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Latest Episode: Defying Olympus

Dec 06, 1993 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

J.T., Marsala and Exosquad troops injure Phaeton as they do battle on the mountains of Olympus Mons. J.T. attempts to forge a bond of peace with Tethysian Pirates.


Nov 29, 1993 Season 1 Episode 12

Marsala and Phaeton square off and Marsala proves his allegiance to Exosquad.
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The Brood

Nov 22, 1993 Season 1 Episode 11

Marcus manages to lead the fleet straight into the heart of Neosapien flagship territory causing it to self-destruct, but not before several escape pods manage to get away.
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Nov 15, 1993 Season 1 Episode 10

The fleet is secretly taken control of by Marcus and Captain Furlong, who subsequently send J.T. and Exosquad on a "top secret" mission to Mars.
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Nov 08, 1993 Season 1 Episode 9

James and J.T. join forces, creating a plan to capture Algernon and destroy the GRAF shield.
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Scorched Venus

Nov 01, 1993 Season 1 Episode 8

As Marsala rescues J.T. and his crew from an ill-fated journey to the sun, Nara learns that except for a brother, James, now a Resistance leader, her family on Venus has been eliminated.
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A Traitor Among Us

Oct 25, 1993 Season 1 Episode 7

J.T. communicates with the fleet that the Earth GRAF shield is operational and that a Venus GRAF shield will soon will be. A traitor named Diana is discovered among the Resistance troops.
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Target: Earth

Oct 18, 1993 Season 1 Episode 6

J.T. and Exosquad help Sean and the Resistance team dismantle Phaeton's GRAF shield, but run into some problems with Neosapiens along the way.
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Oct 11, 1993 Season 1 Episode 5

J.T. escapes from imprisonment, and with Exosquad, he joins forces with Sean and the Resistance squad to battle Phaeton.
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Oct 04, 1993 Season 1 Episode 4

Neosapiens are in near total control of the Homeworlds, and Lt. J.T. Marsh is imprisoned after being charged with mutiny.
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Hidden Terrors

Oct 02, 1993 Season 1 Episode 3

Exosquad continues its battle with Tethysian pirates until it gets word that Neosapiens have attacked the Homeworlds.
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Seeds of Deception

Sep 20, 1993 Season 1 Episode 2

Exosquad battles Tethysian Pirates. Phaeton gives a speech in Phaeton City, in what was formerly Chicago prior to Neosapien control.
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Pirate Scourge

Sep 13, 1993 Season 1 Episode 1

After Exosquad comes to the rescue of a freighter being attacked by Tethysian Pirates, the General Assembly commissions Exosquad to eliminate the Tethysian Pirate menace once and for all.
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