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Entourage Episode: "Give a Little Bit - Part 1"

Season 6, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: In Part 1 of the sixth-season finale, Vince reluctantly answers a charity call from Matt Damon and LeBron James. Meanwhile, Ari tries to sell his business deal with Terrance to his wife; Drama considers a drastic career change; and Eric plans a rendezvous with Sloan.
Original Air Date: Oct 4, 2009
Guest Cast Nora Dunn: Dr. Marcus Bono: Himself Matt Damon: Himself Jordan Belfi: Adam Davies William Fichtner: Phil Yagoda Jana Kramer: Brooke LeBron James: Himself Malcolm McDowell: Terrance
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Season 6, Episode 12
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Length: 38:00
Aired: 10/4/2009
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Entourage Episode Recap: "Give a Little Bit" Season 6, Episode 12

Last we saw the boys, E declared it his mission to get Sloan back, Drama's medical scare made him rethink his priorities and Turtle was left behind by his girlfriend. In this Season 6 finale, we see how it all plays out for the boys from Queens.

Turtle, declaring he's over Jamie, tells the boys he had sex with the sorority girl as a means to get over her. Sloan agreed to have lunch with E. Vince is leaving for Italy and Drama is going with him. We soon find out that things aren't at all as they seem. The first clue is that Turtle didn't even kiss the sorority girl, but he gets another chance when he pays her another visit that afternoon.

Ari and Mrs. Ari are back in therapy because of the deal to buy Terrance's agency. Mrs. Ari doesn't want to put up $12 million of her own money to guarantee the sale. The argument is whether Ari wants the agency for revenge or for industry expertise. Ari's rage for his former colleagues (Terrace, Adam and Lloyd) turns into a plea as to why he legitimately wants and needs to buy the business. "I think it was a good speech. Do what you need to do Ari," says Mrs. Ari. It's usually done unconventionally, but Ari has a real knack for getting what he wants. I love the dynamics between these two because as crazy as things get, it really works for them.

Lloyd and Vince try to convince Drama that he at least needs to do the Melrose read. Vince and Drama are out shopping, and they run into Matt Damon who chastises Vince for being too lazy to get involved in his charity to help the children. "Don't be afraid to get involved Vince," says Matt.

Turtle is making out with the sorority girl and she slaps him for just laying there and tells him "you're like kissing a corpse." Turtle can't get it together though and admits he wishes he tried to stop Jamie from leaving.

Ari and Barb have a meeting with Terrance on his turf, which has Lloyd and Adam Davies shaking in their boots. That is until Ari storms out because Terrance added a last-minute addendum that won't let them change the agency name. As Ari storms out, we see Lloyd cowering under his desk as he calls Drama.

Matt Damon calls Vince, but Drama picks up the phone and Matt gets really upset that they haven't written him a check yet for the children's charity. He gets Vince on the phone and tries to convince him join him on a charity trip to Cleveland. Vince says he can't go because he has to go to Italy, but before he knows it, Bono gets on the computer video chat and tells Vince, "don't be a cheapskate man."

E drives Sloan up the coast, where they spent a romantic weekend three years ago. At lunch, they have a nice time until E holds her captive there. Sloan gets upset when he tells her he loves her because she still didn't want any part of it. Worse, she canceled a date with a guy she really likes to go on their car trip.

Turtle decides to head to New Zealand to see Jamie because he doesn't want to be with anyone but her.

"I guess freedom is ours and ours alone Johnny," proclaims Vince. But, Drama takes that moment to break it to him that he may want to keep working after all. In a humbling moment, Drama takes the stage for his read. He kills it and it looks like Drama will get the Melrose part. Looks like a solo trip to Italy for Vince after all.

Terrance comes to see Ari and tells him he really wants him to buy the agency. He backs down and tells him Ari can have his name, until Ari backs down and tells him that he'll keep the Agency name after all.

Sloan calls E a selfish prick as they drive home. She says he took her for granted and that she can't trust him because he'll never be able to commit. He tells her he would marry her right now. She asks him if he's even thought about what that means and he pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him, much to her surprise.

Meanwhile, Ari storms into Terrance's agency with a paint gun and starts taking out people he wants to get rid of. "I'm back and you're fired."

"Who do you represent?" says Ari.

"I represent Jon & Kate Plus 8," says the agent. He fires the gun. Priceless dig at the show.

He fires Adam too, but Lloyd is nowhere to be found.

Jamie finally calls Turtle as he's waiting to take off for New Zealand. She tells Turtle if they will ever have a chance in the future, they shouldn't try and make it work right now. She tells him not to come, and that's that. Since Turtle can't get off the plane at this point, he has to go to New Zealand.

Phil Yagoda calls Drama as he's taking Vince to his private plane to tell him he blew them all away at the audition. However, the network thinks he's too old for the part, which Johnny says he understands after minimal pleading. Johnny's out of fight, but then Phil tells him the network wants to start developing something for him to star in — it's a holding deal. It's a first for Johnny and now he can go to Italy with Vince.

Upon arrival, Turtle asks "any idea how quick can I get to Rome?" Looks like Vince won't be alone after all. Will E be joining them soon? The predictable ending is that he does as he always has and the boys head off into the sunset to live the high life, without any attachments. But, stay tuned.

Lloyd goes into Ari's office and tells him that he didn't come for work. He tells him to f**k himself. Ari tells him that his speech shows balls he never knew he had. He then tells him to go check his new office. Glad to see Lloyd finally makes it to agent status. They hug it out.

Vince and Matt Damon happen to be flying out of the same airport. Matt tells him his check wasn't enough and that Lebron James, who is there as well, is giving up his vacation to go with him to Cleveland. Vince promises more money and everything is fine. I am not sure about this guest star storyline — it seems to just be a guest star for guest star's sake. Many of you may disagree with me, but it's definitely not as funny as Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady, except for maybe the part during the credits when he goes off on Vince. It all seemed a little contrived to me, and I normally find Matt Damon very funny.

E and Sloan roll up to the plane and tell the boys that lunch was a disaster, but the rest of the trip was great — they got engaged! Sloan tells E that if he wants to go with the boys he can, and E tells her he loves her and gets on the plane. He then runs right back out and tells her he's kidding. Vince and Drama fly off into the sunset to meet Turtle in Rome, sans E. Is this a new era for Vince and the boys?

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Last we saw the boys, E declared it his mission to get Sloan back, Drama's medical scare made him rethink his priorities and Turtle was left behind by his girlfriend. In this Season 6 finale, we see how it all plays out for the boys from Queens.

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Premise: A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.



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