A TV-industry satire following a British couple who come to the States to produce a sitcom based on their hit UK program, only to find that the new series is to be radically Americanized.

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Sat Jul 29 7:00pm
101(Season 1, Episode 1) SHO2e

A comedy about married British-TV producers who sell their hit series to American television. In the series opener, they arrive in Hollywood to discover the network honcho wants to replace their choice of leading man, a classically trained English actor (more…)

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Sat Jul 29 7:30pm
102(Season 1, Episode 2) SHO2e

Sean and Beverly are guests at an elegant dinner party at Merc's house, where Sean is flattered by a silver-tongued Matt. Meanwhile, Matt flirts with Beverly, who realizes that being on the star's good side is far better than being his enemy.

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Sat Jul 29 8:00pm
103(Season 1, Episode 3) SHO2e

Beverly feels left out of the budding "bromance" between Sean and Matt, especially after the guys bond over a day trip to Las Vegas.

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Sat Jul 29 8:30pm
104(Season 1, Episode 4) SHO2e

Beverly and Sean steal away a drunken Matt from a dive bar outside of L.A., where they hope to shield him from the paparazzi. They wind up bonding during an overnight road trip that takes them to Matt's ex-wife's house, where a number of revelations comes (more…)

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Sat Jul 29 9:00pm
105(Season 1, Episode 5) SHO2e

Sean appears to be infatuated with the beautiful actress costarring on the series, and things take an interesting turn when Matt invites the two of them to a charity benefit. Elsewhere, Beverly and Carol share some pot and commiserate about the men in thei (more…)

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Sat Jul 29 9:30pm
106(Season 1, Episode 6) SHO2e

Beverly suspects Sean is having an affair with Morning, so she decides to leave him and return to London, but on her way to the airport she runs into Matt, which results in a slight speed bump in her plan.

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Sat Jul 29 10:00pm
107(Season 1, Episode 7) SHO2e

In the season finale, the pilot for "Pucks!" wraps and a disappointed Sean and Beverly prepare to return to London, but Sean gets a whiff of scandal when he stops at Matt's to say his farewells.

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Sat Aug 5 7:00pm
201(Season 2, Episode 1) SHO2e

In the Season 2 premiere, "Pucks!" scores big ratings, meaning that the separated Sean and Beverly—and star Matt who had a fling with her—must find a way to coexist and continue working together. Meanwhile, Morning has a very special birthday present f (more…)

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Sat Aug 5 7:30pm
202(Season 2, Episode 2) SHO2e

Matt tries to make amends with Sean by buying him a fancy convertible; Matt and Jamie contemplate another romantic assignation.

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Sat Aug 5 8:00pm
203(Season 2, Episode 3) SHO2e

The death of Merc's father triggers a debate among Sean, Beverly and Matt about the best way to express one's condolences. At the funeral, Carol's jealousy toward Jamie intensifies.

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Sat Aug 5 8:30pm
204(Season 2, Episode 4) SHO2e

The latest research shows that "Pucks!" is taking a ratings hit. But the good news is that viewers are responding favorably to the young cast, necessitating some rewrites to upcoming scripts.

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Sat Aug 5 9:00pm
205(Season 2, Episode 5) SHO2e

Matt's stalker adds Sean as a Facebook friend and is able to track down the two of them at a restaurant; a travel agent's mistakes put a crimp in both Merc's and Jamie's getaway plans. Meanwhile, Sean and Beverly discover that Morning has been the victim o (more…)

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Sat Aug 5 9:30pm
206(Season 2, Episode 6) SHO2e

Merc has a double request of Matt: land one of his former "Friends" costars for a guest appearance on "Pucks!"; and deliver a speech at a testimonial dinner for Merc. Meanwhile, Sean and Beverly have a boozy bonding moment while writing the "Man of the Yea (more…)

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Sat Aug 5 10:00pm
207(Season 2, Episode 7) SHO2e

The network forces Sean and Beverly to deal with a weighty issue: confronting Matt about some extra pounds he's put on. Later, Beverly goes on a blind date with Morning's brother.

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Sat Aug 5 10:30pm
208(Season 2, Episode 8) SHO2e

Merc's career is in jeopardy when it's discovered that he once passed on a show that became a hit on another network. Meanwhile, Matt has an intimate encounter with his stalker; and Sean is upset to learn about Beverly's second date.

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Sat Aug 5 11:00pm
209(Season 2, Episode 9) SHO2e

In the Season 2 finale, Merc threatens to leave Jamie for Carol when he discovers that his wife and Matt had an affair; and Sean is devastated when Beverly turns up at an awards dinner with a date.

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