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Entourage Episode: "Dramedy"

Season 7, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Eric and Phil (William Fichtner) try to persuade Drama to consider working on a sitcom; Ari and Barbara differ on Lizzie's prospects for a promotion; Turtle finds an unlikely ally in Alex for a new business venture; the bond between Vince and Scott Lavin strengthens, much to Eric's chagrin.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2010
Guest Cast Randall Wallace: Himself Paul Herman: Marvin Dania Ramirez: Alex Jeff Garlin: Roger Jay Kara Houston: Holly Annie Ilonzeh: Rachel Autumn Reeser: Lizzie Grant Scott Caan: Scott Lavin William Fichtner: Phil Yagoda
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Season 7, Episode 3
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Length: 29:00
Aired: 7/18/2010
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Entourage Episode Recap: "Dramedy" Season 7, Episode 3

After keeping the guys waiting for an hour, Vince pulls up to Urth Café on a motorcycle, keeping up his recent thrillseeking ways. He offers to give both Eric and Drama a ride to the office — where they are meeting with an Emmy-winning screenwriter for Drama — but both quickly pass on the chance to hitch a ride. Vince wants to stop by the office to show the bike to Eric's "boy," Scotty Lavin, but Eric seems annoyed and doesn't hesitate to correct Vince that Lavin is, in fact, not "his boy."

At Casa de Ari, Mrs. Ari is still steaming over Ari's burgeoning work relationship with Lizzie Grant and isn't afraid to show her anger in front of the kids. She yells at him for talking too much about the potential L.A. football team. Ari confronts her about what's wrong and she says she doesn't understand why Lizzie is still working at the agency after the role she played in Andrew's demise, let alone why Ari was twirling her around his office. Ari defends Lizzie and says only Andrew deserved to lose his job over what happened and says he was so happy about the news from Jerry Jones, he would have twirled Lloyd around just as easily — if he could lift him, he adds rudely. He says he has dreamed of owning an NFL team since he was a kid (even though we've never, ever heard Ari talk about football in seven seasons) and he's just very excited.

Vince roars up to Eric's office and Lavin compliments him on his ride. He says they can go riding together over the weekend, but when Vince hears Scotty is leaving for an auction, he offers to go with him. Scotty brings up his work problems to Vince, casually complaining that management firm owner Murray is never around and therefore Scotty is forced to do all of his bidding.

Inside the offices, Eric and Drama meet with an Emmy-winning screenwriter Roger (Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin). Roger explains he hasn't been in the business since 1991 — he won his last Emmy for an episode of Designing Women — but is hoping to jump back in after losing some of his fortune to the stock market and to an ex-partner. He pitches a script about two brothers who work together at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui, but Eric is hesitant since his experience is in sitcoms and not dramas. Drama, already worried that this guy has been out of the loop for almost two decades, says he only does drama because he's not funny. Roger tells Drama he's very funny, even if he doesn't mean to be, and wrote 10 pages of material for him. As soon as Roger leaves, Drama suggests a more quality showrunner, like Dick Wolf of Law & Order fame. Eric says he's doing the best he can. Lloyd urges Johnny to read Roger's script, since it was written specifically for him.

Turtle's work life isn't so pretty either. Marvin tells him he's losing money and losing it fast. Although he only lost $2,000 last month, compared to $3,000 the month prior, Marvin says Turtle needs to figure out something fast to turn business around since neither Turtle nor Vince have more money to sink into the company.

Ari's new football team is causing him headaches at work too. After hearing rumors from other agents about the team and his subsequent exit from the company, Babs asks Ari to confirm or deny. Instead, he holds a five-minute conference and confirms he is bringing a team to L.A., but dispels rumors that he will be leaving the company or that this new venture will affect TMA in anyway (besides getting everyone good NFL seats). After the conference, Lizzie asks to speak with Ari and after he asks her to e-mail him instead, asks to be seriously considered to replace Andrew as head of the TV department. She explains her solid qualifications, but Ari is quick to shoot her down and says he's not the man to please her and she storms out angrily.

At the auction with Scotty, Vince comes across a pricy dinosaur fossil and an eager saleswoman. Scotty gets a threatening message from Murray saying that he shouldn't bother going back to the office if he doesn't get the right wine at the auction, and Scotty continues to complain to Vince. Then, Vince and Scotty bump into Braveheart's Randall Wallace at the auction. Scotty introduces them. Wallace has a great new Stan Lee superhero project for him, but hadn't been able to get a callback from Ari. Scotty says to call him instead, and he'd be happy to set up a meeting for the two. Um, who's your manager again, Vince — Eric or Scotty?

