Recently divorced Dr. Howard Sheinfeld moonlights as the on-call physician at Clark Street Hospital in Chicago so he can keep up with heavy alimony payments. This was the first of two emergency room assignments for supporting player George Clooney. His second came 10 years later, when he landed the breakout starring role of Dr. Doug Ross on the other, more celebrated `ER.' Another `E/R' cast member who went on to bigger things: Jason Alexander, who plays hospital administrator Harold Stickley.

Active Cast

Elliott Gould Dr. Howard Sheinfeld
Mary McDonnell Dr. Eve Sheridan
Conchata Ferrell Nurse Joan Thor
Lynne Moody Nurse Julie Williams
Luis Avalos Dr. Thomas Esquivel
Jason Alexander Harold Stickley
George Clooney Mark `Ace' Kolmar

Former Cast

Marcia Strassman Dr. Eve Sheridan (pilot only)