addresses his roommate's stockpile requests.

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Sat Jul 9 10:30am
Maryann & Haley(Season 4, Episode 6) TLC

A woman plans a coupon-theme birthday party for her 12-year-old daughter to get her friends and neighbors interested in couponing; a 15-year-old takes charge of her family's grocery shopping while saving to buy a car.

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Sat Jul 9 11:00am
Amanda & Jess(Season 4, Episode 7) TLC

A woman gives couponing lessons to her parents so they can do the shopping; a man accompanies his wife on a shopping trip to buy items for a donation.

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Sat Jul 9 11:30am
Erin & Dominique(Season 3, Episode 1) TLC

In the third-season premiere, a Missouri woman's disorganized approach hampers her attempt to get thousands of dollars worth of merchandise for nothing. Meanwhile, a Kentucky college student plans a fraternity party using mass quantities of gelatin.

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Sat Jul 9 12:00pm
Jane & Judy(Season 3, Episode 7) TLC

A Connecticut woman who teaches a coupon class issues a challenge to three students; a Pittsburgh mother needs to save money for home repairs, but she clashes with her skeptical daughter.

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Sat Jul 9 12:30pm
Cole & Angelique(Season 3, Episode 2) TLC

A high-school senior in Ohio recruits a friend and his ex-girlfriend on a shopping spree for his parents, but their behavior becomes a distraction. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman in Washington wants to stock up before it's too hard to get around.

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