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News Flash: ER's Jack Carter Isn't Dead

ER guest star Jack Carter

It's December, so it's time for another heartwarming Christmas episode of NBC's ER (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET). This year's yuletide guest star is Jack Carter, whom you undoubtedly recognize from his myriad film, TV and stage roles. was more than happy to talk up the veteran actor about his ER visit, his feud with Woody Allen and those exaggerated rumors of his death. I take it you're this year's "a very special ER Christmas" guest star?
Jack Carter:
It's funny, I was talking to [screenwriter] Larry Gelbart the other day. I said, "I just did ER and a couple of weeks ago I did CSI." He said, "Oh, you only do initials?" [Laughs] He's so fast, you know. But yeah, I've got a read more

ER Doc Now Rocks Fox's House

Omar Epps on House

The consistently cool Omar Epps certainly has warmed up to the opportunity to step it up as his Dr. Foreman takes charge on Fox's hit medical drama, House (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). TV Guide spoke to the actor about his latest round of rounds. TV Guide: You played intern Dennis Gant on ER, so this is your second role as a TV doctor. Does that make it easier to toss out terms like nesidioblastoma?Omar Epps: Oh, it's still hard. [Laughs] TV Guide: What would Dr. Foreman think of Dr. Gant? Epps: That Gant was weak. read more

I was a fan of Reunion, and ...

Question: I was a fan of Reunion, and while it upsets me that it has been canceled, my question is more of a general one. Why does Fox keep mishandling shows in an attempt to win the Thursday 9 pm/ET time slot? I realize that viewers on Thursday are valuable, but you'd think that after canceling every show that's been in the slot for the last three years, they'd realize that they simply don't stand a chance. It just seems like the best thing they could do is to put a quality show in the slot and let it gain steam over a couple of years. A quality show should have self-contained stories, so people can tune in every once in a while and enjoy it enough to stick around (the way Without a Trace won against ER). Reunion, though I enjoyed it, was the absolute worst choice because it required a commitment from the start, and on Thursday at 9 pm, it was never going to get one. Answer: Excellent observation. Even if the show had lived up to its very cool premise (which I would argue it didn't ... read more

ER First, I must say I thought...

ERFirst, I must say I thought it was cool that Gallant and Neela got married by Jerry via his Universal Life Church minister's license. My brother Mike, inspired by Joey Tribbiani, got a minister's license off the Internet and married my brother Steve and his wife Vicki. I sang at the wedding, but it wasn't "Copa Cabana," it was Andy Gibb's "I Just Want to Be Your Everything." Totally true — one of the best weddings ever. Seeing Kerry Weaver drunkenly apologize to Morris and commend him for a job well done was hilarious — especially her waking him up ("Morris!!"). Speaking of playing nice, I'm glad Clemente and Luka finally did so. I liked Clemente's subtle way of saying he withdrew his name from consideration for the new chief. But I'll tell you what I liked read more


King of Queens' Carrie (Leah Remini) has landed her most high-profile real-estate client yet: Kirstie Alley. As reported in today's fresh Ask Ausiello, the former Fat Actress — playing what's left of herself — will hire Carrie to help her find a loft in Soho. The episode is slated to air in January. Also in today's AA: Scoop on Veronica Mars, Lost, Surface, Joey, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, House, Battlestar Galactica, ER, Las Vegas and much, much more! read more

Isn't Noah Wyle supposed to ...

Question: Isn't Noah Wyle supposed to do four episodes of ER this year? When is he coming back?

Answer: Although nothing's official, look for Dr. Carter to reappear (far, far, far away from County General) in January or February. Speaking of ER, I hear producers are looking for an African-American actress in her fifties (not a typo) to play a no-nonsense ICU doc who butts heads with John Leguizamo's Clemente. (Note to ER's casting director: This role has Anna Maria Horsford written all over it. Trust me.)

read more

All right, secret confession time:...

All right, secret confession time: The Poseidon Adventure is one of my favorite cheesy movies of all time. But this version was a little bit disappointing. Sure, watching Steve Guttenberg trying to be all serious was inadvertently humorous, but they missed the campy factor from the get-go. Instead of an implausible tidal wave that wasn't seen on radar and could flip an entire ship, they went with a terrorist plot. Plus, without the presence of the remarkable Shelley Winters or the cool Gene Hackman, this remake just doesn't hold water. Oh, and poor C. Thomas Howell: He barely made it out of this alive, had a gnarly broken arm and he played a pedophile on ER earlier this month. Can he not get some better gigs?... While I do love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and think the little kid from this week may have been the cutest thing to ever don a Boston Red Sox hat, I think I have finally become immune to the read more

ER First things first. Why all...

ERFirst things first. Why all the hype about John Stamos? He was hardly featured this week or last and that's it — it was a two-week appearance. All those "Very Special Episode"-type promos that said "John Stamos joins ER…. " for what? Like Bette Midler brilliantly sings in her new Peggy Lee tribute CD: "Is That All There Is?" OK, I said it. Besides that let down (cue Debbie Downer noise), I quite enjoyed tonight's overly hyped "crash episode." This week certainly was a busy one for plane crashes, what with Wednesday night's Lost tailies flashback episode and now this. I knew from the promos that one of tonight's victims would be tennis star Serena Williams (she was pretty darned good), but who knew Uncle Leo from Seinfeld would be another crash victim read more

Anything new coming up with ...

Question: Anything new coming up with ER that we should know about?

Answer: James Woods is going to be guest-starring this February as a man from Abby's past who's now suffering from ALS. There's more on that in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, on sale Thursday.

read more

ER OK — how many of you felt very...

EROK — how many of you felt very old during that opening scene? C. Thomas Howell has not aged well. Ponyboy has grey hair! After I got over that initial shock, I quickly became disturbed because Ponyboy was playing a psychopath rapist. And not just any old rapist — this one kidnapped and raped a 10-year-old girl. Oh, Ponyboy. Then who comes to the rescue as a paramedic? None other than John Stamos. Now there's someone who has aged extremely well and John is three years older than Thomas. I'm assuming John will be doing more next week since this is only a two-week guest appearance because he gave us next to nothing tonight. I mean, anybody could've played that paramedic who ended up trying to get a date out of Neela. Speaking of Neela, I love how they are making Parminder read more

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