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Entourage Episode: "Berried Alive"

Season 6, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Drama's desire to leave "Five Towns" for the revival of a popular prime-time soap causes additional friction between Ari and Lloyd; Turtle's new status as a student creates a romantic dilemma; Ashley wants Eric to prove she can trust him.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2009
Guest Cast Jana Kramer: Brooke Alexis Dziena: Ashley Matt Letscher: Dan Coakley William Fichtner: Phil Yagoda Kate Mara: Brittany Jordan Belfi: Adam Davies
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Season 6, Episode 10
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Length: 05:52:00
Aired: 9/20/2009
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Entourage Episode Recap: "Berried Alive" Season 6, Episode 10

E and Ashley's relationship takes a turn, Drama explores a new career opportunity and Lloyd strikes out on his own this week on Entourage. In a season where the general focus has been more on the trials and tribulations of Drama, E and Turtle and less on Vince, this episode provided more of the same. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the post of this recap.

E is trying to figure out why Ashley is upset with him, and Turtle is having some issues with Jamie due to the sorority girls incident in which they stole his underwear. The boys are hashing it all out over a few beers when the producer of the new Melrose Place comes in and strikes up a conversation with Drama. He tells Drama he was just thinking about him and that he'd like for him to read for a part in Melrose 2009. Drama can't contain his excitement and begins to think of how he can get out of his Five Towns contract. E meanwhile decides to have Turtle drive his drunk self over to Ashley's (always a brilliant idea) to see what's been bothering her.

Over at Ashley's, she confronts E asking who "Rupert Pupkin" is because that's the name she had seen on E's caller ID after he told her he was talking to Drama and Turtle. E answers with a sarcastic "he's a guy I've been seeing on the side." He tells her that it's Vince's alias and this seems to smooth everything over for the time being. That is until she later tells him she felt unprepared when he came over. She would have said to him is that she needs to know his assistant Britney will not be a problem and she also drops the bomb that she'd like to read all of his emails. "I want an honest and open relationship," she says. So honest that she doesn't believe he's being honest and needs to track his every move? More on this later.

Lloyd is home "sick" and Tom is taking care of him, but he soon realizes the real reason he's sick is because of the whole situation with Ari. Drama calls Lloyd to ask about Five Towns and he informs him that he's now with Adam Davies, which freaks out Drama. Drama tells Lloyd that if he looks into whether he is really wanted on Melrose, that he'll consider staying with him. Meanwhile, Vince takes matters into his own hands and calls Ari to inform him about Lloyd's new career and how he's worried about Drama.

Ari then calls Lloyd and flips out on him once again, which is starting to get older than old. Lloyd finds out that no one else is testing for Melrose, but still advises Drama against going after it because he'll have nothing if he doesn't get the job. Drama wants it badly, though, so Lloyd goes over to see Coakley only to find Ari already there trying to get Drama out of his Five Towns contract as a favor to Vince. Ari is able to do so, and so he asks Drama to stick with him and not go with Lloyd, which he agrees to do. However, it's not over yet. Vince and Drama arrive home to find Lloyd at the gate. Lloyd pledges his devotion to Drama and convinces him he cares about everything that he's ever acted in and claims that Ari does not. Drama confronts Ari about this and ultimately decides to stay with Lloyd.

Drama asks Ari, "do you believe in my talent, because this is my life? Be honest or let me go." Ari tells him "Go. But it's because I like you." A believable heartfelt moment between the two?

In a moment that made me laugh, Lloyd cannot contain his excitement when Drama calls him to tell him. "Yippee ki-ay, motherf***er! I believe."

Jamie is driving Turtle to school and wants to know what's bugging him. Jamie tells him about a new Josh Schwartz show she loves but that she's worried about mastering the necessary Boston accent. They pull up to the school and she asks Turtle if those are "the hoes that stole your underwear?" Turtle tells her yes, but that the cute brunette is not his type. Jamie wants to be certain to mark her territory, so she gets out of the car and plants a big kiss on him in front of the girls. Later on, the aforementioned sorority girl approaches Turtle and tells him it's too bad he's with Jamie, which she apparently didn't even believe was true until she saw the kiss. She essentially thought he was a nobody. Then, with perfect timing, Vince shows up to get him. "Who are you?!" she asks.

E asks Britney for advice on Ashley and her advice is to follow his instincts and end things with Ashley. She thinks Ashley is crazy, too. E meets Ashley at STK for dinner and they both want to talk to one another. Ashley goes first and apologizes about asking to see his email. Someone calls E at that moment and when he says it's work, she turns jealous again. He says he wants to break up and she immediately thinks it is about Britney, which it's not. Ashley totally turns on E and he makes the breakup final. He calls Britney, and she invites E to meet up with her and her friends. She also tells him to bring his friends with him. It's a friendly outing with the usual sex-related banter, but everything seems to stay plutonic amongst the group for a change. The show ends when Jamie calls Turtle to tell him she got a lead TV role other than the one she wanted, and that it shoots in New Zealand. Is the end near for Turtle and Jamie?

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E and Ashley's relationship takes a turn, Drama explores a new career opportunity and Lloyd strikes out on his own this week on Entourage. In a season where the general focus has been more on the trials and tribulations of Drama, E and Turtle and less on Vince, this episode provided more of the same.

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