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Entourage Episode: "Return to Queens Blvd"

Season 5, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: In the fifth-season finale, the guys return to New York City, where Vince looks up an old flame, Eric tries to persuade Gus Van Sant to give a part to Vince, and Drama mulls an investment opportunity.
Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2008
Guest Cast Gus Van Sant: Himself
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Season 5, Episode 12
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Length: 26:00
Aired: 11/23/2008
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Entourage Episode Recap: "Return to Queens Boulevard" Season 5, Episode 12

Might it be the end of the line for Vince and the boys in Hollywood?  The gang heads back to Queens in this Season 5 Finale to regroup and to try to get Vince back in the game with a Gus Van Sant movie. Gus has different feelings about the quality of Vince's work however, and it's a fight to the finish. Michael Phelps makes a very short cameo when Eric almost knocks him over on the sidewalks of New York.

After "Smoke Jumpers" was shut down for being over budget, Vince was out of a job once again. The boys hopped the first plane back to New York and after a night of partying in the city, they hop in a cab home to Queens, where Vince and Johnny's mom scolds them for staying out all night. "You keep partying like this at your age, you're going to have a heart attack Johnny." If she could only see them in Hollywood.

According to mom, Gus Van Sant apparently needs to fill a spot in his current movie left open by Joaquin Phoenix. Gus "isn't a fan" of Vince's work, but Vince offers to read for the part.  His mom arranges a surprise party in the back yard with all the family and friends. Meanwhile, Gus still won't entertain the idea of Vince reading for his movie. E won't take no for an answer and heads into the city to see Gus, where he waits hours to talk to him person and convinces him to look at a few scenes from "Smoke Jumpers".  Ari isn't at all pleased about this turn of events as he isn't even sure he can get the scenes from Dana.

"You really are an idiot E. Say it out loud — I am a (expletive) idiot."

Turtle's cousin Ronny convinces Johnny to invest $30k in one of their old bar haunts by letting him rename it to Johnny Drama's. Turtle is still keeping his relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler "on the DL" and the boys can't take it, but Johnny intercepts the phone one night and the secret is out. The next morning, they are all sitting around eating breakfast at the Chase house waiting for a call.

"Turtles got a girlfriend," says Cara.
"Nooo! Who is she?" asks Vince's mom
"Jamie-Lynn Sigler from The Sopranos."
"Oh come on!"
"Ha! That's why you're my Ma!," says Johnny with glee.

When the call finally comes, Gus surprisingly likes Vince's scenes but still isn't ready to put him in this movie. He hopes to work with him in the future. Vince freaks out and heads out for a walk. Eric runs after him and tells him it's going to work out, but Vince isn't at all sure anymore. He's mad because E went to Gus and embarrassed him and he also doesn't even believe Gus really liked his work. He tells E he probably should have had a manager looking out for his career and not his personal interests. Ouch! And after everyone E did for him over the years, but maybe this why you shouldn't work with your best friend. He tells him it's time for a change and that it's not about the friendship, it's about the bar. He's firing E! Wait, haven't we been there before?

E goes back to LA to work with his other client, Johnny gets his bar, Vince is groveling for E's friendship and Turtle's mom catches him having phone sex. But it's not over yet. Up rolls Ari into the bar and after teasing them about their less than prime choice of locations to spend the afternoon ("Jesus! Is this what you call a New York vacation? Where's the drama, where's the glamour, where's the bitches?"), he hands Vince the phone and who's on the line but none other than Martin Scorsese. He offers Vince the lead in his new modern day Gatsby remake, set in the Upper West side. Ari rolling in to give him the good news...love it!  The movie's going to shoot in NYC, so does that mean the entourage will be split up for the foreseeable future?

Not so fast, as Vince shows up in LA to apologize to E in person.  He asks him to be his manager again and after telling him about the new part, E agrees.  Ari, Drama and Turtle all bust in to "hug it out" and happiness has returned to the boys from Queens. "Reach for the stars baby!"

That's it until next summer. Were you satisfied with the ending?

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Will Vince and the boys land on their feet or will they be moving back in with their moms in Queens? read more

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Premiered: July 18, 2004, on HBO
Rating: TV-MA
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Premise: A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.


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