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And in the End... Part 2 Season 15, Episode 23

Conclusion. In the series finale, old friends from County show up to support Carter as he opens a new medical facility for Chicago's less fortunate. Meanwhile, Gates treats a teen suffering from alcohol poisoning as a result of a drinking game; and an intern turns to Carter for help with a woman who has gone into labor with twins. Alexis Bledel and Ernest Borgnine guest star. read more

ER Episode Recap: "I Feel Good" Season 15, Episode 21

After many years of not-so-happy or downright disastrous endings, it is really nice to see some of our favorites enjoying real glimpses of happiness in these final episodes. This week, we even got to see some new skills on display — and not necessarily of the medical variety. read more

ER Episode Recap: "Shifting Equilibrium" Season 15, Episode 20

The name of the hospital ended up being the biggest clue of all. Throughout the entire episode, I was frustrated, wondering why I didn't know which hospital Neela had decided on. Did I miss it? Was it mentioned last week? About three quarters of the way through, I realized my not knowing was purposeful and then I just waited patiently for the ending I hoped would come. read more

ER Episode Recap: "Old Times" Season 15, Episode 19

As I watched this week's highly anticipated episode unfold, I was reminded of a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that I have always liked: Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart. This week, we were treated to the best kind of homecoming as dear old friends returned to say a final farewell and leave with us a reminder of why this show has lasted, and why it will be missed.

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ER Episode Recap: "What We Do" Season 15, Episode 18

Greetings from the Canadian Rockies! My post this week will be short as I am watching much later than I usually do. Thanks to all the Canucks who pointed me in the right direction as to where to find the show in the Calgary area.

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ER Episode Recap: "The Beginning of the End", "T-Minus 6" Season 15, Episode 17

I just sat through a double dose of ER — catching up with last week's show as well as the new episode —- and if this is a sign of things to come, it is safe to say I am in trouble. Inexplicably, I started crying the moment Carter walked through those ER doors. I think part of it has to do with my slow recognition of the fact that the end is really coming. But I also think part of it was the shock of having Carter walk through the doors and be, for the most part, unrecognized. This is John Carter, people! He is one of the originals. He was an intern here when you were all still a bunch of snot-nosed grade schoolers playing doctor in the recess yard. Show the man some respect!

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ER Episode Recap: "The Beginning of the End" Season 15, Episode 16

Sorry ER fans, due to unavoidable travel delays, tonight's recap will be delayed. In the meantime, feel free to comment on the episode's happenings.

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ER Episode Recap: "The Family Man" Season 15, Episode 15

As our march toward the finale continues, we were treated to an episode directed by none other than Dr. Peter Ben... oh wait, I mean talented hyphenate Eriq La Salle. Call me crazy, but I was really hoping that our favorite surgeon would make a guest appearance in his self-directed episode. I guess the clue for me should have been the lack of NBC spoilers promoting a "very special return." We'll save that for next week.  

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ER Episode Recap: "A Long, Strange Trip" Season 15, Episode 14

It seemed especially fitting in this last season that attention was paid to a part of the rich history of the ER we hadn't seen before. When we first met Oliver in tonight's episode, he appeared to be another homeless casualty, confused and injured, who found his way to the doors of the County General. Little did we know that this particular patient was in fact one of the founding fathers of the ER, an esteemed physician who had been a pioneer of emergency medicine at County.

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ER Episode Recap: "Love is a Battlefield" Season 15, Episode 13

The lesson we were presented with in this week's episode was a simple one: appearances can be deceiving. An emotionally-detached, steely ER chief can be secretly longing for motherhood. A thrice-divorced couple can share a deep, abiding love. A quiet teenager can be harboring a dark secret. And two very different couples can derail their own happiness and ignore their best instincts in the face of fear, confusion and doubt.

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Dream Runner Season 15, Episode 12

Neela experiences a bizarre recurring dream about her efforts to save a girl with sickle cell anemia. Meanwhile, she also attends an interview and chances upon Dr. Elizabeth Corday (Alex Kingston, reprising her series role). And Gates treats a patient who jumped from a window while sleeping. read more

Separation Anxiety Season 15, Episode 11

Banfield treats two brothers injured during a drug deal, and later makes an important decision concerning the future of her family. Elsewhere, Neela tends to a young patient with sickle-cell anemia, prompting her to consider specializing in pediatric surgery; and communication breaks down between Gates and Sam regarding Alex. read more

The High Holiday Season 15, Episode 10

Morris receives a package from his deceased father; Sam has concerns about removing Alex from the ventilator; and a woman with a high-risk pregnancy fears deportation. read more

Let It Snow Season 15, Episode 9

A snowstorm extends Morris and Banfield's stay in Nebraska for a conference; Neela defends herself in court over a patient's death; and Alex and Sarah sneak out to a party. read more

Age of Innocence Season 15, Episode 8

Neela's intern bears the brunt of her anger after he involves the surgery department in a lawsuit. Meanwhile, Brenner loses control with a patient and Gates' obsession with a missing war hero frustrates Sam. read more

Heal Thyself Season 15, Episode 7

Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) returns in flashbacks as Banfield recalls his heroics in caring for her son years earlier. The memories are triggered by a 3-year-old girl whom Banfield tries to rescue from drowning. Meanwhile, Gates tries to use his influence to help a homeless veteran, and the interns struggle with their ER responsibilities. read more

Oh, Brother Season 15, Episode 6

With Pratt gone, Morris takes on the role of mentor to Chaz, but Banfield disapproves of the complicated medical procedures he's teaching him. Meanwhile, Neela feels disrespected by Banfield when dealing with her intern. Courtney B. Vance guest stars. read more

Haunted Season 15, Episode 5

Neela is surprised by a visit from an old friend, and Brenner treats a school-age stabbing victim. Meanwhile, Sam, whose attention is on her upcoming pharmacology exam, doesn't realise Gates feels neglected. Shane West guest stars. read more

Parental Guidance Season 15, Episode 4

Banfield defends herself against a thief; Dubenko returns to the surgery team after Brenner's successful protests; a gymnast's injuries arouse the suspicions of Banfield and Gates; and Sarah's surprise piercing upsets Gates. read more

The Book of Abby Season 15, Episode 3

Abby's length of service at County comes in handy when she stands up for Sam at the nurses' disciplinary board, but it's of little help in dealing with the new chief (Angela Bassett), who disagrees with Abby on how to treat a gunshot victim. Meanwhile, Neela finally learns of Abby's good news, but is hurt that she had to hear it secondhand. read more

Another Thursday at County Season 15, Episode 2

The ER is on guard as Gates marshals the new interns to treat a terrorist, but it's the new doctor (Angela Bassett) and her tough disposition that has everyone on the defensive. Meanwhile, Neela is on a mission to get Dubenko back on the surgery staff. read more

Life After Death Season 15, Episode 1

The 15th and final season opens with the staff dealing with the aftermath of the ambulance explosion. Morris and Neela have trouble handling Pratt's injuries, while Abby makes a mistake diagnosing a mother and daughter injured in the blast. read more

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Premise: The riveting medical drama that redefined the genre for the 1990s and into the 21st century. Created by author Michael Crichton and set in a Chicago ER, the series chronicles the lives of its harried staff in staccato, realistic scenes of lives saved and lost. The all-time champ for Emmy nominations among dramas (108),`ER' topped the ratings charts shortly after its premiere, and has remained a top-rated show (and an anchor of NBC's vaunted Thursday Must-See TV lineup) ever since.



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