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Spoiled stars of 'My Super Sweet 16' are sent to live with tribes in remote countries.

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Deleted Scene: A Little Concert
01:44 — Sierra offers the gift of music and American patriotism to the tribe when she sings the Star Spangled Banner to them.
Deleted Scene: Own Two Feet
02:03 — Sierra gives a call to her Dad, Cee-Lo to tell him about her chicken capturing experience.
Deleted Scene: The Whole Point
03:26 — Sierra's Mother gives her a mouthful when she calls home and confesses that she hasn't been giving the tribe her all.
Inside Scoop
07:38 — Sierra gives us all the dirt on her braided hair, the village's gender inequality, Ennith's idea of a diva and more!
Exiled Update: Buckled Down
05:34 — Sierra's family and friends discuss the changes in Sierra's attitude and values since her Exile to Vanuatu.
Deleted Scene: Not A Vacation
01:03 — Sierra goes slightly overboard when it came time to pack for her Exile.
Exiled Season 1
It's two years after their over-the-top birthday bashes but these teens are still mooching off of mom and dad.
Deleted Scene: Elephant Greeting
01:56 — Ava is welcomed by a lot more than just Ladee's family when she arrives at the village.
Exiled Update: Changed For The Better
06:10 — Ava's family and friends highlight the changes in Ava's attitude and perspective since her excursion to Thailand.
Inside Scoop
06:48 — Marissa gives us the 411 on the cow dung cleaning process, the bathroom situation, her mac and cheese cuisine and more!
Deleted Scene: Nice Things
01:46 — Marissa is shown the bathroom procedure in India and learns why she cannot eat with her left hand.
Inside Scoop
05:10 — Cher gives us the 411 on her first impressions of the villagers, eating with the Emberas, the sleeping conditions and much more.
Inside Scoop
06:06 — Ava gives us the down low on Ladee, hygiene, bugs and much more.
Deleted Scene: Weaving Lesson
02:20 — Ladee shows Ava how to make string from cotton and Ava learns a little more about Ladee's background in the process.
Deleted Scene: Tea Time
00:47 — In this deleted scene, a snoring Amanda's woken up to find a special surprise in her cup of tea.
Inside Scoop
05:31 — Bjorn gives us the low down on his expectations, the desert heat, being a divo in Morocco and much more!
Deleted Scene: Getting To Work
01:14 — After her trip to India, Marissa quickly starts taking on more responsibility at home.
Exiled Update: Changed
06:40 — Meleny's family and friends keep us up-to-date with Meleny's life after the Exile to Peru.
Deleted Scene: Karen Dance
01:10 — Ava is shown a traditional New Years dance and reciprocates by showing the villagers a Persian dance.
Deleted Scene: New York Girl
03:46 — Meleny opens up her photo album for a walk down memory lane with Helen and the two exchange clothes.
Deleted Scene: Soft Hands
02:36 — Bjorn toughens up his delicate hands with some Moroccan gardening.
Deleted Scene: Keeping Up With The Hygiene
02:03 — Pramila shows Marissa how they brush their teeth in India.
Deleted Scene: Meaningful Gift
01:23 — Josephine's father gives Amanda a present to bring back to America for her own father.
Deleted Scene: Phoning Home
03:05 — Meleny put in a call to Daddy when the times got rough in Peru.
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  • Premiered: August 25, 2008
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Spoiled stars of 'My Super Sweet 16' are sent to live with tribes in remote countries.