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Latest Episode: Episode 51

Apr 29, 2014 Season 1 Episode 51 watch on Hulu (Free)

The Emperor continues to drink Kolta's poison knowing that Kolta is the head of the Eagle House. The Dowager kills herself in front of Nyang by drinking poison.

Episode 50

Apr 28, 2014 Season 1 Episode 50

Nyang finally becomes the Empress of Yuan and Wang Yu gains his throne. Nyang is trying to find out about the Eagle House and confiscate their assets.
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Episode 49

Apr 22, 2014 Season 1 Episode 49

Nyang is sent to the temple to repent for her sins and ask for forgiveness. Wang Yu sends all the grains he bought to the palace to distribute to the people.
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Episode 48

Apr 21, 2014 Season 1 Episode 48

Nyang keeps the Emperor locked up in her room so that no one will know that he is awake. Bayan is sent to prison for trying to kill Nyang and her son Ayu.
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Episode 47

Apr 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 47

Wang Yu visits Maha and decides that he is going to take him to Koyro and tell him everything. The Eagle House wants Yom Byung Soo to go see Bayan.
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Episode 46

Apr 14, 2014 Season 1 Episode 46

Nyang runs to save Maha's life after finding out that he is her real son. Maha's true identity is revealed and he is kicked out of the palace.
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Episode 45

Apr 08, 2014 Season 1 Episode 45

The Empress finds out about Maha's secret about his birth by threatening Yon Hwa. Nyang tells the Dowager and Maha that she will reveal all the secrets soon.
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Episode 44

Apr 07, 2014 Season 1 Episode 44

Kim Sunju comes right on time to save Wang Yu and his servants from being executed. The Emperor breaks the promise with Nyang and start to drink again.
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Episode 43

Apr 01, 2014 Season 1 Episode 43

The Dowager and Bayan frames Wang Yu of selling explosives to enemy states of Yuan. Wang Yu is stripped of his title and dragged to Yuan by the prince and Tanguishi.
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Episode 42

Mar 31, 2014 Season 1 Episode 42

Wang Yu returns to Koryo and takes command by refusing to provide for Yuan any longer. Bayan takes his men to war with surrounding countries and tries to take them over.
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Episode 41

Mar 25, 2014 Season 1 Episode 41

Nyang and Wangyu begins their plan to remove the money from El Temur's house. Tal Tal finds out that he has been tricked by Nyang and rushes back to see the secret room empty.
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Episode 40

Mar 24, 2014 Season 1 Episode 40

Nyang finally finds out about the secret funds El Temur has been collecting. Bayan announces to the Emperor that he wants to go to war and conquer surrounding countries.
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Episode 39

Mar 18, 2014 Season 1 Episode 39

Bayan Hudu becomes the new empress and Nyang continues the search for the secret funds. Wang Yu is also searching for the secret funds to help Nyang become the empress.
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Episode 38

Mar 17, 2014 Season 1 Episode 38

The Dowager opposes Nayng becoming the empress and makes Bayan bring his niece to run Nyang out. The former empress was hanged from the square for the public to see.
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Episode 37

Mar 11, 2014 Season 1 Episode 37

Nyang is in the Ice Palace and calls everyone in to start planning to defend the Emperor while Bayan takes the palace. Wangyu complete's his job by opening the gate for Bayan's soldiers to enter.
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