For the moment, Eric is too busy trying to find a script for Drama and fortunately, he thinks Roger's script is hilarious. Now he just has to convince Drama. He reads Drama the script and Drama likes it, but heads out on his mission to find the perfect actor to play his brother on the show.

Turtle spread the bad news about his business to three of his employees and asks them to work for half their current salaries. They refuse. On their way out, they ask if they can pick up their checks, and Turtle explains they'll have to wait one more day so he can transfer money to that account. The girls groan and leave his office.

Ari may be on top of the world because of the NFL deal, but Lizzie Grant is determined to bring him down from his pigskin high. Babs thinks Lizzie is a rising superstar who deserves the promotion. Lizzie told Babs she'll quit if she doesn't get the promotion, and Babs argues Lizzie will be much cheaper than whoever else they take from another agency to fill the position. Ari vehemently denies Lizzie is ready for that kind of responsibility — especially since she says she'll quit if she doesn't get her way — and tells Babs it's time to call Lizzie on her bluff. Babs is angry that Lizzie and Andrew's affair is affecting Ari's decision-making, but there is little to be said or done and they opt not to promote Lizzie.

After buying the rare dinosaur fossil, Vince hosts a last-minute party at his house. He brings Scotty along and the two decide to go against Murray's strict instructions and open a rare bottle of wine meant for Sean Connery. With a little wine in them, they begin to play truth or dare with the girl from the auction and a friend, but Vince can't convince Turtle to join in. Instead, Turtle goes outside to wash the cars and gets a disgruntled phone call from Alex, whose paycheck bounced. Turtle explains her check will be fine tomorrow and says it's not because of her, but because business isn't doing as well as he wanted everyone to believe. She's sympathetic — especially after hearing three girls quit — and Turtle invites her over to get the money in cash today.

Drama shows the TV script to his producer, who loves it and thinks he may be able to get the perfect actor to play his brother. Eric is happy that Drama is happy, but tells Sloan over dinner preparations that he's worried about Vince's erratic behavior. Sloan tells him he needs to learn to let go and that Vince can decide things for himself.

Back at Vince's fiesta, Alex stops by to pick the money from Turtle, but just when it seems something romantic might be happening, she says she has a prospective new business partner she wants to set him up with down in Mexico. Turtle jokes that he doesn't deal drugs, but Alex reassures him it's something else and offers to introduce him to this mysterious new business partner.

Drama quickly gets a call back from his producer, who says John Stamos is interested in the project, but wants to meet with Drama to approve him first. Drama is, duh, offended, and starts to worry that Stamos isn't believable as the more attractive brother (right, Johnny, right). He immediately calls Eric with the good news, but Eric is distracted by the loud noise coming from the party. Vince yells to the phone for Eric to come over and tells him Scotty found him a new project. Once he hears that, as well as Scotty's voice, in the background, Sloan tells him he should head over.

After a long day at work, Ari enters his home just in time to get a call from Babs, telling him that Lizzie quit. She says she thinks letting Lizzie go was a "big f---ing mistake," but Ari could care less. He tells Mrs. Ari the good news. His wife seems relieved, but also says she now feels bad that this argument has cost Lizzie her job. Ari says she'll find a job somewhere else and they at least seem to get closer to an honest-to-goodness reconciliation. Something tells me Lizzie isn't done with Ari just yet.

At the party, Eric is out for blood, specifically Scotty's. Scotty says that after hanging with Eric's boys, he realizes Eric isn't as soft as he thought he was and says they can be friends. Eric says they can be friends, just as long as Scotty doesn't seek out any more projects for Vince, since that's Eric's job. At first, Scotty offers to arm-wrestle Eric for Vince, but then he tries to convince Eric to fight him for real. Eric doesn't take the bait, but when Scotty slightly shoves him, Eric pushes him into a wall, accidentally toppling and breaking the dinosaur fossil. Vince emerges from the bathroom naked with two girls and Scotty immediately blames Eric.

So what did you think of the episode? Will Eric and Scotty ever be able to get along? Will Vince switch managers? Is a partnership with John Stamos in Drama's future? Will letting Lizzie go come to bite Ari in the butt? And what exactly does Alex have up her sleeve to save Turtle's finances? Sound off in the comments below.

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After keeping the guys waiting for an hour, Vince pulls up to Urth Café on a motorcycle, keeping up his recent thrillseeking ways. He offers to give both Eric and Drama a ride to the office — where they are meeting with an Emmy-winning screenwriter for Drama — but both quickly pass on the chance to hitch a ride. Vince wants to stop by the office to show the bike to Eric's "boy," Scotty Lavin, but Eric seems annoyed and doesn't hesitate to correct Vince that Lavin is, in fact, not "his boy." ... read more

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Premise: A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.



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